The Manzo’s Throw Greg Bennett A Going Away Party! Where’s Greg Moving?


Twitter was flooded with tweets and pictures from Caroline Manzo and her children, Albie, Chris, and Lauren on Friday night. The Manzo Family was throwing Greg Bennett a surprise going away party, which had people asking, where is Greg going? Caroline Manzo responded to tweets revealing that Greg is moving to San Francisco for a new beginning, and she is very proud of him! We’ve seen Greg on RHONJ many times as Albie and Chris’ roommate in their Hoboken apartment, and now it looks like Greg is ready to get out of Jersey and start fresh!

The party came as a surprise to Greg, who will be moving to The City on March 1st, and Caroline tweeted, “Throwing @GreggyBennett a going away party – he’s moving on making his way in the world – #proud.”


Photo Credit: Twitter