Todd Tucker’s Mom Sharon Speaks Out About Her Feud With Kandi’s Mama Joyce


RHOA star Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker have been dealing with family drama for a long time now, including a heated feud between their mother’s. In a new interview, Todd’s mom Sharon is speaking out about her feud with Mama Joyce.

“I refuse to stoop to Joyce’s caliber; to her ignorance,” Sharon told RadarOnline in a new interview.

Viewers might remember Joyce calling Todd’s mom a “prostitute” during Kandi’s RHOA Wedding Special.

“I have never been a prostitute, I am not a prostitute,” Sharon said. “I am 70 years old, I don’t have the time to deal with people like that. It takes too much energy.”

And despite reports that there was a recent altercation between the two ATL mom’s, Sharon reveals she has not seen Joyce since the wedding.

“There has not been a fight, I haven’t been in a fight,” she insisted. “We had words before the wedding and that was it. That’s when I called her a b**ch because she had been acting like a b**ch. I didn’t know she called me a prostitute or else I would have addressed it.”

“She said something about Todd’s deceased father and I don’t think that’s fair to his grandchildren and great grandchildren for her to put out lies, especially if he can’t defend himself,” she said, referring to an upcoming scene on RHOA. “You’ll have to watch. But if it was true, so what! What business is it of hers?”

Sharon shares that she is completely done with the Joyce’s drama.

“I’m through with her. I’m not going to let her drag me down,” she insisted. “I believe that she couldn’t stop the wedding, so now she’s trying to keep things going between us.”

Still, “I’m going to bow out. I’ll film, but I’m not going to entertain her feelings. It’s business,” she continued. “There’s something either wrong with her or she’s just plain ignorant.”

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4 Replies to “Todd Tucker’s Mom Sharon Speaks Out About Her Feud With Kandi’s Mama Joyce”

  1. It sounds like this woman has some common sense. I wish her well with a crazy like Joyce. Why does everybody call her “Mama Joyce”? She’s not their mom, and not even a good example of a mom, at that.

  2. First, everyone calling this woman Mamma Joyce is flipping stupid! Her name is just, Joyce. Second, Joyce and her sisters are nothing but old-ass hood-rats! Hell, you can’t even understand them when they speak! I predict that Kandi and Todd will be divorced within 2 years. ONLY because Joyce will continue to chip away at that marriage until she splits them up and re-secures Kandi’s money back in her hands. Kandi ALLOWS her mother to behave like this. Kandi, if you can’t control your dawg, you need to keep it on a LEASH!

  3. Rest in peak ms Sharon . Even though I didn’t know you personally, I can tell that you where a good mom and had some integrity unlike ms joyce!!!! So ignorant! ! Keeping drama at her old age!! Unbelievable! !!

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