The REAL Reason Jim & Alexis Bellino Threatened To Sue Tamra Barney!


During Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Tamra Barney referred to cast mate Alexis Bellino as “Jesus Jugs” and then rumors started circulating the internet that Jim and Alexis were going to sue Tamra for the name-calling.

Now, RumorFix is sharing more of the story! Sources close to the show tell Real Mr. Housewife that Alexis was worried Tamra would talk about Jim’s past autograph selling business, which happened to be very controversial.

Jim was mentioned in a book called ‘Operation Bullpen: The Inside Story of the Biggest Forgery Scam in American History,’ which is about an autograph forgery ring that ripped off fans for $100 million. Jim was accused of being the person who authenticated the fake signatures, but he was never charged.

The source says, “Jim was afraid that Tamra would talk about it on the show, potentially exposing him.”

These allegations were in 1999 and Jim has said he “was neither tried nor convicted of any crime because I never would knowingly buy or sell an illegitimate or forged autograph.” His company did end up closing.

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10 Replies to “The REAL Reason Jim & Alexis Bellino Threatened To Sue Tamra Barney!”

  1. ??? He just caused suspicions to float around. If you don’t have anything to hide, you wouldn’t be suing. Oops.

  2. I thought that Jim was going to sue Tamra because she was alleging Jim was a drug dealer. When Alexis said that Peggy was stalking Jim, Peggy sort of insinuate that Jim had the good drugs when they we “dating”.

  3. I don’t think THIS is the real reason. These “allegations” that Jim was “never charged with” (which you’re so happy to repeat and share) happened when? 13-14 YEARS ago? C’mon ATRH, stop covering for Tamra. Besides, if this story is true, why would she “shut up” about it? Where is that angle to the story? I thought she was paid well to be “honest” and to “speak her mind”. No, there is another reason why the Bellinos were ready to sue Tamra , (that you’re not sharing), because you know it makes Tamra look even worse than she already does.

  4. Jim Bellino had his record purged and given probation and was told never to get into that business again unless he gets court approval. I think what happened is one of two things, he flipped on something maybe not with the authentication but something else (drugs perhaps or other shady business dealings with other people). And once he did that they gave him this sweet deal and essentially said, we know your guilty and we could dig and find other stuff to hang on you but since you gave us something we will allow you out.

    Also I remember the issue with Peggy and Tamara talking and the insinuation of drugs, I bet he did have drugs.

  5. This was NOT the reason. Tamra said that “Jim Bellino used to take Peggy Tanous to strip clubs after church when they were dating!” from WetPaint. This reeks of Tamra planting this story.

  6. Old news! they all have a past.he never went to jail.I really like the Bellinos! and people can be forgiven.99 along time ago.

  7. So what if it was or wasnt brought up. I read about it, it was out there. Public knowledge for those who wanted to know that bad. He’s Gross. He’s been GROSS from DAY ONE, and he is even GROSSER now… He and his plastic wife are Big Fat Fakers. Great, for them that they can generate a dirty dollar… thing is that their insides are ugly… Nice Examples for the offspring they produced…. We are ALL entitled to our Opinions and that’s mine. Blech.

  8. Where there’s smoke there’s fire…wondered why he was initially full on and then hid from everyone, guess when he knew the game was up on him being Mr Rich Big Shot and a devout Christian at that he looked pretty disgusting.
    Have to say when Tamara approached him at Vicki’s snow party and he cried with Alexis I was touched and felt sad for them both…Tamara went up in my estimation for doing that, it was kind and big of her, think Lydia was rubbing off on her. Understand now why the Bellininos cried, it was a feeling of acceptance and the pressure of that sort of gossip being true must have been huge on them. Pleased for them, everyone can make mistakes and learn from them, your past does not define you! Hope Alexis stays in the show, like the new Alexis, she is no longer a child, she has evolved a strong beautiful woman!

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