Terry Dubrow Opens Up About His Marriage With Heather


With rumors of divorce spreading throughout the blogs, Real Housewives of Orange County husband Terry Dubrow is insisting that his marriage to Heather Dubrow is not in trouble, despite their differences.

“My wife and I have a very tight relationship,” he told Wetpaint in a new interview. “The main issues we have is that I joke around a lot. You can’t take things to serious with me. Although she’s funny, everything’s pretty serious with her.”

“I don’t want to know what I’m doing next Tuesday, but she can tell you what she’s doing eight months from now,” he said. “I don’t want to plan. I just want to live.”

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8 Replies to “Terry Dubrow Opens Up About His Marriage With Heather”

  1. How Terry tolerates Heather is beyond me. A man’s wife is a reflection on the husband – good or bad, and Heather clearly is not good for his image. Heather does not seem like a loving, compassionate wife, mother or friend. She has been caught lying over and over on camera. She lacks integrity.

    1. Will Terry please leave Heather? I’m watching the latest episode and it is painful! Heather is a horrible person. Mean and heartless. She talks over people and is extremely condescending. He can’t be happy with a person like that.

  2. I feel sorry for terry almost every episode. I agree don’t know how you could be married to someone like heather.

  3. I’d have more respect for him if he wasn’t such a sycophant. She’s really a witch with a stick up her butt, and makes him look TERRIBLE!

  4. Tell us everything is still ok Terry when you lose your job & fortune& the big mansion on the hill can’t be built, and you two have to go live in a normal sized 2000 sf house on a budget. Hmmm- she’s already so out of control and hateful, really- what WOULD happen? Also, are you a masochist or what? Do you enjoy being called a child, being talked down to and constantly treated like an idiot? Lose the cash & see what happens to your oh so compassionate & caring wife.

  5. Maybe you guys aren’t fans of Heather’s but you have no idea of what The Dubrow’s marriage is like. Most wives are bossy, we want our husband to do whatever we have dreamed up in our heads. I don’t understand why you think Heather makes Terry look bad. I think he is the only thing that keeps her craziness grounded, I think he likes that she has it in order so he doesn’t have to. They will be married for a long time to come. Sounds like some of you are jealous.

    1. Marie, We only know what we see, but don’t we see enough? I was appalled at how rude and cold Heather was to Shannon. Shannon didn’t “yell” at her, but Heather’s reaction was ridiculous. And there was good ol’ Terry in the background with the constant smirk on his face. I think he was uncomfortable, and I think he realized Heather was exposing once again her wicked underbelly, but he’s afraid of her. He has no spine!

      1. well said, Deb. I bet she runs his medical practice as well – and I bet he loses potential patients as a result.

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