The Real Reason Teresa Giudice & Joe Gorga Didn’t Speak For A Year!

We all know that the Season 4 reunion taping for The Real Housewives of New Jersey was the first time Teresa Giudice had seen her brother, Joe Gorga, in a year. A lot of viewers want to know exactly why the two siblings had been estranged. Well, we are getting ready to see it all play out on the next two episodes of RHONJ.

This Sunday starts the Posche Fashion show when Angelo Voorhees, a salon PR manager, approaches Kim “D” and Teresa while they are getting their make-up done. Filmed back in September 2011, the ladies were getting glammed up to attend the fashion show for Kim’s boutique, Posche. The ladies looked shocked when Angelo says to Teresa, “I know your sister-in-law Melissa. We go way back… She actually worked for me. At a little gentlemen’s club in Elizabeth.” When Teresa asks what she did he replies, “Well, she danced for me.” In another preview while the ladies of are gathered at the Posche event, he approaches Gorga and says: “Hi Melissa, you remember me right?”

This drama was leaked last year on the internet, so we all know about Melissa’s alleged past. She adamantly denied this writing on her website, “This is 100% NOT TRUE.” Later, Melissa revealed she was briefly a bartender in a bikini bar saying, “My outfit was a tank top, shorts and sneakers. SORRY, no bubbies there.”

Anyway, the issue isn’t whether or not Melissa was a stripper. The estrangement of Teresa and her brother comes from Teresa telling their father that Melissa was a stripper. This infuriated her brother, Joe Gorga, who then kept his distance from Teresa. A show insider tells AllAboutTRH some more details from the reunion, “The reason Joe Gorga hasn’t spoken to Teresa is because of the stripper drama. Joe Gorga revealed at the reunion that Teresa told their father that Melissa was a stripper and that their father went back to Joe Gorga and told him Teresa said that. Teresa denied the fact that she told their father that Melissa was a stripper and even said she wanted to call him in front of everyone to prove she never told him that. She kept telling Joe that she never actually called Melissa a stripper and that she just heard it as a rumor but Joe isn’t buying it. Things got real ugly between them but Teresa got extremely emotional talking to her brother who she had not seen in a year.”

We know this is a big subject at the Season 4 Reunion. Melissa Gorga even hints in her blog by saying the taping was, “pretty emotional and very intense” she teases us by saying that “words cannot even explain the craziness.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Mary Wanna

    The Gorgas reportedly said in their audition tape that they would bring Teresa down. Maybe this is part of their plan. Who knows.

  • Joe called his sister, Teresa, garbage! I bet Joe Gorga father is very disappointed in Joe decision to be on the show and all the ugly evil things Joe has said and done…..

    • Theresa is the fly in the ointment. She’s stark raving mad.

  • Gg

    This is the way many real Italians are, especially those “off the boat”.
    I know because I was raised by them! They lie and talk behind
    people’s backs, especially family members. They are highly
    offended by even the slightest perceived insults, and yell, scream and
    fight constantly. It always ends with someone not speaking to someone, often
    for years. This was my whole childhood unfortunately. Watching the Giudice’s and Gorga’s reminds me of it often. Tired of it.

    • I understand but don’t we grow past our early childhood issues and take responsibility? Theresa is very immature. Grow up you silly girl. You’re not in high school any longer.

  • Amber

    I love Joe Gorga. I feel sorry for him. Teresa has it out for his wife.

  • brittany

    Amber what are you on?!
    It’s the other way around hunny!