The Karent & Rodolfo Cheating Scandal! Lisa Hochstein Speaks!

Lisa Hochstein

Real Housewives of Miami Star Lisa Hochstein is discussing the Karent, Rodolfo cheating scandal. In her Bravo Blog she explains that the other women were trying to humiliate Karent, and watching them discuss the article was mean-spirited. She goes on to talk about how Karent handled the situation when Alexia brought up the article about Rodolfo and Ana Belena, and how the other women wanted to see Karent break down. Read what else Lisa said below!

Lisa writes, “It became evident why Karent and Rodolfo’s relationship was such a hot topic from the get go after seeing the women’s agenda for her. Unfortunately, then Karent was blinded by love and didn’t see the truth about her relationship.

Watching the women in the bathroom discussing Karent’s possible love triangle was bothersome to me. It seemed far too enjoyable to them and came across mean spirited. I did not see compassion, anger, or sadness for Karent whatsoever. Instead I saw smiles, smirks, and pleasure. It was distasteful.

Their actions during dinner and at our home for drinks afterward made so much sense after seeing the scene in Alexia’s bathroom. The intentions were not coming from a good place. Some wanted to attempt to humiliate and hurt Karent.

Why discuss with everyone EXCPET Karent about this embarrassing and hurtful situation? They were acting like private investigators and clearly put way too much time and energy into this. I of course would want to know if I were Karent, but not from a group of women who were not my friends.

I had the pleasure of flying to NYC with Karent while watching this episode together. I could literally feel her cringe next to me after seeing these revelations. Thankfully she had me to comfort her.

I was disappointed that Lea attempted to get the ball rolling about the cheating article at dinner. I felt she used the private conversation had between her, Karent, and me in my room earlier. She undoubtedly knew Karent would not feel comfortable discussing that with the other women.

During dinner I spoke about losing my identity after being married. I used to be more involved, driven, and focused on my career as an actor and model. After marriage I was known for being Dr. Lenny Hochstein’s wife, not Lisa. Being part of this new chapter in my life is quickly changing that. Lenny is suddenly becoming “Lisa’s husband!” LOL! I would love to have my own nutritional supplements and skin care line. It is to be hoped that I reach these goals.

After dinner while having drinks at the house, the women were still trying to figure out the best way to tell Karent…oops I meant humiliate her I front of everyone. Innocently, she fell right into their trap!

Finally Alexia has the decency to pull me aside so at the very least, Karent could receive the bad news from a real friend. It was agreed that I would be the bearer of bad news, take on this burden, and be put in an uncomfortable situation to have to hurt my friend. The uncomfortable situation worsened when Alexia and ALL the women decided to come parading in to be an audience for Karent’s reaction. Karent and I should have been should have been the only 2 people present. I unfortunately at this point had no choice but to tell her. It wasn’t surprising that this was hurtful and uncomfortable for her. She managed to stay composed and handled herself the right way. I am happy she did not show too much emotion, because the other women did not deserve to see that. The only people who should ever see her react are her friends.”

Tell Us- Do YOU agree with Lisa?

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2 Replies to “The Karent & Rodolfo Cheating Scandal! Lisa Hochstein Speaks!”

  1. Lisa could have easily taken Karent into another room once she saw the other women enter into the mix. I don’t buy that she “had” to say something right then. Why not tell Karent that this is something she should be told in private, and left to another without the other women.

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