Tom D’Agostino Caught On Date With Ex-Girlfriend Missy

As we saw on this last season of RHONY, Luann de Lesseps’ ex-husband Tom D’Agostino was caught flirting with his ex-girlfriend Missy, who was a friend of Ramona Singer.

Fans may remember Missy when she revealed she was dating Tom after learning he was engaged to Luann.

Tom said about Missy during a party thrown by Tinsley Mortimer, “The last time I saw Missy…” and “I gotta unplug this thing,” Tom said right before he turned his mic off.

Now there is a recent photo of Tom on a date with Missy.

What do you think?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • rejane

    This is NOT the goose with the golden egg. This is the JERK with the gold spray paint dick.

  • RealSandy

    No surprises here!
    Seriously, though, is Missy her real name? It seems like an alias or something?!
    Mayber it is short for Melissa..or maybe for mysogynist…since she clearly has no respect for married women, anyway, going after the Tom turkey like she did.
    I just read that only the male Tom turkey makes the gobble gobble sound, and the female makes clucks. So Tom gobbles with Missy, and she clucks…or is that .f….ks?
    So, now, please, no more Tom stories. We already knew he was a runaround and had a thing for Missy. What next, their own reality show?!

    • Sunshine

      Yes, Real Sandy! Tom is a turkey! I can’t even fathom why Messy Missy would have lunch with him in such a public place unless you are right : they’re fishing for a show or are truly aholes that deserve each other.
      After all, she is Ramona’s friend, and attended every event knowing she would be stirring the pot and distressing LuAnn.
      LuAnn has a large ego , we’ve all witnessed it, and really took this relationship to a level that was disturbing to watch. She wanted this marriage to work for so many reasons, not the least being her social status.
      Tom is an idiot, with no moral compass, but then again, he’s woefully lacking in the self respect department.
      No woman deserves this jackass. Wait, Vicki Gunvalson is free, and we all know she loves the bottom of the barrel.

      • Real Sandy

        Yes, send Tom to V icki….and then send them off to a remote island somewhere far, far away…unplugged.

        Tom seems to like reality Housewives a bit too much. He loves the cameras, and maybe even the microphones until his gf shows up, anyway. Maybe Missy wants to have a show herself, the way she always shows up like she does.
        Ramona was so wrong for inviting Missy. I am no fan of Ramona’s in the least. I think she should retire and find another reality show I won’t watch, like being desperate after 60 and losing all morals…but being a good Catholic? (She did say that, right?)

  • Heather

    Why cant I see the pic?

    • nycbunny11

      Me either!

      • cassandra

        I have to click the words in the bottom of the pic and it opens it in another tab

    • Sunshine

      It’s like the eclipse, you need special asshole detecting glasses.

  • Heather

    Tom = Pig … Any questions?

  • Michelle

    OMG!! What a shock and surprise. I thought this was a match made in Heaven. Poor Lu Anne……………………………………………YEAH RIGHT?! No wonder she wants to keep this “Private”……she’s sooooo embarrassed. Honestly…..an adult making the decisions she made based on a while dress is quite astounding.

  • LoriNYC

    Missy is a bigger fool than Luann. If he left you at a bar and walked off with another woman, why on earth would you ever talk to him again? RIDICULOUS

    • starr

      Desperate women resort to desperate measures. In their case, desperation kicked morals, values, worth & dignity to the curb.

  • Lady of London

    The countless also bonked a married man when the coven went to Turks and Caicos….so I guess what goes around comes around

  • Lisa

    Radaronline has the photo of Tom & Missy

  • Cin


  • One Rotten Egg

    Wonder if Tom will be that skank drunk Sonja’s f-buddy again….

  • starr

    Another low life. Why he even entertained the thought of marriage, far less to go for it is the big question mark. Disgusting womanizer.

  • 80s gal

    how do we know it’s Missy? she has her back to the camera. also was this before or after his divorce from luann? I don’t like or trust Tom and am happy Luann finally did something about it. good riddance.