The Women Of RHOC Share Their First Impressions Of Lydia McLaughlin!

Lydia McLaughlin

The women of The Real Housewives of Orange County are sharing their first impressions of the newest Housewife to join the cast, Lydia McLaughlin. Vicki, Alexis, Heather, and Tamra all share their thoughts and joke around about Lydia! I have to say it looks like they are all having a lot of fun, and I’m excited for Lydia to join the show!

“The first impression I had when meeting Lydia was, ‘Did you get your period yet?'” Vicki Gunvalson jokes.

“She’s SUPER positive,” Alexis Bellino shares. “I just burnt my pot roast,” Alexis jokes in a super sweet voice.

“She’s just got the skinniest little tiniest butt and you just wanna bite it,” Tamra says, but adds while Lydia looks like she couldn’t hurt a fly, don’t mess with her!

“When you come into a new group, aren’t going to be best friends with everyone,” Heather says. “So it’ll be interesting to see who she ends up bonding with.”

For more of what the women had to say about Lydia watch the video below!

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6 Replies to “The Women Of RHOC Share Their First Impressions Of Lydia McLaughlin!”

  1. After last season, I have decided not to watch this show. I don’t understand how they allow Heather to come in the group and establish queen bee. They allowed someone in their group Lex be harassed and belittled by someone new to their group. Why did they allow it? Heather and her husband have real wealth, so they sold their group for money. Gretchen was the very worst, initially standing by and then joining this farce coupling.

  2. I saw some of the promo videos of Lydia and she seems like she is going to be a real firecracker! I can’t wait to see the energy she brings to RHOC… and of course, who will become green with envy at her physical appearance and her vast wealth! Three guesses…!

  3. Sorry but Alexis is the one that started with Heather first. Then she got upset because Gretchen was being friendly with her. She’s catty and immature.

  4. Vicki is rite.. this Lydia girl acts like a 15 yo. When I saw the episode I was thrown back because she appeared different with Heather but when she was showing her private life it was like a different person. Maybe she is bipolar..
    and by the way, Heather is soo soo annoying and boring. ugh

  5. Vicki brought Alexis along to start up trouble with Tamra. And it worked! If I was Eddie I’d run for the hills & never look back.

  6. Oh my lord, grow up Heather! This isn’t grade school, let alone high school. Nobody has to choose “sides” Red Rover.

    Lydia has it all over Heather; class, intelligence, and she has got Heather’s number. I think she’s just playing the game; at least I hope so because the flip flop is not wise) .

    “Sorry” (“I know everything and speak with authority as if I do even though I don’t.”)

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