The Women Of RHONJ Made Amends For Producers! Bravo Forced Them To Get Along In Season 5!


The mended relationship of the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been questioned by many viewers. People are suspicious whether or not the women are faking nice for Bravo’s cameras, or if their reconciliation’s are genuine. RealityTea’s source exclusively tells them, “Jersey is phony as ever!”

“The woman are all acting their way through this season,” the insider reveals. “Bravo has forced them to film together and ‘get along’. The fans were sick of the fighting so they were all under orders to get along at least for the cameras.”

As for the huge fall out between former friends Jacqueline and Teresa? The source reveals the two only made up for the cameras. “Jacqueline and Teresa have not mended any fences. Jacqueline has said Teresa tries to play nice with everyone, so they are just all following her act.”

And as a lot of you predicted, Caroline is only playing nice to sell books, according to the insider! “Caroline got a lot of heat last season and her ratings dropped so she is jumping on the Teresa bandwagon to gain popularity back,” the source reveals.

The insider concludes since “nobody wants to be the bad guy this season” the drama stems from “outside sources…not the main cast members.” We are guessing that means Kim D, Jennifer Dalton, and Johnny and Penny Karagiorgis.

Photo Credit: Bravo