Albert Tiny Manzo’s Murder, Did Caroline’s Father-In-Law Have Mob Ties?

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Caroline Manzo is holding nothing back while promoting her new book, ‘Let Me Tell You Something.’ In a recent interview with NY Daily News, Caroline is opening up about the mysterious and controversial death of her father-in-law, Albert “Tiny” Manzo, and the allegations that he was affiliated with the mafia.

Caroline explains how her father-in-law’s death has stigmatized the “mob” aspect of her family’s Italian roots, especially since Albert Sr. was found dead in the trunk of a car outside a supermarket in Hillside, N.J. in August of 1983.

“I will not give credence to the Mafia talk,” Caroline says of her father-in-law. “He was a good man, a family man. His death remains a mystery.”

As Wetpaint Entertainment reports, Albert’s murder was never solved, even though it’s suspected that he was involved in skimming money from a casino on Staten Island with the Gambino family’s soldier, Peter A. Campisi. The murder has followed the Manzo family, making them a target of constant mob chatter and speculation. Tiny was found bound and gagged with four bullet shots in his torso. Campisi suffered a similar execution.

The Gambino family is a “mafia” family, if you watch Mob Wives on VH1, this is the family Karen Gravano’s father, Sammy “The Bull” worked for.


Photo Credit: Bravo/Getty Images, NY Daily News



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  • Deborah Brenner

    Of course he was killed by the mob, so of course he was somehow involved. But who in their right mind would point their finger publicly at anybody in the mob?

  • Lee

    She can spin it any way she wants, but that is a mob style murder.

  • Al Cove

    Well, duh. But in Caroline’s rainbow-out-the-ass-of-a-unicorn world, “Tiny” was in the wrong place at the wrong time with some methed-up teenagers who decided to get creative in how they killed him for just being there and looking at them. Yeah, that’s it!

    Stupid cow, thinking anyone would be fooled. Her precious daddy in law got mob style murdered probably because he was trying to f- them over. Say it Cow-awhine: “MOB hit!” You’re in “reality TV,” get real!

    • Anonymous

      Get your facts right your a douche bag. Plus it isn’t your business nor your place to judge. I feel like your jealous of other peoples life so go get your own.

      • Watcher


  • Becky M Grey

    @ Al Cove …Andy IS giving Reality Real… they make up stories that resemble real life. Very few reality character’s actually live the lives we see on TV. (Especially NJ). So it’s right in line with what is viewed. Caroline and everyone knows the real story…but it has to be given the reality spin!

  • Dee

    How much in denial can Caroline be?? Get off your high horse lady, it was a mob hit. You aren’t as classy and proper as you think you are. So quick to point fingers and judge others but your family is perfect. Give me a break!

  • kathy t

    Oh please, what mystery? He was killed mobstyle that’s it. Stealling from the mob is not a good thing and never ends up well either.

  • RedCherries

    Just google Albert “Tiny” Manzo & you can read all about his murder as a hit. A very expensive book is available on Amazon named, “To Drop A Dime” by Ira Pecznick. It has the whole story of the Gambino Crime Family & even has photos of dead Manzo in the trunk of a car. he was a murderer & a thief & crossed the code & was killed along with Peter Campisi. Manzo was so ego driven that he wanted to run for Mayor of Paterson & he wanted to have public hangings so everybody could see. It is all available to read.

  • Trixiebelle

    Anyone who is found dead in the trunk of the car and is Italian with a nickname like “Tiny” is in the mob. Seriously Caroline, just own it.

    • Anonymous

      Lololol so true

  • Toni

    Why would she want to publicly say, “yes the Manzo family has mob ties, and he was murdered by the mob”. That would open up a whole new can of worms for them and “the mob” might try to retaliate

  • anonymous

    I grew up in Paterson and my mom was Italian American. She was very friendly with TIny Manzo and I remember going into the Brownstone for lunch many times through the years. Tiny was always very cordial to my mom and they would speak Italian for the longest times.I remember him telling my mom if she ever needed anything to just let him know. He even said Clara, if anybody ever gives you a hard time, you let me know. Miss those days. Felt protected knowing the mob had our backs. LOL.