Tinsley Mortimer Accuses Sonja Morgan of Taking too Much Xanax

During the last episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja Morgan made some hurtful comments about Tinsley Mortimer’s financial position. Mortimer says she believes Morgan is deriving pleasure from trying to discredit her reputation and accused her of taking too much Xanax.

Tinsley writes in her blog, “I don’t believe that Sonja achieved a great deal of balance or humility from her “retreat” after spending the summer in a self-professed Xanax-induced haze in the South of France. She appears to be deriving great pleasure in her attempts to discredit me. What the heck is she talking about? She thinks Scott pays for my hotel room? She thinks he bought her gift certificate? Is she nuts?! When I had that party for her last year (wish I hadn’t), I had only been dating Scott for three weeks. Wow! I must really be good at being a “kept” woman if I can get someone to pay my bills that fast.”

“She’s trying to project upon me and my background all the things she hates about hers. Sorry, Sonja—it just won’t work. A few ugly words from you won’t change the truth about my upbringing,” Tinsley adds.

Tinsley also clears up rumors about her boyfriend Scott paying her bills. “Another thing… I hate talking about money and won’t, but suffice it to say that I pay for my apartment and every one of my expenses. Scott and I sadly were not even together then. To imply that I came to her destitute and needing a place to stay is utterly ridiculous. She kindly (or so I thought) offered me her home because, emotionally, I was in a bad place after being ridiculously and wrongfully arrested in Palm Beach. My family didn’t think I was ready to actually move to New York, so they were delighted that Sonja offered me a place until I got settled. It’s clear to me that Sonja never had anyone to teach her what being a “gracious” host is.”


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