Todd Tucker’s Mom Called Mama Joyce A Bitch


Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce Jones joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion on Sunday night, lighting up the stage with her over-the-top personality. (Was she drunk or was that just me?) After making light of the disrespect she showed for Kandi’s relationship with fiancé Todd Tucker throughout the season, Andy asked Joyce how Todd’s parents feel about her after watching the show.

“Oh she called me a bitch!” Joyce said of Todd’s mother. “I said she ain’t got nothing, I got too much.”

“I wanted to come across the table, but I had to think about bread again,” Joyce added.

“You didn’t think, we held you down!” Kandi revealed.

After claiming she raised her daughter to be a millionaire, Joyce went on a rant insisting she isn’t after her meal ticket.

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22 Replies to “Todd Tucker’s Mom Called Mama Joyce A Bitch”

  1. Oh my god! I felt so bad for kandi. How can a mother act like that? Talk about hiding under the table from shame! She had to be on something to bahave that way! She is nothing short of a JOKE!

  2. The mom is so embarrassing. I feel badly for Kandi, although I think Kandi is so used to her that she doesn’t see how bad she is compared to others. I give Kandi a ton of credit for “rising above” her mother’s example. Joyce is unkind, rude, a bragger, and lacks humility, and somehow Kandi has none of those bad traits. She raised her to be a millionaire? No. She raised Kandi to feel guilty and and to put her mother above herself. The opposite of what mothers do.

  3. Wow. Just Wow!!

    That woman is a piece of trash.

    She came drunk (or high?!), she belittled everybody, did not show respect for her Kandi (like not knowing the date of her marriage?!) and she acted like a spoiled brat. This woman is deranged.

    I feel sorry for Kandi, I am pretty sure their relationship will continue down the spiral path and Joyce will blame Todd for it eventually… but all the time she was her own worst enemy. Crazy woman.

  4. Mama Joyce needs to remove herself from the show before she embarrasses herself anymore. I could elaborate more but will not due to respect for Kandi and her family.

  5. I would have liked to have heard Joyce say what a wonderful daughter she has to have taken care of her mother so well and for always being there for her and expressed her appreciation. Not that she had to, but to have heard it would have made Kandi feel appreciated and not taken for granted. Instead she chose to boast about her pride in all her possessions. 🙁

  6. It is clear that MJ indoctrinated Kandi from a young age to take care of her mom. It is clear Kandi struggles with this indoctrination to her own detriment and to the detriment of those around her. Unfortunately, around the world, there are MANY parents who make their children feel that they owe their parents various things or benefits once those children begin to earn money. This unfortunate way of raising children occurs across all economic levels and Kandi needs to grow a pair and cut her off financially. Her mother has abused her title and relatioship with her ADULT daughter and Kandi ALLOWS it!

    1. I agree, I have the same issue with my Mom. I’m just learning at 40 to say no and that I’m not responsible for her.

  7. This poor woman is so uneducated and un evolved on too many levels it isn’t even fair to judge her, is how I feel.

    And Kandi knows it. That’s why she puts up with and protects her.

    1. I agree to the extent that this woman is unteachable, but kindness and generosity and humility don’t require an education or even native intelligence.

  8. Her behavior was disgusting and she should be ashamed of herself… Talk about bite the hand that feeds you!!! Shame, shame Joyce…and I’m not calling “mamma” or “Ms” for a reason!!!

  9. I am appalled by Joyce’s behavior. I was embarassed for kandi. Was she drunk? Kandi said no.. But something wasn’t right or she needs medication. That behavior was cray.

  10. I would be humiliated & so ashamed if I had a Mother like that, SMH!! Seriously Candy you shouldn’t bring her around when u film @ ALLLL & I would monitor those visits with ur daughter.

  11. Poor Kandi was obviously mortified–did you see that she stared down at her hands the whole time her stupid mother was making an ass of her stoned self? Then we learn that she stole Kandi’s identity and had credit cards in her name?! And stole from her checking account?! No wonder she doesn’t want Kandi to get married to ANYBODY–a husband would put a stop to that immediately. I think those aunts who made a scene at the bridal store are parasites too. I’ll bet Kandi’s been supporting all of them.

  12. Joyce denies she is worried about losing her meal ticket. But it was right out of her own mouth, angry and yelling when her true self came out and she told us what she’s really concerned about: She said if Kandi choked on a chicken bone, Todd would throw her out. It’s not for the sake of her granddaughter. It’s not for the sake of Kandi. I wonder if Kandi would realize how bad Joyce is if she thought about it this way: Does she think her little girl should be held responsible for making Kandi’s golden years cushy, while she tells the girl she shouldn’t marry because it will cut into her lifestyle.

  13. Joyce Jones will always choose money over ANYTHING! Kandi would be nothing to her without money.I am no longer feeling sorry for Kandi, she has a pimp for a Mother and she needs to shut her down.get her off of the show ! She is stinking up the franchise! Where did this nasty family come from! They all seem to be scared of this drunk!

  14. Let me tell you, Joyce got off easy! I would have not stopped at the B-word, I would have added a few more (nouns, pronouns, adjectives, etc) in profanity to accommodate the B-word.

    Also, on the reunion Joyce mentioned she worked at a pie factory and went to work at 2am, stood on her feet all night/day to support her family. I give her kudos for working and providing for her children. But explain to me, how a retired factory worker afford all the diamonds, gems and financial assets she was bragging about on the reunion? Apparently, everyone in GA should apply for employment at this pie factory for the great salary and benefits given to their employees.

    1. Exactly, Trisha. Joyce whined about her house not being good enough when Kandi bought her new one, so she’s living in Kandi’s old house. Anybody think she’s PAYING for it? Anybody? I read recently she’s also living off some sort of settlement or insurance from her son’s death. What kind of a mother buys diamonds and crap with money received from her dead child? She reminds me of a spoiled child who proudly says they bought something with their own money when it fact that money came from other people’s largesse.

      1. This specimen is uneducated and I don’t think deserves any time on Bravo. There is seriously something not quite right with this woman. I think she needs mental help.

      2. Thank-yoiu, DebBreen!!! Also, I know it had to be more to the her financial gains w/o Kandi’s assistance. Thank-you, for filling in the missing link to Joyce’s real story.

  15. Wow kandi has a crazy mother! You see why her dad divorced her & why she’s not married! Actions speak louder than words
    & crazy mother is showing her true colors!
    Glad she’s not my mother!!! Embarrassing!

  16. Kandi’s mother’s is an ANGRY, disgraceful, woman. She is no example to her daughter much less her grand daughter. I am so sorry for Todd. He will always be a boy to those people. What on earth could cause a person to behave like this woman. She has no pride and no class for her to behave like she is a junk yard dog on national television.

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