The Real Housewives’ Salaries Revealed! How Much Do The Housewives Get Paid?

The Real Housewives of Orange County debuted in March of 2006 and since then has become a pop culture phenomenon. OK Magazine is revealing how much the women get paid to bring the drama to Bravo! And the top earners might surprise you!

NeNe Leakes

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, NeNe Leakes, brings home the biggest Bravo paycheck, after just signing a $1 million deal plus bonuses for Season 6! RHOA premiered in October of 2008 and NeNe is the only original Housewife left in Atlanta.

  • Kandi Burruss makes $450,000
  • Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks make $300,000

Teresa GiudiceT

The next highest paid lady is Real Housewives of New Jersey Star, Teresa Giudice! RHONJ premiered in May 2009, and Teresa is currently bringing in $650,000 plus bonuses, a Season, making her NJ’s top earner!

  • Caroline Manzo makes $400,000
  • Melissa Gorga makes $350,000
  • Jacqueline Laurita makes $275,000

Ramona Singer & LuAnn de Lesseps

The Real Housewives of New York debuted in March of 2008, and the highest earners are the two original ladies who have been on the show since Season 1. Ramona Singer and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps. Ramona and LuAnn both earn $500,000 plus bonuses per Season.

  • Sonja Morgan makes $220,000
  • Aviva Drescher makes $200,000
  • Heather Thomson makes $175,000

Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson is THE original Real Housewife. Since The Real Housewives of Orange County is the original city in the Franchise, and Vicki is the only original Housewife in the OC, you think she would be a top earner! But after 8 Seasons, Vicki brings home $500,000 plus bonuses per Season! Still, not too shabby.

  • Gretchen Rossi makes $375,000
  • Tamra Barney makes $325,000
  • Alexis Bellino makes $175,000

Lisa Vanderpump

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills debuted in October of 2010 and quickly earned high ratings! Lisa Vanderpump is BH’s top earner making $350,000 plus bonuses a Season.

  • Kyle Richards makes $225,000
  • Brandi Glanville just got a nice raise of $175,000


Finally, The Real Housewives of Miami premiered in February 2011, and the show has 3 top earners! Adriana de Moura, Marysol Patton, and Joanna Krupa all make $55-75,000 per Season, the magazine reports.

What do YOU think of these salaries?

Photo Credit: Bravo/Getty Images



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  • Deborah Brenner

    Brandi should be making more than Kyle. She brings the interest without the ugliness. Kyle just isn’t either interesting or likeable anymore for most of us.

    • Lola

      Why should Brandi be making more money for being a lying, screaming back stabbing whiner? She brings nothing but HATE to the show! Her divorce drama is the ONLY THING she has going for her……PERIOD

    • Debs

      Brandi needs to be thakful she has a job at all!! I wish Bravo would have fired her lying behind!

    • GeorgiaPeach

      SPEAK FOR YOURSELF LADY, totally disagree! I cannot stand Brandi being on the show, shes annoying and adds nothing!!! I really like Kyle, love to watch her!

      • DebBrenn

        GeorgiaPeach, I believe I did speak for myself when I posted my opinion right below my name. These women get dropped from the shows for being boring, and they know it, so if they aren’t fabulously wealthy, extraordinarily funny, or incredibly charismatic it tends to make them outrageous and confrontational trying to hold on to the job. It does give us the lowest common denominator more often than not, as I can’t name more than a couple with the attributes that make them interesting to watch.

        • Anonymous

          Personally, I think Miami, Orange County and Beverly Hills all need to be dropped. I only watch the Atl Housewives, but I do know people who occasionally watch NJ and NY. Miami, OC, and Beverly Hills are too boring and rachet!!!

          • Anonymous

            Your “ratchet” for watching ATL…OC is the original OG and the best looking wives!! Period!!!

          • Anonymous

            Atlanta is the worst one of the all! OC and NJ and BH are the best. None of those are ‘ratchet’!

            • Anonymous

              Alright naw!!!! They be the trashest ovem all. O K A Y!!!!!! Ain’t not a one representin FO SHO!!!

          • Anonymous

            Your crazy, don’t know what your missing!!! I enjoy Atlanta but definitely not my favorite….

        • bridge

          Kenya needs to be fire!!!! The bitch is so annoying and stupid she keeps saying porsha is dumb but, she is the dumb one every chance she gets she says how classy she is but, clearly the dumb bitch does not know the definition of classy cause she is 100% the opposite and miles and miles far from being classy!! classy girl’s dont act the way u act or say the things u say also a classy girl do not try to get with a married man who by the way have children!!! Now phedra in the other hand is classy u should try to learn class from her instead of trying to sleep with her husband!!!!

        • Actually DebBrenn you said “for most of us”. Georgia Peach was correct and I enjoy watching Kyle over trashmouth Brandi.

    • Anonymous

      I totally disagree. Kyle is real, like able & honest. Brandi us a foul mouth lying trashy hoe-bag!!

    • Anonymous

      I believe in seniority and Kyle was there before Brandi, although I c what you mean about the drama Brandi brings which in return brings ratings. however Kyle interests viewers ad well

    • kirstin

      Kyle and her stupid sister aren’t worth a one dollar bill

  • The article says Kyle makes $225,000 not $275,000. And yes, at this point Brandi should be making as much or more than her.

    • Barbara

      Brandi will NEVER make as much as Kyle does! Kyle is an original housewife.

    • I agree Brandi should make the same if not more than that bitch Kyle

  • bubba-boy

    I think the fans favorite housewives winner should make the most money!!!!! That is what each housewives salary should be based on each season.

    • Debbie

      Bravo does not pay attention to polls. They base salary on senority and contract negotiations. They also look at the ratings.

      • Deborah Brenner

        Seniority? I don’t think so. It’s show business and it’s all about the ratings. And what are ratings but another word for “polls.”

  • sharon

    omg, I would think that Tamra will get jealous and pick a fight with Gretchen because she makes more money than her. Why is Gretchen making that much money anyway? She is not worth it.

  • Viktor

    Teresa needs to make just as much money as Nene.

    • LadieeTee

      I’m shocked that she doesn’t!!! Or Vicki doesn’t either. Their the originals and Vicki on the show that started it all!!

      • Anonymous

        She is too old




    Vicki isn’t the original house wife. Jeanna Keough is.

    • Anonymous

      Jeanna isn’t a housewife anymore.

    • Cathy Valdes

      Jeanna isn’t a housewife anymore.

  • Nixie

    I never want to see Jill Zarin again. She was awful…

  • Kenya on Atlanta Housewives, should be paid, just as much as Nene.

    • Anonymous

      Kenya needs to go away!!!

  • ceebee

    I think they’re all overpaid.

  • Hello BRAVO Loyalist,

    I’ve just finished watching RHOA’s Reunion episode for the fourth time. Needless to say… I am a loyal viewer. Last night’s episode was indeed entertaining. However, I was highly disappointed with the apparent liberalism that Kenya was allowed with her taunting prompts. With the exception of Andy, it was very clear that Kenya was going to use her bullhorn to over-talk any and everyone seated. Thus, there was absolutely no way for that show to end without unnecessary drama.

    As far as that short can of “whoop ass” Porsha had given to Kenya… BRAVO!!! Maybe now, Kenya will STOP taunting Porsha. Think about it… Kenya would have NEVER disrespected NeNe nor Kandi in that way. Both women have proven that invading their personal space, taunting them, or “putting your hands on them”, will not be tolerated. NOTE TO KENYA: Be very glad that Porsha had snatched that “scepter” from your hand before you were laid out on the floor! Boop.

    I’m extremely proud of Porsha. Not for snapping, but for having a voice. Porsha has clearly endured a lot of ridicule, criticism, unmeasured pain, and negativity, via her marriage. Imagine to have endured all of that bull from her arrogant Ex, only to now be taunted by Kenya. Conniving Kenya wanted to quiet Porsha’s revealing facts of her deceptions regarding ‘boyfriends for hire‘. In order to do so, Kenya took that moment to accuse Porsha of being an unfaithful wife. Not to mention all of the innuendoes of Porsha’s lack of intelligence. WOW. Too much!!! How could anyone be expected not defend themselves when faced with a verbal BULLY choosing to use a bullhorn to call you horrible names including DUMB?

    Yes… Porsha did snap. However, unlike Apollo, Porsha was immediately remorseful. It was never her intent to spank Kenya. NEVER. However, it would be a huge mistake for BRAVO to remove Porsha from RHOA. DO NOT PLAY FAVORTISM, BRAVO. Meaning… when Apollo attacked Kenya’s friend, Peter was holding her friend down (rendering him unable to move), while Apollo threw brutal punches to the guy. That was NOT a snap. That was clearly a beat down. LET‘S BE REMINDED THAT APOLO HAD CRACKED THE MAN‘S RIB! Can we say Federal Assault? Yet, both he and Peter are still on the show.

    As a loyal viewer of the Atlanta Franchise, I’m hopeful that NeNe, Kandi, and Phaedra will take a stand with BRAVO, by speaking up for Porsha to remain on the show. I’m hopeful that they all show their solidarity in support of their friend. Besides, right is right… and wrong is Kenya!


    • Anonymous

      I totally agree.

  • I think it is a shame that Bravo pays these “and I use this term loosely” women, to act like a bunch of idiots on tv. Dear Lord, give some of that money to a real cause, feeding hungry children. My God, grow up and get a real job. Please!!

  • Cathie

    If i were porsha that scepter would have been where the sun DON’T shine and the bull horn would have been shoved down her throat im surprised. She showed as much self control as she did I would have snapped long before she did….

  • do the right thing !

    Why did Andy let Kenya go on and on with the bullhorn. He could have told her to put it down. They wanted that to happen . Rating is what it about.