Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Dish On Vanderpump Rules Season 4


As I have recently reported, the Vanderpump Rules cast is currently filming their fourth season of the show and although we are excited about it we haven’t gotten much detail until now! Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, who are both returning on the show spoke about filming, the cast, and a few details on what has gone down so far!

Tom says, “We don’t even know what the season will hold. We’re just getting into things.” Ariana interjected, “We do plan on having a lot of fun this summer.”

As for Stassi Schroder not coming back? Tom says, “I don’t know… I guess she wanted to ride off into the sunset.”

“With a boot in her ass!” Ariana added. Tom continues, “She’s burned a few bridges. Whatever- best of luck to her, I hope she’s happy- that’s all I can say really.”

Another cast member who is NOT coming back- Vail Bloom. Tom and Ariana confirmed that, and also questioned her relationship with Chris Pine, thinking it may be a PR stunt. “You know, in LA thing like that get set up sometimes…” said Ariana to Perez Hilton. “The kiss looked fairly passionate, so who knows. If it’s real- best of luck! Because I wish love and happiness from everyone.”

I don’t know about you guys but this just got me even more excited for Season 4! What do you think of some of the changes? Comment Below!

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8 Replies to “Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix Dish On Vanderpump Rules Season 4”

  1. It’s funny Ariana said that about Vail. I use to think the Tom and Ariana relationship was a big PR stunt for the show. Hollywood people knows Hollywood

  2. Good, vail added nothing to the show anyway—she’s pushing 40 and it was embarrassing to see her around the younger crowd trying to be hip and cool, and sooooo glad the evil self important chin implant stassi is gone……The entire cast is happy about that…..I hope the new season has less of valley girl scheana (too much of last season revolved around her wedding)…..

  3. After stassi’s self masterbation video made the rounds at VPR’s, there was no turning back for the evil chin impant, she had to go, not even the least bit interesting and just plain mean—boring………….

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