Tinsley Mortimer: My Life Has Taken a Huge Turn

Tinsley Mortimer is introducing herself to viewers in her blog this week. She shares how her life has taken such a huge turn in the last year and how lucky she is to have a friend like Sonja Morgan to introduce her to this group of woman.

“As most of you can tell, my life has taken a huge turn! Imagine one year ago being arrested and horribly embarrassed. Then fast forward one year, and I am officially a Real Housewife of New York City! Wow! Talk about contrasts! Everything happens for a reason, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to be joining these six incredible ladies for Season 9 of RHONY. It’s just so great being back in NYC…where I belong!

Sonja Morgan is, without a doubt, the most generous friend a girl could ever have. When she invited me to come back up to New York and get out of Palm Beach, I was on the next plane. The infamous Townhouse is fabulous, and I really love my room stocked with plenty of stuffed animals and a balcony. Sonja has been great trying to get me readjusted back in New York, and this includes dating again. She created THE LIST of dos and don’ts for finding the proper person. Clearly I can use the help! Although I can’t say I always follow its rules, I know Sonja’s intentions were good creating it.

It was so nice to meet Sonja’s friends at the Mad Hatter party she threw for my return to the Big Apple. I knew they had probably read or heard about my arrest, so I was apprehensive about meeting them. Everyone, though, was truly very nice and seemed supportive of what I was going through. Glad I got to clear the air a little. Sonja did not invite Dorinda, because apparently there’s still some tension there from last year, but I’m sure I will meet her soon…”

Photo Credit: Bravo