Tinsley Mortimer Reveals She Has Hope About Reconciling with Scott Kluth

We recently reported that RHONY star Tinsley Mortimer and her boyfriend Scott Kluth broke-up, but now Tinsley is revealing she wants to get back together with Scott.

Mortimer was a guest on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast and shared that she has hope that things will work out with Scott. “It was like a boot camp back to my life. Being around these strong women who are all opinionated with big personalities and confident, makes you really look at yourself and get your life back. It was a good way to get to be me again.”

Kate Casey asked Tinsley about living at Sonja Morgan’s house. “I was living with a bunch of dolls and stuffed animals everywhere, but they were sort of my built in friends.”

“We definitely had our complications. It’s not easy to live with somebody,” she said before adding, “Sonja had leaked something to the press making me out seem like a bad house guest. I know in the grand of scheme that sounds so dumb, but at that time, it was once again someone close to me and it felt like a betrayal. I just wasn’t in a safe haven. I felt betrayed and I felt hurt.”

So, what else did Tinsley have to say about her relationship with Scott? “All of sudden reality sort of hits and he has to be in Chicago for a company that he works for called Coupon Cabin – which I actually still work for because he hired me to work for him. He’s just very, very busy. He’s focused on working and I have to be in New York, obviously. We had a bit of distance problem and we did break up, but we did just see each other this past weekend,” she shared.

Tinsley concluded, “Hopefully we are going to work things out. I’m very optimistic about it and he’s such a great guy. I love Chicago and I love him. I’m just hopeful that we can make it work.”

Do you want to see Tinsley and Scott reunite?

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  • UnrealHousewife57

    Perhaps there’s more to a relationship than sex. Tinsley needs to grow up. “…but we did just see each other this past weekend.” Really? Did you see each other or was it a booty call?

  • bella

    How old is Tins? 40? Why does a woman of means continue to dress like Little Bo Peep?

    • UnrealHousewife57

      Totally agree. She want to come across as a teen. She’s 42, for crying out loud.

    • Heather

      ROTFLMAO!!! Bo Peep. Yep. You nailed it.

  • Heather

    I dont blame Tinsley for being hurt at what Sonja said to the press. That was TERRIBLE.

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Of all those NYC broads she was the most likeable during the last season

  • Viktor

    Love Tinsley! Would love to see a Real Housewives of Chicago.

  • Minx

    I found Tinsley, Pleasant and Refreshing. Okay, the Beauty Pagent Clothes were a bit much.
    I think she needs to work out her personal Issues before she gets into another Serious Relationship.
    One Date, and then they are an item?
    Not a Healthy Pattern.
    Scott seems like a great Guy!
    Hopefully, they will work things out in time. If not, Scott is a Step Up from her other BF’s..