The REAL Reason Marisa Zanuck Wasn’t Asked To Return To RHOBH!


Marisa Zanuck recently admitted that Bravo did not ask her to return to Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “I wasn’t asked back,” Marisa told Celebuzz. “It’s as simple as that and I’m okay with it.” But inside sources tell Wetpaint Entertainment Marisa is pissed off she wasn’t asked to return, and dish why the network didn’t want Marisa on Season 4!

“She felt that she put it all out there, her marriage, her family, and tried to stir up drama, so she doesn’t get why they don’t want her back,” the source reveals. “At the end of the day, she just wasn’t as interesting as producers had hoped. Yolanda, the other newcomer, really made waves. Compared to her, Marisa just seemed rather boring.”

“She also didn’t really connect with any of the other women except maybe Kyle and Adrienne,” the source added. “And with Adrienne not returning, that only leaves one cast member she actually made an impression on. When it comes to casting, producers look for a truly polarizing personality and they didn’t feel they had found it in Marisa.”

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4 Replies to “The REAL Reason Marisa Zanuck Wasn’t Asked To Return To RHOBH!”

  1. I think it’s more a case of the audience not relating to her as much, and I don’t think stirring up drama is a winning position. I think responding appropriately to those that bring the drama and attacks with courage of conviction is what appeals to most of us. The first year or so Kyle seemed like someone we could be friends with, care about, or relate to. And then she just wasn’t. Brandi and Lisa, and later Yolanda were the ones that showed more character, were more interesting, and you could root for.

  2. I fast forward all of Yolanda’s scenes. I cannot stand to see her lie, and act like a dimwitted middle aged woman. It’s a shame she feels she has to be so subserveient to keep her arrogant husband! Marrying men for money takes away your self worth.

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