The Real Housewives Zodiac Signs

Many viewers wonder if there are any connections between The Real Housewives and their zodiac signs. Well, we decided to gather all the information and share it with you. Below you will see a list of all the Housewives (and husbands) that share the same zodiac signs. You can view their personality traits, likes and dislikes, which signs they are compatible with and which signs they clash with.

Updated: Vanderpump Rules cast added!


Dates: March 21st – April 19th
Element: Fire
Gets Along With:
Leo, Sagittarius
Doesn’t Get Along With:
Cancer, Capricorn 
Personality traits: Direct, energetic, independent, assertive, athletic, self-assured, restless, brave, enterprising, creative, competitive, fearless.
Can also be: Impatient, aggressive, temperamental, arrogant, extreme.
In a partnership: Bold, passionate, impulsive, sexual, exuberant, jealous, temperamental.
Likes: Being active, being adventuresome, new ideas, being first, excitement, competition, being appreciated, being noticed, winning, achieving.
Dislikes: Boredom, routines, criticism, feeling repressed, feeling ignored, losing, restrictions


Dates: April 19th – May 20th
Element: Earth
Gets Along With: Virgo, Capricorn
Doesn’t Get Along With: Leo, Aquarius
Personality traits: Stable, patient, watchful, reliable, affectionate, persistent, down-to-earth, focused, dedicated, money conscious.
Can also be: Stubborn, self-indulgent, materialistic, possessive, rigid.
In a partnership: Loyal, sensual, protective, caring, stable, generous, possessive, jealous, controlling.
Likes: Feeling secure, material comforts, traditions, nature and beauty, operating at own pace, feeling appreciated, gifts.
Dislikes: Feeling rushed or pushed, aggression, changes in plans, forgetfulness, feeling insecure, being told what to do.


Dates: May 21st – June 21st
Element: Air
Gets Along With: Libra, Aquarius
Doesn’t Get Along With: Virgo, Pisces
Personality traits: Friendly, talkative, active, intelligent, adaptable, versatile, curious and inquisitive, creative, charming.
Can also be: Restless, easily bored, changeable, nervous, highly strung, superficial.
In a partnership: Friendly, delightful, enthusiastic, adventuresome, engaging, child-like, fickle, changeable, immature, prone to mood swings.
Likes: Talking, thinking, exploring ideas, technology, making friends, learning, exploring, personal freedom.
Dislikes: Demands, routines, apathy, being restricted or confined, slowness.



Dates: June 22nd – July 22nd
Gets Along With: 
Scorpio, Pisces
Doesn’t Get Along With: Aries, Libra 
Personality traits:
 Sensitive, emotional, self-protective, caring, humorous, reactive, responsive, sentimental, home-loving, traditional.
Can also be: Possessive, moody, clinging, demanding, melodramatic.
In a partnership: Nurturing, loving, sensual, generous, sympathetic, protective, demanding, possessive, controlling, overly emotional.
Likes: Comfort, security, feeling needed, family and friends, home, emotional honesty, stability, commitment.
Dislikes: Unpredictable change, insincerity, being ignored, dishonesty, impulsiveness.


Dates: July 23rd – August 22nd
Gets Along With: 
Aries, Sagittarius
Doesn’t Get Along With: Taurus, Scorpio
Personality traits:
 Ambitious, proud, risk-taking, affectionate, passionate, gregarious, strong minded, powerful, dramatic.
Can also be: Egotistical, opinionated, bossy, demanding, possessive, impulsive, melodramatic.
In a relationship: Passionate, playful, sensual, adoring, generous, loving, demonstrative, jealous, possessive, demanding.
Likes: Being noticed, being appreciated, leading, passion, drama, receiving gifts, family and friends.
Dislikes: Feeling unnoticed, excessive demands, criticism, nagging, deceit, apathy, boredom.


Dates: August 23rd – September 22nd
Element: Earth
Gets Along With: 
Taurus, Capricorn
Doesn’t Get Along With: 
Gemini, Sagittarius  
Personality traits: Efficient, practical, hard-working, diligent, focused, compassionate, health conscious, intelligent, thorough, shy.
Can also be: Hypercritical, demanding, nervous, fussy, hard to please, self-conscious, reclusive.
In a relationship: Devoted, nurturing, loving, sacrificial, uninhibited, considerate, protective.
Likes: Routines, order, feeling needed, logic/common sense, feeling secure, loyalty, honesty.
Dislikes: Hypocrisy, disruptions, dishonesty, feeling unappreciated, crassness, tardiness, laziness.


September 23rd – October 22nd
Element: Air
Gets Along With: Gemini, Aquarius
Doesn’t Get Along With: Cancer, Capricorn
Personality traits: Sociable, friendly, fair, open-minded, creative, peaceful, charming, balanced, idealistic, refined.
Can also be: Indecisive, self-centered, detached, lazy, easily-deterred.
In a partnership: Affectionate, compelling, loving, romantic, generous, easy-going, charming, deceptive, aloof, unwilling to make decisions.
Likes: Good friends, harmonious surroundings, attention, intelligence, being creative/expressive, beautiful things, security.
Dislikes: Criticism, coarseness, disruptive environments, arguments, being pushed into decisions.



Dates: October 23rd – November 21st
Element: Water
Gets Along With: Cancer, Pisces
Doesn’t Get Along With: Leo, Aquarius
Personality traits: Intense, penetrating, quiet, private, passionate, sexual, secretive, perceptive, deep, complex, determined.
Can also be: Jealous, suspicious, controlling, aggressive, obsessive.
In a partnership: Sensual, dedicated, supportive, unshockable, loyal, passionate, possessive, jealous, demanding.
Likes: Honesty, commitment, being in control, a mystery to uncover, passion, privacy, strength.
Dislikes: Dishonesty, surprises, being analyzed, insincerity, apathy, insecurity, being controlled.



Dates: November 22nd – December 21st
Gets Along With: Aries, Leo
Doesn’t Get Along With: 
Virgo, Pisces
Personality traits: Gregarious, intelligent, extroverted, philosophical, witty, fun-loving, competitive, fair minded, optimistic.
Can also be: Tactless, unreliable, sarcastic, careless, exaggerative, self-indulgent.
In a partnership: Spontaneous, joyful, playful, generous, captivating, sensual, unreliable, self-centered, impulsive, critical.
Likes: Adventures, freedom, intellectual peers, risk taking, socializing, competition, socializing.
Dislikes: Possessiveness, jealousy, routines, apathy/laziness, demands, feeling controlled.


Dates: December 22nd – January 19th
Element: Earth
Gets Along With: 
Taurus, Virgo
Doesn’t Get Along With: 
Aries, Libra 
Personality traits: Responsible, patient, self-disciplined, focused, practical, reserved, conventional, self-competent.
Can also be: Controlling, cold, rigid, suspicious, demanding, insensitive.
In a partnership: Loyal, reliable, patient, secure, sensual, stable, playful, controlling, demanding, possessive, cold.
Likes: Loyalty, honesty, financial security, maturity, reliability, ambitious goals, hard-work.
Dislikes: Impulsiveness, demands, game playing, unreliability, insecurity, lying.


Dates: January 20th – February 18th
Element: Air
Gets Along With: Gemini, Libra
Doesn’t Get Along With: Taurus, Scorpio 
Personality traits: Unconventional, impulsive, friendly, gregarious, inventive, future-minded, inquisitive, objective, spontaneous.
Can also be: Unpredictable, unreliable, aloof, self-centered, judgmental, dogmatic.
In a partnership: Friendly, loyal once committed, supportive, open minded, playful, tolerant, fickle, cold, selfish.
Likes: Friends, personal freedom, surprises, ideas, the future, diversity, intellectual stimulation.
Dislikes: Possessiveness, jealousy, ego displays, narrow mindedness, arguments, control.



Dates: February 19th – March 20th
Element: Water
Gets Along With: 
Cancer, Scorpio
Doesn’t Get Along With:
Gemini Sagittarius 
Personality traits: Imaginative, sensitive, idealistic, friendly, spiritual, inspirational, accepting, open-minded, sensual.
Can also be: Unreliable, distracted, neglectful, unrealistic, gullible.
In a partnership: Loving, caring, sensual, dreamy, understanding, devoted, tolerant, giving.
Likes: Romance, mystical ideals, feeling appreciated/loved, sharing thoughts, ideas, friends, self-exploration.
Dislikes: Feeling insecure, being ignored, vulnerability, being uncertain, being alone.


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300 Replies to “The Real Housewives Zodiac Signs”

      1. Yeah, like the Miss USA one.. Aquarius’ are supposed to be friendly I thought.. Not sneaky and bite everyone’s head off, KENYA.

        1. I agree! I am an Aquarius and when I found out that Kenya is also an Aquarius, it made me sick to my stomach. Her actions are so ugly!

        2. She’s evil there’s no 2 ways about it. She makes all Aquarius look bad my mom’s an Aquarius and is the most loving,friendly non- Miss USA attuide person. She has to have Scorpio and or Virgo heavy in her chart. That’s the only explanation. She truly miserable and I hope she never gets love or happiness she doesn’t deserve it at all

          1. Evil? That’s a bit strong! Kenya stirs the pot and likes to cause controversy but that doesn’t make her evil. If she ends up murdering someone then it would be fair to call her evil…

      2. Th likely to appear that way, because he only listed their sun signs, not their entire birth charts lol. Not all aries are alike, or same with any sign. Each planet represents a different aspect of one’s personality. Sun may be general, but u also may be a leo sun, and have ur moon sign be in cancer..two very different signs, and moon is planet of emotions so this would make a generally tough ass leo, more sensitive for example.

        1. Agreed. Rising sign on chart will show ppl have other sign traits because their rising sign is different ! Like a Sagittarius w/ Leo rising. Etc I am a true Sagittarius on the cusp w/ Sagittarius rising True Sagittarius

          1. No such thing as a “true” sag or any other sign based on ascendant and sun sign alone. To be a “true” representation of any sign, in that you completely embody every single trait of the one sign, you would need to have ALL the planets in that one sign and I’m pretty sure there has never been a planetary alignment like that in the history of astrology ever!

    1. please i need the starsign for Jody Claman, i hear she is january. i am january and an aquarius. i love her, but hate the way she goes in on mary zelba. she sounds like a twisted capricorn or a very scared and bitter aquarius

      1. @anon (or is that you, Carlton the comical hypocrite?) you complete and utter moron! Look at the date the comment was written and look at ATRH’s own response: because of kossak’s comment, the update was made.

        1. Really? You must be such a boring person! Aries are fiery and full of fun! You probably can’t handle such strong presence! You’re probably what? Libra? Or something else that’s lifeless…

          1. you clearly don’t know a thing about Libras because they’re nothing close to being boring or lifeless. as an air sign they’re very outgoing, social, life of the party & get along very well with Leo, and Aries.

        2. Aries are not sophisticated they have a tacky quality…like they’re always behind the times in some ways. Like they’ll be forever eightie s. I agree.

        3. LOLZ, Agreed. I looked at the responses below – that is EXACTLY why I don’t like Aries women. They have no problems with self-esteem, they think they’re great. There is a lack of sophistication with them, however, they have tackiness, whether being braggarts, over the top hootchie or behind the times, always something like that. Observe Aries women, you’ll see the tack factor somewhere. The men are either Lounge Lizards or Nerds, interestingly. I’m a Leo, I’m sure my sign has problems too.

          1. I think that first of all you are totally generalizing with this aries’ lack of sophistication and being tacky”. I think that because they speak their mind and are not afraid of the consequences that might be seen as “lack of sophistication” but if you ask me, life is too short to worry about what people are going to think and to pretend to be someone you are not! I have 2 words to describe aries people: real and fun! I’m not sure what kind if Aries people you’ve been around….

        4. I am an Aries, I believe what people do not understand about one of our faults is, we speak with out thinking first and we do speak our minds, people do not like honesty also it’s a fact social liars are more popular and Aries are too honest for that. I take it you must be cancer or Scorpio? ? When a sign is too sensitive they take the Aries in the wrong contents thinking they are malicious but this is far from true, tho they make nasty enemies

      2. Wow! Calm down people! This thread is about RH sun signs because people who watch these series want are trying to understand the personalities of the women in them. No need to get so agressive when someone expresses an opinion that’s different to someone elses!

    1. People with their sun sign in Taurus are very smart,strong and stable.,so the comment about how someone is ‘too dumb” to be an Aries, so dumb that they must be a Taurus clearly does not know much about astrology. In fact, if you reversed that statement then you may have been more convincing about knowing what you are talking about.

  1. Andy!!! It is mandatory that you give the public, on your w2bsite, a dedicated xolumn for ALL Bravo cast mates astrological signs. PERIOD!!!

    Thank you my Love!


  2. Correction:

    Lea Black is a Pisces, not a Scorpio. If you type Lea Black pisces on Google, you will see that fans on Twitter asked her what her sign was and she replied Pisces, twice. Also, Cynthia Bailey was born Feb 19th, which makes her an Aquarius, not a Pisces.

    1. Actually, she is Pisces. If you do her natal chart, she is Pisces, not Aquarius. You have to do a natal chart when it comes to cusps to see exactly where the sun falls on that day.

    2. I was born on the 19th of February. I know I’m born under a cusp but still consider myself Pisces because I have all the traits.

      1. Unless you were born at exactly the same time in the same year and at the same place as Cynthia you cannot possibly say that you know. You need to get your chart done so you know that you actually do have a Pisces sun

  3. OMG!!! FINALLY!!
    Now I can see why Kenya and Portia go at it… I think Cynthia can pull off the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces. Her birthday is the same as mine- BUT I, in no way a gorgeous as she is (I am beautiful, I am just saying she is gorgeous).
    What about the husbands??? Can we get theirs as well..

    1. yes aquarius and cancers can be best of friends, but there are always trust issues. my very first bestmate was a cancer, but we always had trust issues. if an aquarius and cancer never hit it off from day 1, they never will

  4. Kim Zolciac is a Virgo born on sept 11
    I also read that Alexis Bellino is an Aquarius, Jaqueline Laurita a cancer, and Kandi a Pisces..

      1. Heather, Kim Zolciak is a Taurus, born in May so is Kandi Burruss. Jacqueline Laurita is also a Taurus. Wikipedia!

  5. Kim is a Taurus (May 19)
    Alexis is a Capricorn (January 19)
    Jacqueline and Kandi are both Tauruses (April 26 and May 17 respectively)

    1. Alexis is on the cusp and I see both Aq and Cap traits in her. She can be very cold and dogmatic yet very stern and aloof.

    2. Alexis is on the cusp and I see both Aq and Cap traits in her. She can be very cold and dogmatic yet very stern and aloof.
      Also, what sign is Rosie? I’m guessing a Tarus or a Leo.

      1. Yes. It’s the episode where she’s drinking with Joe Guidice and she says(referring to herself and Joe) “Geminis and geminis just get each other.”

    1. I don’t know all there signs but…..Ronnie is a virgo….mary is a libra ….Christina from season 1 is a leo….. jody is a Capricorn…robin is a cancer

  6. just an edit issue . . . cancer comes before leo. so portia should be listed before carole.
    seems like the real housewives series is filled with earth and water signs. and these folks should technically get along except if they are polar zodiac opposites of the same sex. and sometimes folks of the same sign grate on each others nerves – perhaps they are too much alike.

    zodiac-wise, it actually surprises me that some of these folks within the same series do not get along. must be a lot more going on in their charts. teresa and joe are both fixed signs and are stubborn. so too are lisa and joanna. kenya (who is just plain crazy) shouldn’t get along with phaedra because they are both fixed signs.

  7. Stumbled on this site and it is absolutely awesome!!! I definitely believe that there are certain personality traits that belong to each sign. If you’re really into the zodiac, it can be narrowed down to 2 or 3 possible signs fairly easy. Curious about another housewife. What is Bethenny Frankel? I always suspected either Scorpio or Sagittarius and with the descriptions and groups listed above, my money’s on Scorpio! (Sorry if you already answered this in one the threads above).

    1. The men have been added and if you check out the new bios section I’m working on adding signs of former Housewives 🙂


  8. Wow, didn’t know Nene was a Sag! Sag is my favorite sign in the world. Such sweet, good, good natured people. My mom’s a Sag too. 🙂 I did know that Theresa and Jacqueline were Taurus’ though. I’m a Gem and we get along great with Sag and Taurus! The things they said about Gemininis in a relationship? Some of that was BS. Immature? Try child-like without the ‘immaturity’. We can’t help it, we have ‘Peter Pan’ syndrome(LOL). Life’s more fun that way.
    Even though she’s not a housewife, I wish they would have included Rosie in the Gemini section. Very interesting to find out everyone’s zodiac though. 🙂

    1. Oh wow! Now I see why some of these husband/wife boyfriend/girlfriend/ friend/friend match-ups are out of whack. . . .astrologically speaking.
      Given who Cynthia married and who she is friends with, I am thinking that she leans closer to the Aquarius side of her cusp.
      Todd and Kandi, Romain and Joanna, Teresa and her brother Joe . . .hmmmmm stubbornly set in their ways. They will struggle.
      Making perfect sense: Jacqueline and Chris, Caroline and Albert, Audrianna and Frederic, Heather and Terry, Joe and Melissa, Mauricio and Kyle, Lisa and Ken, Yolanda and David, Lisa and Lenny.
      Cute oddness with Joe (Juicy) and Teresa, Roy and Lea, Tamra and Eddie.
      TOOOOO much alike Phaedra and Appollo, Gretchen and Slade — All Scorps and I think they are all capable of annihilating each other.
      Earth and Water rule!

  9. Do you have the signs for any of the children? Do you know either of Vicki’s kids, Briana or Michael, or second husband, Don? Also, former housewife Jeana’s daughter, Kara? Your site is fantastic, so interesting! Thank you!!!!

  10. I CANNOT believe Jody from Vancouver could possibly be a Capricorn!!! She is way to nasty!! PLEASE can we find out ALL of the Vancouver housewives starsigns? The suspense is killing me!! Lol Thankyou 🙂

  11. Hi, I think some signs may be off or on the cusp. Start & end dates for zocdics vary by source. Nevertheless, I thought: Lea Black is an Aries, Melissa Gorga is a Pisces, Gregg Leakes is a Virgo (not 100% sure, may be a Leo), Camille Grammer is a Cancer, Adriana de Maura is a Tarus, Alexis Bellino is a Leo. I wish Andy would do an official listing. I’ve seen various sites with conflicting info. I also look for for confirmation on the stars social media and what they themselves say on the show or in interviews. You may want to dbl check.

    1. you have no idea what your talking about…..every thing this site has posted is correct about the zodiac signs… need to double check your own research before you speak……delusional

      1. Um, who are you??? Are you being paid by AllThingsRH??? My comments were polite and directed to the site admin to clarify. Stay in your lane. Anyone who know me know I know more than most abt celebs and astrology . . . and I have more degrees than a thermometer. Joker, Im the queen of reaseach. If you have nothing constructive to add to make the info valid . . . MIND YOUR BUSINESS!

  12. I was on the RHNY facebook page and it said Happy Birthday Heather Thomson on Jan 20th, 2014. So I’m assuming she’s a Capricorn-Aquarius. All along I thought she was an Aries. And do you know what Kristen Taekman’s sign is?

    1. Kristen’s birthdate is June 16, 1979,
      Birthplace: Farmington, CT She’s a Gemini like me. Happy and sad about that.. true to gemini 🙂

    1. interesting–gemini is usually more intelligent, or at least gives off a smarter vibe–i thought she might be taurus or libra.

  13. AllThingsRH, this is awesome! My friends and I have wanted a guide like this with the leading ladies’ astrological signs. I also love we get their husbands too! As those who follow astrology know, a person’s sun sign reveals a lot about their personality, how they tend to communicate, and what really drives them. This can help with understanding a person. There are many other factors like their rising sign, moon, etc that may come into play as well. For instance, Kenya Moore represents the sun sign Aquarius very well, but there are more soft-spoken easy-going “nicer” Aquarians which can be attributed to their harmonious moon/rising/mars combo (perhaps Cynthia).
    Now with that said, it is possible that these supporting signs may have something to do with why some of the ladies listed lean more (if even completely) towards another sign. In fact, it seems like in the many seen its their side sign. So while it can be a cusp situation going on, it is also highly possible that what’s on their birth certificate isn’t always correct. Remember there was a time or even parts of the country/world when/where mothers gave birth at home and may not have recorded the proper exact date and time of their birth. This is very common among the Baby Boomers.

  14. Example#1
    Nene Leakes is completely a Scorpio. I have also read that her birthday lands in Dec, but from day one, we all felt that she is most def a Scorpio wife, mom, friend and businessqueen. Scorpio is just one of those signs you cannot get wrong… Very distinct in their nature and easy to recognize… Think NYH Ramona & BHH Brandi, both typical Scorps. Bc of their “firey” nature, Scorpios are considered honorary fire signs but with all the water core characteristics (running on their emotions &feelings), which btw can be a lethal combination. They also clash (big time!) with those under the same sex opposing sign, in this case, its Taurus women… Hello ATLH Kim Z & Kandi B!! If you recall, the first one to rattle and set off that famous taurus temper in the otherwise chill Kandi was Nene. [Note: Mama Joyce is also a Scorpio!!] These two signs sure do push each others buttons (what made Nene lose it and choke KimZ in season 2, we will never know).
    None of this applies to Sagittarius women.. In fact they get along famously with Taurus women…. Ex. NYH Sonja & Jill Z (typical Sags) with LuAnn & KellyB (such Taurus women)… Vs the Scorpios: Ramona & BethennyF.
    Considering Nene’s childhood and what she has disclosed, it may be that there are some discrepancies on her birth docs. It is also likely that she may just have a rising sign in or moon in scorp.
    Nene’s ambitious nature, her drive in business, her tendency to run with her feelings (temper tantrums) & intuition, her strong opinions (borderline judgmental), her brutal honesty & candidness, her need for complete loyalty, her importance in family, even down to her style in home décor all represent your classic Scorpio woman.

    1. It is difficult to determine anyone’s star sign from how they come across on television. The sun sign represents the ego and whichever sign it falls under determine the main characteristics that identify each person’s ego. Many other factors come into play when looking at the personality traits of an individual; sometimes the sign on the ascendant is more commonly recognised by others as the ascendant is very commonly expressed by the person more so than the sun sign, hence why some people think a person can be a completely different sign than what their sun actually is. A person’s moon sign can also lead you to think the person has a different star sign; the moon rules emotions and responses so how each housewife behaves, especially in an argument, may be completely different to their actual sun or ascendant sign.

      Futhermore, the house in which the sun and moon fall in are crucial in detemining how much or little of the “star sign” (or sun sign which is what this thread is about) each housewife displays. The first house represents the self but depending on what the posititions were of the planets at the time each housewife was born will influence how much of their “star sign” they show. So while it is easy to attribute certain obvious characteristics of their sun sign to each housewife, if someone doesn’t seem to be a scorpio or whatever, that doen’t mean that they are not.

      Each sign has both positive and negative traits and all signs have the ability to interact very well together (or not as may be the case) despite their qualities. The qualities themselves (air, earth, fire & water) and attributes (cardinal, fixed & mutuable) only indicate similar energies and too much of the same energy type in a group can bring negative interactions in relationships.

      Finally, depending on what planets occupy what signs can make it seem that a person is very much a gemini or nothing at all like a leo, for example. If a person has a lot of planets in one sign, they will exhibit nearly every characterstic of that sign, most of the time; someone who has their planets spread across the signs will manifest traits of their sun, ascendant or their “signature”, which is the sign that is detemined by the highest number of qualities and attributes of all the signs in an individuals horoscope.

      This is a very basic explanation of how natal astrology works so hope you find this helps your understanding of the anomalies where the housewives star signs are concerned.

    2. LOL… These comments are ridiculous! Trying to identify a person by their Sun Sign is like trying to find that guy John in NYC without his last name! There’s so much more to the astro story than damned Sun Signs.

      1. I know! There are so very few definitive sun sign traits for each sun sign because of the entirety of the chart. For example, intelligence and interest in communication are almost always seen in a Gemini Sun sign. The rest of the chart can really skew most sun sign traits one way or the other.

    3. I’m a sag and always felt nene was a sag, and she def is! She hasn’t hidden her past at all, no sag does. A Scorpio might. She’s an entertainer! A lot of sags r

      1. According to the internet, Nene and I have the same birthday…December 13th. However, I feel like we have little in common as far as personality. She’s a bit honest with herself but she’s extemely unapologetic and immature almost to the point of being delusional. But she isn’t all the way real to me either. But who knows, this is her ‘tv personality.’ I think she’s smart enough to know that every reality tv show must have an alpha female and mean character and she decided that she could fill that role because it has proven successful for her.

    4. She is a December Sagittarius, of the second decant. We are different than those born in the other decants and we are smack in the middle, with some shadow elements of water signs. Also, Sagittarius women are more driven than our male counterparts, some would even say more masculine. Nene is truly a Sagittarius and I know quite a few Sagittarius who act like her, especially when they believe they have elevated in life. We are by no means happy go lucky all the time. We can be cold, petty and down right nasty when we want to be, selfish and self-righteous too! Don’t let surface astrology fool you.

  15. Marysol Patton is not a capricorn! She is a pieces. Look at her Instagram, this past weekend was her birthday. She stated it with every picture she posted.

  16. Marysol Patton is not a capricorn! She is a pisces . Look at her Instagram, this past weekend was her birthday. She stated it with every picture she posted.

    1. yes, but i also read that they’re filming…maybe she’s having a fake bday? idk. she def does seems more up in the clouds and passive like a pisces than cap though.

  17. I want to thank you very much, I always wanted to know there signs cuz I’m a pisces an now I know why I get along with some of them thanks again I really preciate you taking time to do this. 😛

    1. Thanks Susie. Off the top of my head I know that Jax is a Cancer, Kristen is a Pisces, Tom Sandoval is a Libra!

      1. Actually Tom, Stassi, Jax and Ariana are all cancers. Ariana confirmed on her Instagram. Sheanea and pandora are both taurus.

      2. Kristen is definitely an Aquarius it’s on her instagram. Correct Tom, Jax, Ariana and Stassi are all Cancers. Scheana is Taurus. Not sure about Katie and her Boyfriend though…?

  18. can we get more cancer housewives?! porsha is the only one… i really think the franchise needs more cancers! also cancers are the “mother” sign, intuitive, feminine, romantic, artistic, and magical; when they get out of their shell they are like a beautiful butterfly; you can add all of those traits to the list! also, they can be crabby at times and a bit neurotic 😉

  19. I think that Kristen is an aries or a taurus, not a gemini based on her instagram account. She celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago.

    Great site btw!

    1. Thanks Kelli! I was surprised that she was a Gemini too, but I personally asked her what her sign was!

  20. I thought it was disclosed that Lisa Vanderpump was a Taurus. Why her and Brandi seemed to get along and then bump heads… Taurus/Scorpio axis.. Plus her husband being a Cancer, they both being ruled by Venus. Could have sworn it was in a biography…. someone had pointed it out to me, can’t recall where though. I just don’t see her being a Virgo…she isn’t like any of the other women in the group of Virgos…..

  21. Some of these cannot be correct or a proper natal chart run without getting the exact time of birth. For example, Caroline Manzo is born on August 23rd. The day is split between Leo and Virgo, and as I do not put stock into “cusps”, its not fair to deem her a Virgo. Always seemed more like a Leo to me.

    1. Caroline actually displays a perfect Leo/Virgo cusp. She is loud, confident, and bossy like every Leo i’ve ever met. But i’m a Virgo and I know one when I see one. She also loves tradition, loyalty to her family (loyalty is huge with Virgos) and staying in a routine. She hated seeing all of her kids growing up and leaving the house. Caroline has a very Leo attitude, but the mindset of a true Virgo.

      1. Ive lived with someone for four years that shares her birthday. Complete and total Leo Sun, from his physical appearance to his personality. Im sure any “Virgoan” traits can be explained with a full birth chart, which no one can run unless they have her exact birth time and place.

  22. Hi everyone, this is my first comment…hope it helps. If I made a mistake please correct me, thank you!

    RH of Beverly Hills
    Lisa Vanderpump – Virgo 15.9.1960. and Ken – Cancer
    Adrienne Maloof – Virgo 4.9.1961.
    Camille Grammer – Virgo 2.9.1968. (ex Kelsey – Aquarius 21.2.1955.)
    Kim Richards – Virgo 19.9.1964.
    Yolanda Foster – Capricorn 11.1.1964. and David – Scorpio 1.11.1949. daughter Gigi- Taurus 23.4.1995.
    Kyle Richards – Capricorn 11.1.1969. and Mauricio – Cancer
    Brandi Glanville – Scorpio 16.11.1972. (ex Eddie – Gemini 16.6.1973.)
    Taylor Armstrong – Gemini 10.6.1971.
    Joyce Giraud de Ohoven –Aries 4.4.1975. and Michael – Virgo 30.8.1974.
    Carlton Gebbia – Libra
    Faye Resnick – Cancer 3.7.1957.
    Dana Wilkey – Pisces 1.3.1975.
    Marissa Zanuck – Pisces 6.3.(1974.?) and Dean – Leo 11.8.1972.

    RH of New York City
    Ramona Singer – Scorpio 17.11.1956. and Mario – Taurus 26.4.(19?), daughter Avery – Taurus 2.5.(19?)
    LuAnn de Lesseps – Taurus 17.5.1965. (ex Count Alexandre de Lesseps – Taurus 20.5.1949.)
    Sonja Morgan – Sagittarius 25.11.1963.
    Carole Radziwill – Leo 20.8.1963
    Heather Thomson – Aries
    Kristen Taekman – Gemini and Josh – Aries
    Aviva Drescher – Scorpio 17.11.1972.
    Bethenny Frankel – Scorpio 4.11.1970. (ex Jason – Virgo 10.9.1970.) daughter Bryn – Taurus 8.5.2010.
    Jill Zarin – Sagittarius 30.11.19? and Bobby – Pisces
    Alex McCord – Libra 1.10.1979. and Simon – Pisces 14.3.1964.
    Kelly Bensimon – Taurus 1.5.1968. (ex Gilles – Pisces 29.2.1944., yes 1944. 🙂
    Cindy Barshop – ?

    RH of Miami
    Adriana de Moura – Sagittarius 26.11.1965. and Frederic – Libra 9.10.1966.
    Lea Black – Pisces ??? and Roy – Aquarius 17.2.1945.
    Lisa Hochstein – Leo 24.7.1982. and Lenny – Gemini 18.6.1966.
    Alexia Echevarria – Taurus
    Joanna Krupa – Taurus 23.4.1979. and Romain – Scorpio 8.11.1972.
    Ana Quincoces – Scorpio
    Marysol Patton – Capricorn 9.1.1967.
    Larsa Pippen – Capricorn 1.1.1970. and Scottie – Libra 25.9.1965.
    Cristy Rice – Gemini
    Karent Sierra – ?

    RH of Orange county
    Heather Dubrow – Capricorn 5.1.1969. and Terry – Virgo
    Elizabeth Rovsek – Aquarius
    Vicki Gunvalson – Aries 27.3.1962. and Brooks – Pisces
    Shannon Beador – Aries
    Peggy Tanous – Aries
    Tamra Barney – Virgo 2.9.1967. (ex simon – Virgo 5.9.1964.) and Eddie – Aries 31.3.?
    Jeana Keough – Virgo 18.9.1955. (ex Matt – Cancer 3.7.1955.) Shane – Virgo 11.9.1986., Colton – Taurus 2.5.1992., Cara 30.10.1988.
    Jo De La Rosa – Virgo 9.9.19?
    Kimberly Bryant – Virgo
    Gretchen Rossi – Scorpio 30.10.1978. and Slade – Scorpio 29.10.1973.
    Alexis Bellino – Capricorn 19.1.1977. and Jim – Gemini
    Lynne Curtin – Cancer 19.7.1955.
    Tammy Knickerbocker – Cancer 17.7.1963.
    Lauri Waring – ??? October…
    Quinn Fry – ?
    Lydia McLaughlin – Pisces 10.3.1981.
    Fernanda Rocha – Libra 25.9.1989.

    Ladies of London
    Caprice Bourret – Scorpio 24.10.1971.
    Caroline Stanbury – Taurus
    Marissa Hermer – Capricorn 30.12.1981.
    Noelle Reno – Capricorn 25.12.1983.
    Annabelle Neilson – Aries? 1.4.19?
    Juliet Angus – ?


    1. Hey Clover. I have not seen that show yet, New Jersey and DC too. I am from Europe so I watch episodes online. I will do that too. 🙂

    1. Ooops! I saw that here on she is listed as Gemini, that is why… It must be that her birthdate is inbetween, on May 21 so it’s confusing… I can’t find her exact birthdate. She likes LuAnn so yes, Taurus 🙂 Apologies for my English ❤

  23. RH of Beverly Hills
    New housewives
    Lisa Rinna – Cancer 11.7.1963. and Harry – Scorpio 30.10.1951., kids Delilah Belle – Gemini 10.6.1998. and Amelia Gray – Gemini 13.6.2001.
    Eileen Davidson – Gemini 15.6.1959. and Vince Van Patten – Libra 17.10.1957. (ex husbands Jon Lindstrom – Libra 18.10.1957, one day younger than Vince 🙂 and Christopher Mayer – Pisces 21.2.1954.) son Jesse born in 2003.

  24. Way to go Nick! This is awesome. I swear once I found this I use it all the time to look up what sign a housewife is when I’m watching. LOL

  25. Out of the 55 RH listed (-1 for Andy) here is the break-down….

    Air 6
    Earth 24
    Water 11
    Fire 14

    so many Earth signs (loves the finer things in life)!! Air signs don’t like drama so, that is probably why so little of them are on the show???

    1. Agree, Earth signs love finer things in life, I am Taurus, I know 🙂 but we are also introverts, so it is surprising to me that these ladies decide to show their life on TV. I would expect more Fire signs, they are more extroverts … and that is a positive thing dear Leo, Aries and Sagittarius 🙂 ❤

    2. Funnier still that the air signs are 3 Libras, 2 Aquarians and one single Gemini. Libras love spending money, and also desire the best of the best. They also tend to be….um, well, boring on an individual level. Its why they are almost always coupled or have a large social circle. Aquarian women can bring the crazy, for sure. That there is only one Gemini in the entire bunch is very telling. I read once that an astrologer was holding a conference and asked the audience who in it were Leos. The Leos’ hands shot up without hesitation. Then she asked which ones were Geminis. Silence. Some started going for the door. There are those that use the media as their communication crutch (as they are wildly about communications) – your Andy Cohens, your Joan Rivers, your Anderson Coopers, and others that use acting to easily access the twin side of their personalities. Reality shows don’t really seem to reel them in, though. Possibly because theyd be forced to show both sides at some point. Geminis rarely enjoy doing that publically.

      1. Thank you so true ,my dear you nailed it!!I’m a gem,this is all true.but man t,here is a shit load of Virgo in every batch of R H W shows,what’s up with that????

    1. She is a aries ox born in 73.I like her!I loved it when she recently put that moose Nene Laaves in her place in a recent episode,oh wow well have been waiting for that for years,thank you Claudia Jordan

  26. Alert: Gemini women are the sooooo FAKE! They always laugh in front of you, acting like you are their best friend, but will stub you in the back anytime, they are very HYPOCRITES women!!!

    1. Soooooo true never trust a Gemini women! they can be very friendly but they are fake and will stab u in the back! They can’t help there ways… Be cautious

    2. Alert: Everyone is capable of being sooooooooooo FAKE no matter what SUN SIGN they are! Thanks for the warning though, I’ll be on my guard next time I come across a Gemini woman!

  27. That’s a bit of a sweeping generalisation isn’t it? All women can be fake and stab you in the back if it suits them, regardless of their sun sign. I’ve met some pretty nasty Scorpios, attention-seeking Aries, two-faced Aquarians and narcisstic Libras but that doesn’t mean every Scorpio, Aries, Aquarian and Libra women, or men for that matter, are all like that. I think you’ll find hypocrites are born under every one of the 12 star signs!

  28. Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂
    May your holidays be the brightest and your new year full of hope!
    Greetings from Serbia!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  29. Eileen’s husband, Vince van Patten born on 17 oct 1957 (Libra)
    Lina Rinna’s husband Harry Hamlin born on 30 oct 1951 (Scorpio)
    Demetria’s boyfriend Roger Bobb born on 28 dec 1967 (Capricorn)

  30. Andy/Taylor/Eileen are geminis, cant say Im surprised. Geminis are chatty, social butterflies, and friendly but they can also be cold, distanced and flighty. How I know Im one

  31. And if all of you want to have real fun since we’ve now know almost all the housewives astrology signs,check out there chinese zodiac,depending what year they were born that will help us better understand why some of them can be both Virgo but the year they were born totally gives them a different personality trait.

  32. Love this page, it’s so interesting to see everyone’s signs! I’m a proud Gemini from the UK, but can be soooo different to how Gemini is described which must be due to the other signs incorporated in my birth chart! thank you so much for creating this page 🙂

      1. Thanks so much. I thought for a minute that Pettifleur was maybe a Leo because she’s so flamboyant. I enjoy knowing signs. Thanks again. ;-D

        1. You are welcome 🙂 I know what you mean, she is very vain. She will have hard time making friends with other ladies. We will see. Stay tuned 🙂

  33. Okay, Sonja Morgan said she was a model, ummm, where and for what??? She really thinks she’s gorgeous doesn’t she? She acts more like an Aries, Sag’s can be tacky sometimes too. I just don’t think she’s as attractive as she thinks, sorry! Brandy and Kim Richards make me physically ill, only when they’re drinking. I’m an astrological Leo Taurus Virgo mix so I get along with Scorpio and Virgos normally, lol. However they remind me of the alcoholic ladies at my parent’s parties in the late seventies, lol. How can a man find that behavior appealing? Those are the three I cannot stand. Everyone else is aces with me. Also, this is the wealthy set, they can be more free with their behavior.

      1. please i need the star sign of jackie gillies real housewives of melborne. i have a strong feeling that she is an aquarius or pieces

  34. Notice how pisces is the only sign that doesnt have any negatives in the “in a partnership” category? 😉

    1. Yes. They left out unrealistic, hard to pin down, easily influenced and deceptive.
      Pisces love to fall in love and are highly suceptible to cheating and multiple marriages – look at Elizabeth Taylor as an example of a Pisces. There is always some bad mixed in with the good!

  35. Hey. He is no longer a part of this series but does anyone know Paul Nassif zodiac sign? I have looked everywhere and can’t find it.

    1. idk where I saw this or how I remember but I am pretty sure he is a Cancer… maybe it was mentioned in an episode or something. I could def be wrong about this.

  36. i think, the current and future series and episodes can be filmed and aired according to the star signs and elements. water, fire, land and air.

  37. Does anyone know the Ladies of London signs????

    I know Caroline Fleming is virgo
    I think caroline S. Is a Taurus
    Not sure about the rest…. Help!

    1. Sorry I forgot to say Annabelle Neilson, the only information I could find on her was 1969 but she had a huge birthday party on April 9th so I would guess around that date.

    2. Dear Lk, here it is:
      Ladies of London
      Caprice Bourret – Scorpio 24.10.1971.
      Caroline Stanbury – Taurus 28.4.1976.
      Marissa Hermer – Capricorn 30.12.1981.
      Noelle Reno – Capricorn 25.12.1983.
      Annabelle Neilson – Aries 31.3.1969.
      Caroline Fleming – Virgo 9.9.1975.
      Julie Montagu – Aquarius 17.2.1974.
      Juliet Angus – Sagittarius 25.11.1975.

  38. I hope all of you people look up you sign’s three decans to help each person understand different personality traits within one zodiac sign.

  39. The Real Housewives of Cheshire
    Tanya Bardsley 28.11.1981. Sagittarius / husband Phil 28.6.1985. Cancer
    Dawn Ward 16.7.1973. Cancer / husband Ashley 24.11.1970. Sagittarius
    Leanne Brown 17.2.1977. Aquarius / husband Wes 13.10.1979. Libra
    Magali Gorre 6.6.19? Gemini / husband Dean 10.9.1970. Virgo
    Ampika Pickston 23.7.1981. Leo
    Lauren Simon 11.11. or 7.12. 1972/3. ? Scorpio or Sagittarius / husband Paul ???

  40. The aquarius women are beautiful in a more natural way–a lot of the other signs look like they got too involved in surgery

  41. Ashely is a Gemini according to her IG birthday post, Robyn Dixon is an Aries according to As stated above, katie and Charisse are cancers and fizzle is a Virgo, and Karen said she’s a Taurus. For RHOD, LeAnne and Cary are gemini’s, Brandi is a cancer, and Tiffany is a Leo. I dot know Stephanie or Marie’s birthdays yet. Hope this helps 🙂

  42. Kelly is Libra (she said on the show), Jules is Scorpio according to instagram, Siggy says she was born during the Six Day War (June 5 and 10 1967) so she must be Gemini.

  43. Whoever keeps this site updated I’d just like to say thank you. I’ve been using this site to keep track of the signs of the women for years!

  44. Seriously only two Aquarian women ? You need more gypsy souls team ! As it says we are the unpredictable funloving ones .
    Time to bring in some lovely water babies . Also thanks for letting us know who is who !

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