The REAL Stripper Revealed At The RHONJ Reunion!

This season The Real Housewives of New Jersey revolved around one major topic, who was or wasn’t a stripper? Well, in Part 3 of the RHONJ reunion, the REAL stripper is revealed. And it’s not Melissa Gorga, it’s her husband Joe! According to the family man, he was a Chippendales dancer in college. Irony anyone? Joe claimed that for a year he made $1,000 a night for shaking “Tarzan” in a tiny thong. We thought this made sense; the women’s clothing, the many lap dances, the excessive nudity and the pet name for his penis. Magic Mike, Meet Tarzan…!

In case you missed Joe’s big reveal, you can watch below:

Click Here To Watch Joe Gorga On Stripping From Your Phone

Tell Us- Would you like to see Joe Gorga as a Chippendales dancer? I have to admit, I’ve been to one of the shows as a joke, and they are hilariously creepy!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


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