The Real Housewives Of Miami Drama Is “Authentic!”

In a couple of days the new season of The Real Housewives of Miami will premiere, and it  has been highly anticipated! After what was seemingly a dull first season, Bravo has done everything in their power to make sure viewers will not be disappointed with Seaon 2. They have added three new housewives, including Dr. Karent Sierra, dentist to the stars, who assures us that the new season will not lack drama!

Karent reassures the Miami Herald that unlike some reality shows that are staged, these Miami Housewives are 100% authentic. “A lot of people who watch reality TV will think that it’s fake, but there’s nothing fabricated on this show,’’ Karent explains. “These are real women with real personalities. Some of them are over the top, some of them are a little quieter, but they’re really being themselves. That’s the scary part!”

“You have to overlook things and don’t take it too seriously,” Karent explains about being a part of reality TV. “You develop a little bit of a thick skin.” As far as a rookie vs. veterans war? Karent says there definitely was some clashing. “It was interesting,’’ she explains. “I had met some of the ladies socially, and they seemed really nice to me. But once you get on the show, it was kind of like a trigger switch.”

Karent reveals that the new girls, Joanna Krupa and Lisa Hochstein banded together and developed real friendships. “We’ve developed a beautiful bond,’’ Karent says. “Some of the other girls are great, too.”

We can’t wait for the new season of Miami! Will you be watching?

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