Terry Dubrow Reveals What Plastic Surgery Heather Has Had


Real Housewives of Orange County husband Terry Dubrow has made a splash on his new E! show, Botched. And in a new interview, Terry is revealing what plastic surgery his wife Heather has had done, and you might be surprised at his answer!

Terry reveals that Heather does not have a past with plastic surgery, even after having four children. But he did comment about Heather’s breasts.

“Those four children just sucked the life out of them,” Terry tells RumorFix. “Her breasts are still good but they are slightly deflated, but equally attractive.”

But Terry prefers his wife to not have any plastic surgery.

“We have talked about it. I don’t want my wife to have any plastic surgery… look at her, what would you do? My wife’s body is unbelievable, my wife is rarefied air… I told her, ‘They look good and you’re not bothered by them, we’re not doing it,’” Terry said.

While Heather has had no major plastic surgery, Terry admits she dabbles in his access to botox.

“She had this little wrinkle so I asked her ‘Does it bother you?’ She said ‘Yes’ so I started injecting her at 27. But she only does Botox once a year, its lasts forever on her,” he said, adding she also uses fillers and the anti-aging serum Sculptra.

Photo Credit: Bravo