Terry Dubrow Talks Heather Dubrow Leaving RHOC

The new season of the RHOC is just around the corner and one familiar face isn’t going to be there. That is Heather Dubrow. Her husband Dr. Terry Dubrow recently spoke with the Daily Dish and talked about how he has noticed a change in Heather already.

“One of the most incredible, interesting experiences of our lives was being on the Orange County Housewives, but there’s a certain component of stress that’s been removed because there’s less conflict,” he said. “And she still has actually quite a relationship with some of them.”

Last season on RHOC took quite a bit of an emotional toll on everybody, especially for Heather and Kelly Dodd. Terry says Heather is finding new ways to keep herself active now that she isn’t on the show. “But she’s so busy. She has stepped away and is doing so many other things that it’s just been sort of a dynamic change in her overall sort of vibe right now,” he said. “So it’s just very different.”

Will you miss Heather? Comment below.

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I’ll take fancy pants over gutter trash Kelly ask scammer Vicki ANY DAY !!!!

I wish Shannon would leave the show. I wonder is being a part of this vehicle worth all the stress that comes with it for her, her hubby, and kids?

ITA ! I’ve been saying Shannon should leave the show for 2 years now . The venom she receives from all the idiotic Vicki fans is out of control . I love this woman and wish her well

I agree with Rain…yes to fancy pants, no to VICKI LIARFACE/ and sidekick Kelly

Make that 3…I will miss her. While yes she did have moments of feeling like she was bragging or above others…you could tell she wasn’t being malicious about it, and with all the talk of the house…of course she talked #s we watched her with contractors and I am sure she was asked by some how much. Would prefer someone who is still fun but has manners over those 2 losers Kelly and Vikki any day.

I always found Heather really funny, even when she was a little rich girl obnoxious. I also never felt like she was lying to viewers (Vicki), or two steps from a complete mental breakdown (Kelly). The fact that they chose to keep Kelly, someone who is clearly mentally unstable, is enough for me to drop the OC from my DVR.

I’m with you . I’m done with this show even though I love Shannon and Lydia . But those 2 hyenas are too much for me. I’m out

Bravo thrives on exploiting the mentally ill. Sometimes they even bring it out in people. We saw KKB’s complete mental breakdown on camera. That was made much worse by the fact that Bravo ran that footage and periodically runs it again, just to make life as miserable for KKB as possible. Kelly Dodd isn’t even close to that crazy, but if there’s a crack in her wall, Bravo with find it and pick at it until the dam breaks.

Nut jobs, liars and felons by Bravo.

I will truly miss Heather. But, i can understand why she needs to leave, After this last season with Vicki and Kelly!!?? Wow do both of those girls need to go. Vicki truly makes me want to throw up, and the mouth on Kelly is just so disrespectful. The show was a big turn off with the two of them.

I think the Dubrows used this show exactly as it should be used: use it to create or enhance a fan base, use it for marketing, creating other opportunities, then get the heck out! LOL. It’s clear Heather has sooooo moved on from this show. She’s doing so many interesting things surrounding her businesses with legitimately accomplished, multi-dimensional people on the platforms she’s developed as part of her personal brand. Outside of plain old money, I can’t imagine anybody could fully engage their attention or skills into projects that enrich their lives for the long term while being part of… Read more »

If she’s happy with her decision, then that’s all that’s important.

No. I will not miss Heather.

Yes, I will miss Heather. I enjoyed her outlook on things. Most times she was a bit more reasonable. She didn’t really seem spoiled to me. How can you be spoiled with 4 children in the house? I don’t blame her for leaving
all the drama behind. She didn’t need the money so less stress makes for a better Mom and wife. At least that’s what I’m thinking. Bless you Heather and your family.

She is a lovely caring and kind woman and does not belong on the housewives show. Too sweet and kind. You are lucky dude Terry to have such a gorgeous wife!!

Yes!!! I’d love to see her come back in a few years

no Heather should stay it wont be the same without her and that drunken Kelly should get the boot trash i tell you and she can take that Vickie lying ho with her

I’ ll take this schicksa over Vicky or Tamra

She had to leave because pretty soon the focus was going to be on her sham of a marriage and that would effect their other businesses. She got out before her turn in the fire came around.

Love her! Blessings to her and her family