Text Messages Reveal That Porsha Williams Made Out With RHOA Co-Star Kandi Burruss


This season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is sure to have drama as one of the upcoming episodes shows Porsha Williams accusing Kandi Burruss of being a lesbian and propositioning her for a threesome with her husband, Todd Tucker.

An angry Kandi Burruss actually says that Porsha is the one who kissed her and invited the couple back to her hotel room.

But now, text messages are revealing the truth. A source claims that Porsha came in for a kiss while partying at Atlanta club Queens in the summer of 2014. Days later, she apologized for being so aggressive and RadarOnline has the messages.


“I been laughing everyday since Queens… We was turnt up for REAL!” Williams told Burruss on August 3, 2014, according to messages from a show insider. “Just want you to know I’m not [going to] rape you on camera so no worrie[s].”

“Queens was definitely interesting,” Burruss allegedly responded. “If you say anything crazy on camera I’m gonna walk away and leave you standing there like I don’t know you.”

“Queens is Vegas, goes on stays there,” Williams said.

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    1. LOL
      Maybe someone should take her on a ride to an underground railroad. She would believe it exists…train cars and all. 😉
      Honestly, after reading about her grandfather, Hosea Williams a bit, it is amazing how the genes for intelligence skipped her entirely somehow. I am not saying I am for everything the man stood for and how he did what he did, but I did read how he was educated, (had a master’s degree in chemistry), was a civil rights activist, minister, politician and scientist nd overcame adversity. He even earned a Purple Heart, under Gen. Patton, being the only survivor of a Nazi bombing who took over a year to recover from injuries.
      Porsha did not take the time to even learn Black History enough to know what the Underground Railroad actually was, especially being a descendant of On that note, I went to an office (accountant) years ago in South Jersey, and the house it was located in was very old, and I was shownthe hidden area under the stairs where the slaves were hidden. Outside near the water was an underground passage that led to the house. It was interesting to see that history.
      Well, Porsha, if only you took some time out from starting trouble to actually educate yourself, maybe you would find that just being pretty is not enough. Soon beauty will fade and then where will you be? It is a shame to be so shallow.

        1. I am certain too that she embarrasses so many others as well, Bon Vivant.
          It is a shame that she does not try for more to better herself. Maybe it was never about opportunity for her, but the lack of desire. The old expression is that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Maybe Porsha just did not want to learn and hated school, or perhaps had a learning disability. What a rich history and even a legacy, yet she cannot begin to comprehend it.

          1. All the legacy and opportunities she’s had at her doorstep, and instead of putting in blood sweat and tears to build on it, she’s fallen into the typical Atlanta trap of needing to be popular and show off material things above all else..and like many of the people there she’ll sell her soul to get those things, as we’ve seen with the transformation she’s made since her divorce. There are still many old African American families there with deep roots in the city that lead lives faaaar under the radar doing philanthropic work…no need to be seen anywhere, except the occasional write-up in a good old fashioned periodical or charity org newsletter. But fame and lust for designer bags and shoes must be quite a drug, I guess.

            Granted, we’ve seen similar phases with people like Paris Hilton…but we’ve also seen that eventually they had to put her in lock up so she could get some sense about herself so she finally grow up and focus on adult life.

            1. I know what you mean. I have seen parents who put popularity of their children above education, and being the pretty girl with popular friends and the right designer label on your clothing is stressed. Thankfully, I was not like them, and I have sons who both excelled and make me proud for their accomplishments.
              Porsha certainly did not build upon her legacy. I agree. I wonder if she even knows very much about it other than the name. It would be a shame if she did not even know about her ancestors either.

              1. From what I gathered during the premiere episode, Porsha spent childhood and teen years as an awkward little thing. I am not one for making fun of a child’s looks, but the photos they shared, that poor child, good gracious! To see her now with all the plastic surgery, handbags , and shoes it seems like she is trying desperately to over compensate for being an ugly duckling as a kid – by being popular & praised for her physical assets and material things as an adult. It’s rather tragic really, as it clearly hasn’t been instilled in this girl that (in the words of Judge Judy), beauty fades, but dumb is forever.

                So we now are stuck with the Princess of Thotlandia on tv, happy or simply dumb enough to be reduced to big boobs and a buttox…and I guess desperate enough for a storyline that she’ll kiss and tell just to makes waves. What’s even the point? Kandi has become one of the top intimate toy brand makers in the marketplace according to business trades; I don’t think it would surprise anyone if she was sexually fluid. Porsha however, is just making herself look like she’s falling further from grace every day: just acting out and being foolish for relevancy on the show and the blogs. Sigh…

                1. I agree with all that you have written.
                  When I read about the dungeon at the house, I was not surprised, knowing Kandi’s business with sex toys and her interests. Whatever she does in her home is her business.
                  Porsha is an opportunist, and she will take anyone down for her own personal gains. Her priorities are skewed.

                  1. This. She found something to grab onto and ride until the wheels fall off for a storyline. But what she didn’t count on is that the viewers are already bored by it and the episode hasn’t even aired yet, lol.

                  2. I have Black friends who won’t watch Atlanta and Italian friends who refuse to watch New Jersey. Both groups say these shows are an embarassment.

                    1. Yes, NJ embarrasses me as a New Jersey born Italian American. I don’t watch the show for years now, but I did try.
                      The OC women embarrassed me as an American when they were in Ireland too, and that show is now history to me as well.

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Again with the LOL award you win hands down today already Bee ! crying tears of funny as he**….. still….omg

  1. It’s bad enough that texting has broken down the English language/spelling/grammer. However, I bet these two ladies speak vocally like this all the time–makes them appear ignorant and stereotypes their race in a bad light.

    1. Well you also have to keep in mind that they are in the deep south and that vernacular is common. It’s a dialect. I’ve had a magazine client there that caters to a predominantly white audience, and the former Art Director is a goth queen with skin like alabaster, who after a few glasses of wine has an accent thicker than molasses – using a dialect I’ve only heard from my grandmother. Imagine my northern shock at meeting her elderly mom, a practical twin for Debbie Reynolds, not only cooking collard greens in the kitchen, but instructing me in a motherly tone to have a relactive who had recently moved to ALT “holla at-meh” ( I.e contact/call her) should she need anything.

      Now Porsha, I will venture to say is less than smart- but outside of standard English, it took learning 4 other languages and living outside of the United States for me to realize that my country has about 5 different dialects. For the record, in private conversation with my girlfriends who are black I speak in black/southern dialect as well. It’s part of our parents ‘ collective southern roots, and it fosters feelings of cozy famliarity amongst us. It has zero to do with our grasp of standard American English. Have you ever, by the way, seen jazz/Broadway/ tv star Harry Connick Jr., when he drops his mainstream accent for his native New Orleans tongue? You might need subtitles to wade through it, it’s deeper than a Louisiana swamp.

        1. Although don’t get me wrong, in the case of Porsha Boom-Boom Williams, the girl is simply DENSE…(shaking my head as I remember her counting the 265 days of the year)…lol

      1. Harry Connick sounds a just a bit like Forrest Gump in his dialect and he does know how turn it off and on. I hear you. I sound more like my native Northern NJ accent when I visit my family in the northern part of the state than any other time. I know it is not quite the same, but similar, as I do it without thought, just naturally. (I have lived all over the state and in the south it is far different than the north.)

        1. Oh, Bon, you just made me think of a Louisiana chef who was on TV, Justin Wilson. I had a hard time understanding him, but he was fun to watch making his favorites like gumbo with andouille sausage. I found a link to one of his shows…and he had a thick accent. https://youtu.be/eK4umRMJlrs

          1. Yessss! I used to watch this man on PBS and I had him in mind when I was posting about Harry – but I couldn’t remember his name! I love when he gets excited about something he’s cooking , and he suddenly says “WHOOOOOO”! lol. Thanks for the memories, Real Sandy!

                1. Yes Sandy! I loved that guy so much too. I loved so many of those early cooking shows in the 80’s & 90’s on PBS. Remember Marcia ? who cooked Amish food and always showed a white gloved handmade quilt at the end? Adams? Marcia Adams yeah…

                  1. And Pasquale? Pasquale’s Kitchen! Kiss your mama…tell her you love her….❤️ lol LOVE him

                    1. I did not watch all of them. I never saw the Amish one. One show I vaguely remember was a younger Hawaiian woman who was vegetarian. I cannot remember her name at all. I liked watching her cook, even if I was not vegetarian.
                      Yan Can Cook was another show. I also watched the Galloping Gourmet when I was young. He liked to drink his wine.

        2. No but in a way it is the same, LOLOL. I’ve tried to explain New York/ Jersey accents for friends who tried to watch the Bravo shows and get lost with the “awww” sounds, like for the word “talk”. I love it, lol!

          1. My hubby always critiqued my pronunciation of chocolate, and in the southern part of the state, people I worked with used to have me repeat words like that to laugh at the awww sounds. Now I live more central in the state. I still have some of that, but not as strong. It is not chahclate. 😉

  2. Wasn`t Porsha a preacher at some point ? … from preaching Jesus to carpet munching….who would have thought

  3. A few things. First, this headline is misleading. The texts do not say they made out at all. Second, text messages are so easy to fake that given the source, ROL, I don’t buy this. And third, WTF is it with Porsha accusing EVERYONE of being gay as though it is an insult? She’d look really funny if every queen in Atlanta decided to drop her homophobic butt and she had no one left on her glam squad. She probably looks like a thumb underneath that makeup.

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