The Real Story With NeNe Leakes’ Mother


During part three of the RHOA reunion, NeNe Leakes broke down when the subject of her mother was mentioned. She was brought to tears and exited the stage because she was so emotional.

When Dr. Jeff was brought out to discuss the women’s therapy session this year, Kenya Moore tells Leakes, “NeNe, I think you think we are all against you. We have our fights, we have our arguments, things are said, and you feel like we don’t like you and we don’t love you, but we don’t want to be at that same place with you. We want to move on. I think by hearing your story right now, we have a lot more in common than you want to even admit.”

Kenya continues, “You don’t have a relationship with your mother, you felt abandoned. We’re very strong women… I think we know that about each other and when I met you NeNe, I didn’t come for you. I didn’t come in like I’m about to take over. We had a really nice start to a friendship. Whether you want to admit to that or not.”

“I can’t,” NeNe whispers in her mic as she begins to get up from the couch. “I can’t talk about my mom!”

The first lady to console NeNe? Cynthia Bailey.

Kenya encourages Kandi Burruss and Claudia Jordan to help support NeNe, who is in tears. “She’s hurting,” Kenya says to Kandi, who replies, “Yeah but what about?”

More emotional than I’ve ever seen NeNe, she then is escorted off the stage by Dr. Jeff, Phaedra and Porsha.

Watch the show highlight below.

Backstage Andy Cohen has a conversation with NeNe’s husband Gregg.

“What is the back story with her mom?” Andy asked.

“Her mom had five children when she was very young,” Gregg explained. “She couldn’t take care of five kids. She sent NeNe and her brother to Athens to be raised by her aunt and she raised the other three kids. She [NeNe] has always wondered why she had to be one of the ones who was sent away. It’s bugged her all her life.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo