Thomas D’Agostino Admits There Have Been Bumps In The Road In His Relationship With LuAnn de Lesseps


Real Housewives of New York City star LuAnn de Lesseps is smitten over her new man Thomas D’Agostino, but Lu’s man is admitting in a new interview that their whirlwind romance has had a few bumps in the road.

“With any relationship, there are always bumps in the road,” Tom said. “We had one misunderstanding that led to actions that I deeply regret. What is important, is that we were able to work through it and we are stronger than ever.”

“When you know, you know,” he told RadarOnline of finally settling down. “She is perfect for me in every way. I am very much looking forward to getting married.”

But Tom will also be taking on the role as a first-time father to de Lesseps’ two children Victoria and Noel.

“Her children were raised with a good upbringing and are young adults,” he said. “When they are home I enjoy spending time with them.”

The couple will be marrying on New Year’s Eve in Palm Beach Florida. The wedding will consist of “lots of activities over the holiday weekend with family and close friends.”

“I founded a large national company with hundreds of employees, and a solid reputation in our industry,” he said of his business. “I am always busy building my business and working on new acquisitions.”

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14 Replies to “Thomas D’Agostino Admits There Have Been Bumps In The Road In His Relationship With LuAnn de Lesseps”

  1. I hope Lu tells her fiancé he doesn’t have to comment so specifically in ways that will injure their relationship. We don’t need to know there were actions he deeply regrets bc then it makes you wonder what they were, & undermines their relationship. Zip those lips!

    1. I like that DeeDee, ‘zip those lips’ I wish more people would do that! Hope you are still chilling out xoxoxox

      1. Hi ladies. Agree with both of you. keep your mouths shut if you don’t want the other housewives jumping all over it. He seems very “off” to me actually.

      2. Yes Suze, lots of relaxing & theres a beautiful cork track at the high school nearby wear I’m staying so I’m able to exercise & clear my head. And lots of shopping! It’s really nice. I hope you’re feeling ok XOXOXO ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Wedding in Palm Beach: I foresee nuptials/reception possibly taking place at The Breakers? Now that would be gorgeous! Beyond this, someone please tell Tom to get his tweedletwaddle Radar Online’s call list: having them on speed dial is the epitome of “uncool”…

  3. And what’s with the “I founded a large national company with hundreds of employees…” what does that have to do with anything? We didn’t ask, did we????

    To me this is just another man wanting to be recognized on TV..

  4. If I were Lu that oversharing of “actions he regrets” and that little 30 second commercial about his company would be red flags… if she’s in love then I wish her well but I hope she has contingency plans. Oi vey, call Jill Zarin and get a lawyah!

  5. It will never happen. She is struggling for her spot next season. The way she freaked out about how it “looked” is very suspicious. They are probably in cahoots!

  6. If he calls this a “misunderstanding” what would taking her up the Regency stairs after the make out session be? I know!!! The woman who Luann said wanted him in her “clutches” ( why would she want HIM? ) drugged him. That is the next excuse. He was roofied.

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