Todd Tucker Confronts Phaedra Parks, Kim Fields and Husband Confront Kenya Moore


Part three of season eight of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired Sunday night and NeNe Leakes returned to share her thoughts as did the husbands to settle the scores.

Obviously, Kenya Moore was not happy about the return of NeNe and how it affected her friendship with Cynthia Bailey. “What I was hurt about was [Cynthia] saying, ‘We’re still getting to know each other,’ like I was some stray off the street,” Kenya explained, adding that the comment was “the ultimate denial of a relationship.”

Cynthia explained,”NeNe and I didn’t talk for two years. It felt good to just be cool again. What I did make the mistake of doing was just not being crystal clear about how I felt about Kenya. We are not besties or BFF, but we are very, very close friends, and I love her.”

NeNe said that she and Kenya were now “in a much better place.” Then NeNe turned her attention towards Kim Fields. “I feel like she doesn’t want to be friends with anybody,” NeNe said. “I like Kim, but I did not or do not think that Kim is a fit for this group of girls.”

Kenya’s new friend Matt Jordan was at the reunion to profess his love for Moore. “Yes, I’m in love with Kenya,” he said. When Andy asked Kenya the same question she echoed his sentiments. “I am — Matt is amazing,” she said. “He has been such a friend to me, such a great companion, a great lover — he’s been all of those things.”

Speaking of love, Sheree Whitfield admitted that she has been having a good time with her ex-husband Bob. “Honestly, we’re having a really, really good time. I’m enjoying his company,” she admitted of their “friendship.”

As far as one of the more dramatic moments of the season, Kim Fields’ husband Christopher Morgan addressed the comments that were made about his sexuality. “I am a performer. I am not immune to people talking bad about me, especially when they want what I have. When it comes to who I am as a man, that’s what I know, and that’s what I know my wife knows, so I’m secure in that,” he said.

Kim called the comments about her husband made by Kenya “disgusting,” but Moore wasn’t ready to apologize quite yet.

“When you say I lied, you’re lying, because I never lied. I didn’t make up the rumor. I brought up the fact that the rumor existed,” Kenya said. Moore went on to argue that Chris had had some outburst on the bus that wasn’t aired on the show, which others confirmed and which sparked a separate conversation about whether Chris was acting flamboyantly or if he was simply imitating the other women.

“Who calls me Chrissy?” Morgan demanded to know from Kenya.

“Google yourself and find out,” Kenya replied.

“It seems like you’re all kind of gay-bashy,” Andy Cohen intervened. “It was taunting, and it was derogatory.”

Kenya continued to argue her point, but Andy shut her down explaining, “It just was not a pretty look.” Then he basically forced Kenya to apologize. “If it somehow was offensive to you,” Kenya began before Andy cut her off saying it was a “crappy” apology and she’d have to do better.

“I’m sorry, Christopher,” she finally said. “If he was offended.”

Moving on, Phaedra Parks denied calling the feds on Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey until Peter Thomas revealed that an agent “basically said he saw it on the show.” Then, Phaedra argued that Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker had been hanging around with Apollo Nida before his arrest, which set Tucker off.

“You know so much about what Todd is doing, but Apollo was in your house and you didn’t know what the f–k he was doing?” Todd snapped at Parks.

As for Kandi’s friendship with Phaedra, she said, “Coming into today, I felt like we were in much better place, but now, at the end of the day, it’s like it went backwards again.”

In another twist, it was revealed that Porsha Williams had been in another physical fight without the Bravo cameras. The fight had been with Jami, a former employee and friend, who had (according to Porsha) been showing “a lot of disrespect” until “it just escalated.” Phaedra revealed that Porsha had enrolled in an anger management class, but NeNe told Porsha, “You cannot put your hands on anybody else,” arguing it would “tarnish” her brand and hurt her business opportunities.

Kim Fields also jumped to Porsha’s defense. “I think we’re also missing the important step of congratulations for doing what you’re doing so far. The fact that you went to counseling and then came here and talked about it, that’s real grown-up,” she said.

What were your thoughts on this season of RHOA?

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  • Justmedoubleb

    So, it turns out Kandi basically called the feds on her and Cynthia with her big mouth! And no apology to Phaedra? Some friend. And thank you Andy for calling these women out on their gay bashing.

  • Rain

    I don’t watch this show but Porscha attacked another person? Seriously??? For real?? And she’s still not fired???? That’s just disgusting , Bravo! Shame on you !

    • Suze☕️

      It’s not the first time! That was Kenya at the reunion. Mind you if she had been sitting next to me waving that bull horn in my face and shouting I would have given her a permanent smile. That bull horn would have had to be extracted medically and i’m a pacifist! They should both have been sacked there and then! Morning Rain a sweetie xoxo

      • Morning Suze. It speaks to the basic core of who these women are……Ghetto. The saying goes I think, “You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig” Porsha. Kenya is smart, unlike Porsha and she fights with her words, which is just as deadly. Porsha should have been taken off the show several seasons ago. I believe the only reason she is still there is Nene. I’m not a fan of Kenya but she is in no way a physical threat to any on the show, unlike Porsha. I wish they would keep Kim and fire Porsha, cause Lord knows this show needs at least one housewives with a measure of decorum. And on the next note Suze, there is not a day goes by that I’m not praying for you!!!!! Love and Kisses 🙂

        • Suze☕️

          Barbara, thank you from my heart! Xoxoxox

    • Bon Vivant

      It was her assistant off camera after an event. It is rumored in Atlanta that it was over a guy, but it’s always best to take words from Atlanta streets with a grain of salt because people can be dastardly with the tongue there – for no other reason than attacking people and spreading falsehoods is like a beloved public sport. Still, for a child descended from someone who stood for non-violence to make historical change, I would bet he is turning over in his grave at the shame of how she carries herself just to make a quick buck in Atlanta.

    • Rain..Thank u. Porsha is exhausting,& too Ghetto. Like Nene, it doesn’t matter how many Rolls you drive, Designer labels you wear; at the end of the day she is ” Ghetto.”

    • I think you’ve just captured the answer petcferly

  • ana

    So kandi is the reason for the feds and not one person say sorry or my bad…phaedra was correct on say that she now knows were the stand. ….kandi and todd both need to go somewhere far away…by

    I was a fan of todd, but your ok with hiding stolen property and than try and judge and blame his wife…look in the mirror. .it’s your fault. .you had the property. ..

    • anna

      I agree. Great read.

  • Naynay

    Todd broke up the friendship between Phaedra and Kandi.

    • Bon Vivant

      Not really.

      • Naynay

        Yes really, he certainly did, I now call him Patrice, Patricia’s little sister, he’ll spend all Kandi’s money on failed business ventures and live in the strip clubs, yells at the woman just like Patricia does, I would say he had his head up Patricia’s ass but his heads to big from his over blown ego, all Kandi has to do is cut herself some bangs, she’s just like that monster mama Joyce.

        • kt

          Great comparison and name!!! He’s rude, $$ hungry and ego is outta control.
          He must have cried and whined to Kandi about the $…but why was it so important when they are dealing with million dollar projects? Just so he could have something to bitch about. I mean can’t a ‘friend’ cut another friend some slack when Phaedra had so much going on…she would have paid it eventually. And I don’t believe she called the feds.

          • Naynay

            No she didn’t call the Feds, Patricia said when the feds came to their home he was told they saw it on TV, which I had thought from the beginning, these people are on TV talking about holding on to property for a criminal who owes the Government a sh#t load of money…Duh, not very bright

  • Starr.

    .A bunch of really Ghetto women with husbands a double steps lower. Todd is horrible & Kandi, to do what she did, shows she’s the lowest of all. Goes without saying, she’s as evil spirited as her mother, I once again state.

  • bluebell

    I use to like Kandi & Todd. Not anymore. They are full of themselves. If Kandi was such a good friend to she would not have allowed Apollo to store things at their house.

  • bluebell

    I agree Phadera should have paid him. But he forgot to tell everyone Phadera hadn’t even seen the last cut. I never saw Todd say “can we get together for the last cut & final payment?” He is full of himself. Especially knowing what Phadera was going through. Really Todd? You were spending time going to strip clubs with Apollo & you didn’t know what he was up 2. Come on!

  • kt

    The picture of Peter – Smurf – Uncle Ben tells all – I do believe he was DRUNK or otherwise when the men came out he didn’t say a word other than defend how undrunk he was…

  • Simone

    Kandi’s husband is a complete jerk. How any man can think it is okay to speak to a woman in the manner he spoke to Phaedra is beyond me. I have never cared for him. I also do not care for Kandi. I find her to be a real instigator by continuously repeating what friends have confided in her. Just amazing. I would never ever tell her anything!
    Kenya is fun to watch but man, oh, man, she is one hot mess! Everything out of her mouth just rings of untruth.
    I was happy to see Nene and Sheree this season…both are fun to watch.
    I was sure Phaedra had called the FEDS on Cynthia and Kandi but after watching the reunion, I was wrong, eh. I like Phaedra and it is interesting to see her personality ‘blossom’ without her husband around. Very interesting.
    Cynthia is so self-involved, I find her very difficult to watch. Every conversation has to be brought back to her, if she has anything to do with it. Ugh. And I find her husband even more difficult to watch.

  • Gaild

    I don’t think Kandi and Todd thought about the legal aspects of Apollo’s belongings. I think they took the stuff to store it for him because that is what friends do for friends. I seriously cannot believe the Porsha has been allowed to stay on the show after all of the physical altercations she has been in. She is dangerous and not just a little cray cray. Nene is right about Kim. Kim does not fit in with any of the others and made very little effort to get to know the ladies. She was too bent on showing what a “wonderful” marriage she has and what a good little wife she is. The only real thing she did or said on this show is when she admitted to Phaedra that she really doesn’t have a life outside of her home. Leave Kim. Please.

  • I thought the entire reunion was a flop. Nothing important was resolved, minus Porsha saying she went to get help for her temper. I mean, she is facing the problem and admitting it and fixing it. What more could she do? Not have done it? Impossible. Although I am with Suze when she says Keenya would have had to have that sceptor extracted by a proctologist if it had been me. Keenya rolling her eyes anytime anyone speaks. A sign that she thinks nothing anyone else says has merit, also a sign of ignorance. She only hears herself. There wasn’t two minutes anytime where Keenya wasn’t yakking. Todd saying Phaedra didn’t even know where her husband was. Wow. I would have slapped him across the face if he had been facing me, and no, I don’t need anger management. What a fucking insulting thing to say to her, asshole. If I was Phaedra, I would NEVER revive my friendship with Kandi. Allowing him to say that to her. He deserves everything Mama Joyce can throw t him. which is a lot. What a punk.

    • Suze☕️

      I feel the same about him and now Kandi, what the heck had happened to her Mamma Joyce number two! They are morphing into one person!