Tinsley Mortimer Speaks Out About Her Tumultuous Friendship With Sonja Morgan

It’s no secret that there’s animosity between RHONY stars and roommates Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer. Throughout this season, Sonja has made it clear that she doesn’t believe Tinsley is a gracious houseguest, which has led to several arguments between the two.

Tinsley even accused Sonja of leaking information to the press about their personal issues, which Sonja wholeheartedly denies. When she appeared on WWHL this week, Tinsley spoke out about her relationship with Sonja and denied that Sonja could be threatened by her.

“Sonja is, honestly, we’re like sisters. She’s not threatened by me,” Tinsley said. “Sonja has her way of thinking that she’s helping me. To me, it seems like a jabbing and nagging, sort of, like, older sister. But to her, she’s actually thinking that she’s helping me.”

Mortimer believes Morgan is just helping her. “I actually think she has really good intentions; I just don’t think that in my situation at the time, what I was going through, I don’t think she handled them the best way,” she shared. “I was vulnerable, and I felt weaker.”

Do you think Sonja’s been unfair to Tinsley?

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3 Replies to “Tinsley Mortimer Speaks Out About Her Tumultuous Friendship With Sonja Morgan”

  1. If I had a “big sister” who was like ‘Sonja’ I’d die of embarrassment!!! Tinsley pack your bags and ruuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tinsley did say that when she arrived home from Mexico she would be moving into a hotel. I see her point, needing a little more time before having her belongings taken out of storage and brought to New York. So many apartments to choose from, and having all of her furniture moved in makes it a done deal. Besides, what possible difference could it make if she stays in a hotel for a couple of months? I don’t keep up trough rag-mags, so I don’t know if she did move, but I hope she did immediately. Sonja is a terrible hostess.

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