The Real Housewives of Potomac & Real Housewives of Dallas Announced


Bravo has announced TWO new cities to the Real Housewives franchise! First is The Real Housewives of Potomac, Located just up the river from Washington, D.C., Potomac is a cozy, upscale enclave with gated mansions, rolling hills, and exclusive country clubs. We will be introduced to the wealthy African-American families who have broken racial barriers and now reside in the sophisticated community. The show will follow socialite and single mom Gizelle Bryant, international model and TV personality Katie Rost, grand dame Karen Huger, social butterfly Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, publicist and single mom Robyn Dixon, as well as restaurateur Ashley Darby.

Potomac residents throw a lot of parties, and place a strong emphasis on the distinction between old money versus new money and proper etiquette. “If you haven’t heard of Potomac, that’s fine, because that means we’ve done a great job of keeping it a nice, little secret,” Gizelle explains of the town she calls home. It’s also a place where playing by the rules is very important. “If you don’t behave yourself in Potomac, you might be asked to leave,” Katie adds.

The Real Housewives of Potomac premieres Sunday, January 17 at 9/8c. Watch the first trailer here.

But that’s not all! Bravo also confirmed The Real Housewives of Dallas which will air in 2016 and they promise that everything, including the drama, is bigger in Texas!

Are you excited for the new cities coming to Bravo? Comment below.

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  • Sally

    Wow! Great two new ones!!! Can’t wait, Potomac, I have heard of the name but know nothing about! Our resident Countess will be pleased there are no milk in first housewives. I also haven’t heard of any of them so look forward to all your comments cluing me in.

    • Rain

      I’m sorry!! It was me who reported DC was coming back based in several blogs I read that reported filming taking place in that general area. Sorry for the wrong info . This may post twice

      • Sally

        No big deal! I couldn’t remember who but it doesn’t matter. I had read it elsewhere as well! So it wasn’t just you. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m just pleased there is two new ones coming. Maybe time to scrap a couple of the original! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Rain

          Sally, if I start watching even more TV, my husband will divorce me LOL

          • Sally

            Mine gave up years ago, plus sport is always on his TV!!! Any sport, every sport!!

  • Sally

    So I wonder if that will replace the Washington RH??????

    • Milivanili

      Washington D.C. is dead for years. This is not replacement. Just new ones. How can you replace something that does not exist!?

      • Sally

        Milli there has been ‘talk’ on here that Washington has been filming again this is why I asked!

        • geminigirl

          Technically, Potomac is right outside of DC. That’s enough to make me say hmm..

        • I dont there ever was real talk of DC being filmed again, with Potomac being just outside DC I’d say someone speculated that RHOD was filming again.

          • Sally

            Sidewinder Sir, pretty please!!! I have left you a question on Brandi thread! Please thank you, very kind of you! Phew enough groveling!!!

            • That link NEVER works for me. And I have a new computer with all the latest software.

              • Sally

                That is strange, it’s because of location for me but you should be ok.

          • Sally

            Someone, I can’t remember who, said they were in the middle of filming. That’s why I asked if the new one could be instead of DC as they are so close.

      • Anonymous

        I believe it was me who reported that DC was coming back based on several blogs that reported filming was taking place in that general area. Maybe due to the proximity , that’s what the bloggers thought , thag DC was coming back! Sorry for the wrong info

  • IzzyBlow

    I understand this is where the Bravo megafans come to play so I’d like to share this with you. Real Housewives of Dallas: Tiffany Hendra, Leeanne Locken, Cary Deuber, Stephanie Hollman, Laurie Graham, Cortney Bailey. You’re welcome!

    • IzzyBlow


    • R. Breeze

      Where did you get this info? It’s close to a list i have but slightly different. Thanks.

  • The trailer looks alright, nothing too exciting.

    RHOP was filmed as a different show, and they changed it to Real Housewives after, so it will be interesting to see if it plays out differently. Miami was the same, and it’s first season wasn’t great.

    Great they are adding more though, well overdue.

    • First season Miami ladies were just, well, can’t quite come up with gag, the word.

  • naynay

    I’m ready for some new faces, I would love to see something light and on the funny side, please no more illnesses (fake) can’t handle something like that again ;D

    • Rain

      ITA ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Karen’

      Fingers crossed a naynay! I’m with you.

  • One Rotten Egg

    Looks like a bunch of women saying they are classy but clearly not by the look of the trailer. Also hate the idea if “black community” singling out. You never hear “white community” as official statement, or it would seem racist, right? So why the double standard?

    • Sally

      Eggsactly!!!!! I wish they wouldn’t do this either!

    • Karen’

      You know what would be nice? Is a franchise with a mixed race cast.

      • Sally

        It should have happened before now!

        • DC was mixed race, African American and Caucasian, as was Atlanta while Kim was there. Miami was also mixed race so there has been some.
          But I agree there should be more diversity across the franchises, like if you think about the amount of cast changes OC has gone through and those women could almost be clones.

          • Sally

            I decided not to count ATL, I don’t know why and I had forgotten about that woman on DC completely, maybe it’s because that’s when I first started watching and had had back surgery so half the time I didn’t even know where I was, it was a lovely feeling!!! Lol. They do need to mix it up more though.

  • Chase

    Because there are at least 6 or 7 cities with NO diversity. Certainly there isn’t just one race with well-to-do women in NYC, BH, OC, etc.

    For 8 years RHOA good or bad has been the top rated franchise and outside of a Miami, Potomac will only be the third cast with any diversity.

    • Rain

      You would think there would be many Latinas or Black women in NYC, no? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sally

        There must be surely???

      • Yeah it seems odd that there hasn’t really been many multicultural dynamics in cities, it tends to be a one or the other kinda deal.

      • Karen’

        And don’t forget the Asians! Got to represent my heritage. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Rain

          True!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Sally

          Oooh! The food!!! Yum

  • Aunt Bee

    I just hope the women of Potomac have more class and education than the women of ATL.
    I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this.

    • Sally

      Aunt Bee, They can’t have less class that’s for sure!!!

    • Rain

      Aunt Bee, you’re so cute :). I see no reason why you would get in trouble. Those are grown women choosing to behave that way infront of cameras. And if they get judged based on that , then be it . Not any different than how many people judge Kim, Tersa , Brandj etc

    • Atl is no less classy than the Beverly Hills version, just delusional people that think it is.

      • Rain

        ITA! Throwing wine and smashing glasss is not any classier. Wealth is by no means an indicator of class

        • Exactly! People think of them as classier because they are white and wealthy, but even physical stuff like smashing wine glasses aside, their nasty insults are just as bad as Atlantas.

        • Sally

          I totally agree you you and Sidewinder, Lisa Rinna is not classy at all!

          • Sally

            I should read before posting at this time of day I agree with you and… It should be.

  • Coochie-Coochie

    It looks like it is just a bunch of women with money screaming “I am rich and I am classy, $*& it!, I am classy !!`

  • The Countess of Hootersville

    Milk-in-first type all of them….living in Potomac canยดt buy you class

  • Brazilian

    I think it’s gonna be boring…


    Potomac is next door to me. It’s not a town or a city. It’s an unincorporated part of Montgomery County that borders the Potomac River, and basically defined by its zip code. There are some ginormous houses in Potomac, and a lot of “old money.” There are also some regular homes within the zip code, people who want to take advantage of the good schools. Noticeably, there is a section of the neighboring Gaithersburg which calls itself “North Potomac.” Some might call that designation pretentious, but in an area where living “inside the Beltway” matters, that’s what you get. This new show has already been controversial because it supposedly was filmed around the lives of women who belong to an exclusive social club called “Jack and Jill.” The club was not happy to be associated with a tawdry reality show, so I believe they forbid their members from being publicly involved with the show.

    • Yeah I heard that. The original show they filmed for was called Potomac Social Club, but the Jack and Jill social club wanted no part of it, thinking they would turn it into a trashy show like housewives, and ironically it literally turned into a housewives show.

  • Gale

    Awesome! Really looking forward to what Dallas suburbs those ladies come from.

  • Lori

    Those Potomac women look like drag queens.

    • Coochie-Coochie

      Most of housewives do…

  • lilk

    what i know so far on these ladies :
    KATIE ROST is nice looking, but gorgeous? She is modelling for Halston on QVC.
    She married Dr James Orsini after Russell wouldnt marry her. They were not college sweethearts. They knew one another in college, they went to Boston U together in 1997 but really connected in Sept 2010. They were engaged NOT EVEN ONE YEAR LATER in July 2011. They married October 2011 [ https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/on-love-katie-rost-weds-james-orsini/2011/12/08/gIQA7CMefP_story.html ]. Their son James Rocco was born in February 27 2012 [that is why they married so fast! http://issuu.com/holtonarmsschool/docs/doorways_winter2012/65%5D and then James filed for divorce while she was pregnant with their twin daughters! Their twins Kathryn[yes she named her after herself] and Renee were born 2013. She is living in her mother[ her mom is an attorney for Geico, Rynthia Rost : https://instagram.com/p/71fGNAF8tK/?taken-by=mskatierost ] but convinced her to put the house in her name. She is dating a finnce man named Andrew.

    GIZELLE BRYANT comes from old money since when? She did go to Hampton Univ. Not sure if she graduated. She is best friends with Erika Liles. When she filed for divorce from Jamal she said he earned $350k per year and she needed spousal support and child support for their 3 daughters.

    ROBYN DIXON:Dated Juan since 1996 and finally in 2005 he married her. They have 2 sons and divorced in 2012. Yes the divorce was just so she could save their house from juan’s bankruptcy. She does not live in Potomac, she lives in Silver Spring along Norbeck Golf Course.

    ASHLEY BOALCH DARBY was attending UMCP, studying communications. Did she go back and finish?
    Ashley is YOUNGER THAN HER HUSBAND’s KIDS! Her degree is in not in business yet she is running his Australian restaurant. When it fails he should not be mad. Here is her wedding announcement: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/post/love-etc-miss-dc-2011-ashley-boalch-engaged-to-developer-michael-darby/2012/07/12/gJQAUY0PgW_blog.html

    CHARISSE JACKSON JORDAN and Eddie Jordan. He is from DC, went to Archbishiop Carroll. he coached the DC team from 03-06 then went north to Phila 76s for 1 yr, then west to coach Cali Lakers. Now, since 2013 he has been in NJ for Rutgers.

    KAREN HUGER’S money is real as her husband is smart and works hard. But her weave is a mess!
    Her husband is Raymond Huger. he worked for IBM for 25yrs, retired early and started his own business. . He has a BA from Bernard Baruch College and a MBA) from Fordham University.

    BRYNEE BAYLOR I heard Brynee Baylor was going to be on the show. Not anymore?
    She was indicted fro FRAUD : https://www.sec.gov/news/press/2011/2011-254.htm !
    Is that why she is off the show ?
    She has 4 daughters including twins who her HUSBAND Liston ( government name Lawrence Liston Baylor III) has custody of. Hmmm.

  • nonya

    Why is it breaking racial barriers when black people, or other minorities, live in a nice neighborhood or are “sophisticated”. *sigh*