The Real Story With NeNe Leakes’ Mother


During part three of the RHOA reunion, NeNe Leakes broke down when the subject of her mother was mentioned. She was brought to tears and exited the stage because she was so emotional.

When Dr. Jeff was brought out to discuss the women’s therapy session this year, Kenya Moore tells Leakes, “NeNe, I think you think we are all against you. We have our fights, we have our arguments, things are said, and you feel like we don’t like you and we don’t love you, but we don’t want to be at that same place with you. We want to move on. I think by hearing your story right now, we have a lot more in common than you want to even admit.”

Kenya continues, “You don’t have a relationship with your mother, you felt abandoned. We’re very strong women… I think we know that about each other and when I met you NeNe, I didn’t come for you. I didn’t come in like I’m about to take over. We had a really nice start to a friendship. Whether you want to admit to that or not.”

“I can’t,” NeNe whispers in her mic as she begins to get up from the couch. “I can’t talk about my mom!”

The first lady to console NeNe? Cynthia Bailey.

Kenya encourages Kandi Burruss and Claudia Jordan to help support NeNe, who is in tears. “She’s hurting,” Kenya says to Kandi, who replies, “Yeah but what about?”

More emotional than I’ve ever seen NeNe, she then is escorted off the stage by Dr. Jeff, Phaedra and Porsha.

Watch the show highlight below.

Backstage Andy Cohen has a conversation with NeNe’s husband Gregg.

“What is the back story with her mom?” Andy asked.

“Her mom had five children when she was very young,” Gregg explained. “She couldn’t take care of five kids. She sent NeNe and her brother to Athens to be raised by her aunt and she raised the other three kids. She [NeNe] has always wondered why she had to be one of the ones who was sent away. It’s bugged her all her life.”

Watch the show highlight below.

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38 Replies to “The Real Story With NeNe Leakes’ Mother”

    1. Yes, being abandoned is a terrible hurt BUT does that the excuse to be so nasty, so rude, stank attitude like you better. Plenty of us have been left by parents but don’t have her adult attitude after all this time

    1. Right?!! I haven’t seen it yet, so I may feel differently after doing so, and I may not have all the facts yet, but I don’t think “issues” are an excuse to be a hideous beast one minute and a whimpering victim the next (I’m speaking literally. She was HORRID this reunion and seemingly turned on a dime). Camera time. Messy Boots.

    1. Nene just uses this abandonment issue to get a pass for being so “Vile”.
      When she gets called out for her actions all of a sudden these past issues come out( a pity party). There are tons of people with a horrible past, but they do not not act “nasty, rude and vile”.
      HOOD RAT!!!

  1. After seeing Nene turn into Nay nay far too much and her holier than thou attitude, feeling above the rest and too good to be a part of them,;this episode has given some touch of human to her otherwise tough girl persona. If you never had recognition from a parent no matter what you do, deep down, maybe you never feel good enough and wonder why the parent wanted no part of you. Your self esteem may not be what it should be no matter how successful others see you. Now that NeNe is so successful and probably still gets no recognition or not what she hoped for from either parent, so that must really sting. I know she can act and craves the attention from others, but is all of her attention getting behavior stemming from being rejected by her own mother…perhaps there is more to NeNe.
    I know she is a tough woman most of the time, but under that suit of armor she wears, maybe she is still much more fragile than we have ever imagined. I hope she can be more empathetic to others in the future, rather than being the ultimate and diva that she has become more and more each season.

  2. Sorry but I felt bad for her. I don’t think it was acting by the way she was shaking. I was surprised that Kenya was so thoughtful in her analysis of Nene but still believe she has wanted to take Nene down from day one. Kandi is the one I was surprised to see had no compassion but she has her own “mother issues”.

    1. @Aunt Bee, Yeah. I am now watching it and I take it all back, what I said about her being disingenuous. I’m almost in tears with her. Sheesh. I heard someone once say “Anger is love, disappointed”. I think she’s just learned to cope by being angry. I want happy Nene. Not angry Nene. And Kandi, I love her, but just look at her own mother. NO compassion for anyone who’s hurting. Ever. She makes her daughter cry on the reg and it’s just like, oh well. I can see Kandi shutting off, just as a knee jerk reaction.

      1. Kandi is just as screwed up by her mother as Nene was by hers…Todd’s mom had a heart which made mama joyce upset because she had to face what a real loving mom looked like and get that she is not it. My opinion of Kandi is getting lower and lower. It’s kind of below sea level right now.

  3. We are human everyone has feelings even Kandi she is just like her mother can’t expect for her feelings to be different

  4. Team Nene. Kandi is fake and hateful; Todd will be her demise.

    Nene uses her pain to combat fear and to protect herself in life. Good for you Nene. Continue to grow emotionally. You have my blessings.

    1. I used too be a Nene fan , but after the trip it was so over for me , the things that came out of her mouth when she was going in on Claudia was shameful . Nene is the oldest in the group so too get respect it should also begiven and to me she has not displayed any respect for her self , Just nasty and rude that is not a excuse to act like that it is SHAMEFUL and a poor excuses for a women her age .

  5. This is just my opinion on what I saw and what really bothered me about this whole scenario. After watching this whole scene unfold it was nice to see that Kenya stood up to support Nene in her time of need. Unfortunately it was Kenya who told Kandi to support Nene. What was even more disappointing was that Claudia was the last woman off the couch to “support Nene” and she never went forward to join the group of ladies comforting her, instead she just held back while the other ladies surrounded Nene, then has the nerve to say that it was a breakthrough. Like I said in the beginning, this is just what bothered me about this whole scenario.

  6. I am becoming impressed with Kenya, which I thought I’d never say. She was reasonable and kind, and didn’t have to be. As for Nene, I have little sympathy. I get that she’s still hurt by her past, but what she’s done with that is to brag constantly and attack the other women in hopes of hurting them. She’s a victim that has become the perpetrator.

  7. Except that Nene specifically and deliberately excluded Cynthia when she returned. She said she appreciated the support she was shown… by Phaedra and Porsha….throwing Cynthia under the bus…yet again…after Cynthia had stepped up and genuinely tried to help her.
    Please, NOBODY IS ATTACKING THIS WOMAN! The truth is she comes for them, usually on day one, and when they try to defend themselves, she slays them with that ruthless and remorseless mouth of hers and then claims everyone is trying to take her down because she is a star. Is it rooted in her issues with her mother?…maybe…but the statute of limitations is up…she is a grown woman and responsible for her own actions now…and she is mean and nasty and self-centered and frankly, impossible to deal with. I am over her.

    1. She SOOO totally excluded Cynthia, but then added a half-azzed acknowledgement at the end. It only proved to me (once again) that NayNay has absolutely NO intentions of ever making up with Cynthia. When NeNe closes a door, it’s simply not in her DNA to re-open it; although I suppose “step and fetchit” (Greg) was a rare exception.

    2. I agree. I don’t understand why Nene doesn’t have a forgiving bone in her body. She’s loud and classless! NeNe was wrong for getting in Peter’s face and saying he’s acting like a Bi*ch! Of course Cynthia had to come to husband’s defense and have his back. It just seems that even when NeNe does apologize, it’s not sincere! I’ve never been a fan of Nene’s and I am certainly not one now!!

  8. This was all a plan by NeNe Leakes to get the viewing public on her side. NeNe Leakes didn’t like the way she was being portrayed on the show,as her true self. At the session all the women talked about issues that troubled them. NeNe Leakes walked out therefore never talked about anything she had issues with. At the session she thought it would be about the other women not her. When the Doctor told her he was there for everybody, that set her off because she doesn’t think she has any issues. She thought is was everybody else. That is when she told him you don’t represent me. She really disrespected the Doctor. The fake break down you saw was damage control. She probably had a meeting with who ever represents her, and a fake breakdown is what they came up with. She knew she had to do the session after watching the show and seeing how bad she looked. If you go back and view older shows when she talked about her mother she never got emotional. This breakdown was made for tv. She clearly has some mental issues. I see problems with anxiety. Some delusion of grandeur. A sense of entitlement because she feels she is the show. She has a fear that someone on the show will do better than her. I really don’t think anyone is jealous of her, they are just fed up with her. She is extremely high strong. And very mean spirited . Take a look at all the people she has had fights with from Wendy Williams to Latoya Jackson just to mention a few. The fight with Wendy Williams happen after the reunion taped. So that fake breakdown didn’t do a thing for her because it wasn’t real. She is using Phaedra and Porsha for filming purposes. Without them she would have no one to film with. Don’t believe the fake breakdown. NeNe Leakes is a mean horrible person who will stop at noting to bring someone down. She has been making her rounds on the varies shows campaigning to get Claudia and Kenya fired. Last year it was Cynthia Baily. She is saying they are not married. Well the shows title is about real housewives which none of them are. Should they all be fired because none of them are housewives? Bravo should fire NeNe Leakes for faking a breakdown.

    1. I think you are so right. I didn’t see any tears. She didn’t have to talk about her mother if she didn’t want to talk about her. This was so phoney. The doctor wants to be on tv. He tested for Hard ball a few weeks ago. Why was he there ? He wants to be on tv. nene wants a more positive perception

  9. I’m sorry but, boo f#&king hoo!!! Nene made it about her, AGAIN!!!…and that wishie washie therapist, gimme a break, he completely fu#king back pedaled..all those women have some issues in their past, is nene so special that we excuse her ignorant, ridiculous, uneducated, smart ASS attitude because of her issue?? I’m sorry, I don’t!! Kandi had the right attitude towards nene….and Cynthia, please, don’t be stupid, DONT get sucked back into her world, grow a spine….and KENYA saying, now it’s more clear why she acts the way she does, WHAT??? No it’s not clear, she doesn’t walk around talking stupid, trying to act gangsta, then try to act up town like she’s richer & better then anyone else, and continuously go from one friend to another cause she can’t keep a friend because her mom made her go live with her grandma!! That’s the reason??? Those women who said that are gullible and frankly deserve to get fucked over by nene every time…Wake the hell up…Kandi is the only one with her eyes open…nene it’s time 4 u to go sweetheart, if u have so much money coming in & so many jobs lined up, then go do em, leave RHOA, but u won’t, cause ur not all that u say u are…

  10. I agree… Life is hard. But who hasn’t known pain in their life. My grandmother was so cruel to me and it scarred me terribly! I hated myself for years because of it. But eventually you accept what happened and make your life better! My son Ray committed suicide in 2000 at the age of 19. It about killed me. But I’ve survived and try to be the best person I can be. Do I still suffer? Yes. But I try to be kind to all and not use tradgedy as an excuse to be mean and hateful! NeNe has known heartache. But she creates heartache. It should make here’re compassionate so I don’t buy this story. She’s an actress and she knows she’s losing popularity. Sorry… She has sadness… But it’s more BS to draw sympathy.

  11. Nene needed the ratings so she freaked out looked so fake sorry nene but your all about the benjamines snap snap

  12. THE REAL STORY; is that this diva moose needed more camera time and wanted sympathy after being the nasty nene she is. This former felon / stripper needs to go back to to the hood and get over herself, the HW’s of blacklanta are all disgusting and have NO origninality–they embarrass themselves and atlanta—cant stand these stupid women—especially porsha (btw, is the idiot still looking for the “underground railroad”- train?) LMAO….

    1. LOL! You too huh? Porsha & PhaePhae looked like drag queens…Porsha irks me to NO end,Nene used her for camera time indeed! She knows Porsha dated that married African,and got herself cars ect…Nene bashed Kim for doing the exact same! Phaedra is so fake,”Fix HER Jesus!” She won’t divorce Apollo,she’ll be to scared he will expose her-for HER wrongdoing,if my husband had NO job and came home with millions???? PAH-leasssssssse! She turned her back on him during trial…and she surely needs to let him visit the children….
      Cynthia should be cordial with NeNe,but as far as a friendship…”girl bye!” Peter is husband after all!
      Kandi,and Todd…oh brother! I don’t see how they can last,I would harbor so much resentment,and be hostile toward my spouse..if his/her mother treated me like as Joyce has,then having his mom pass….WOW!
      Claudia,while I like her personality,she really did do overkill with the drama…
      NeNe was (almost) everyone’s favorite,including me…her success has went to her head,she changed BIG time!
      Personally,I think it was a show,the so-called “shaking” as some had said <—-FAKE!
      I can do that,and I am sure she could..I hope NeNe apologises to the girls,but I don't see it as of now,her EGO is too out of control!

  13. I LOVE all the people that see Nene for what she is. I’m sure to her, that was an academy award worthy performance and she’s proud of it. Nene is and has always been a bully. I assume her nasty, mean personality originates from the fact that deep down she is extremely insecure. She doesn’t really have anything that special to contribute and she knows it. Her whole career really stemmed from being at the right place at the right time. It has nothing to do with talent. Sometimes the people that make the most noise get noticed but it doesn’t mean they have anything to offer. I actually fast forwarded the recording through some of Nene’s stuff at the end of the reunion. I NEVER do that. I’m a die hard fan. ENOUGH of Nene. I was over her long ago. She needs to move on. Please Bravo, let her go!

  14. I was not surprised when Kenya spoke kind words to nene , or Cynthia for running to console her, I do Not Agree with some the insensitive comments, nene has been very mean an condescending But. Here was the reason. “ABANDONMENT ISSUES she’s carrying deep scars, I’ve been abandoned by my parents I know the inner pain and the tough exterior that we display. Our ly difference is that I didn’t treat people like she did!! She does not get a PASS for her behavior but she absolutely positively should stay in therapy with Dr Jeff and anger management sessions.

    1. We all have painful passes, but I felt that the therapist wanted everyone to feel Nene pain ignoring their own pain. She was not understanding to none of the ladies Kenya has ABANDONMENT ISSUES were was NeNe

  15. It was hard to watch Ne ne mistreat people she just met, speaking of Claudia and Demetria. Is this the bad girls club??? Regardless of her length of time on the show those ladies have their own accomplishments and deserve some respect. The same person who recently had a breakdown is now parading around saying the show should be for housewives only. Well last time I checked the husband takes care of the housewife not the other way around as all of these married women on this show is displaying. No shade…..

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