The Best Of Milania Giudice, RHONJ Season 4!

Since The Real Housewives of New Jersey has come to an end, we decided to take one of our favorite stars of the show, Milania Giudice, and reminisce on our favorite quotes from her throughout the season. Even Bravo Producer, Andy Cohen admits in The Lost Footage Special that, “Milania stole the show!”

  • “You better not come up here you stupid little mouse!”
  • “You’re not a cooker, you’re a hooker!” (To Joe Giudice)
  • “Gimme pizza you old troll!” (To Joe Giudice)
  • “How about you be quiet!” (To Teresa when she tells Miliania to get down.)
  • “It’s NOT a wedding gown, I’m NOT getting married!” (To Teresa.)
  • “I want the jerk out!” (Referring to a hair stylist that is curling her hair.)
  • “OH MY GOD… HOLY- Look how STRONG you are! You’re like a dragon!” (To Joe Giudice.)
  • “You’re a BIG POOP!” (To Joe Giudice.)

There’s nothing like a little Miliania humor to make us laugh through such a dark season. You can catch more of her in The Lost Footage Special!

Photo Credit: Bravo