Tinsley Mortimer Joining The Real Housewives of New York City

Tinsley Mortimer has been filming scenes for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York City. According to a new report, Mortimer is replacing Jules Wainstein next season on the show.

People reports that Mortimer, 41, is certainly no stranger to reality TV or personal drama.

Tinsley is the former star of the 2010 series High Society that aired on the CW, and she was arrested this past April for trespassing on her ex-boyfriend’s property in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to a police report obtained by the site at the time, Mortimer was allegedly crying and screaming in an attempt to collect belongings from the home of sugar heir Nico Banjul.

“She sat on his doorstep for hours and banged on the door,” a source told the mag at the time. “She was frantic and very upset. Finally they called the police to get her out of there. She’s not a bad person but she was too upset to be thinking rationally.”

Another police report from 2013 surfaced later, alleging Mortimer had been abused by Fanjul. The report claimed he had smothered her with a pillow and damaged her car during a drunken altercation. Mortimer refused to press charges, and Fanjul completely denied the allegations.

In July, Mortimer struck a deal to cut off all communication with Fanjul and keep her distance from both her ex and his parents’ home. Her case will not go to trial, and the charges against her will be officially dismissed on December 30th.

“Tinsley has always maintained her innocence. She is relieved and feels she has been vindicated,” a source close to the star told PEOPLE after the settlement. “Now she can finally move on with her life. This is a victory for her.”

The source added, “Hopefully, one day she can help other women that have found themselves in similar situations and feel like they can’t get out.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “Tinsley Mortimer Joining The Real Housewives of New York City”

  1. This is going 2start with a Bang! These womenR very unkind& love2ask questions abt sh_t that is non of their bizz.I suspect it will be drama all the way! I’m out. Peace!

  2. They got their hands on TINSLEY? I had the misfortune of being too late to get something from a designer show room once that had literally been closed for Tinsley and her sister to shop there privately. That one annoying day notwithstanding, I think she’s perfect archetype for the New York franchise. Her mother is an Old School New York socialite – interior designer (of the chintz and Lalique variety) to old New York families, she has that eccentric real estate developer father who’s spent the last 10 years being caught up in Page 6 shenanigans, and she’s ex wife to one of the philandering crown princes of New York blue-blood set, Topper Mortimer . This ought to be a juicy addition for the show. She seems like show could get on best with the other UESiders, but I wonder how well will she get on with the edgier Downtown Girls? Wait, I take that back, because I think she actually moved downtown after she divorced Topper…anyway, glad the franchise is taking on new members…

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