Terry Dubrow: Bickering In A Marriage Is Normal


Real Housewives of Orange County husband Terry Dubrow is gearing up for his new show with Paul Nassif on E! and is speaking to RadarOnline about his somewhat controversial marriage to Heather. Dubrow swears the couple’s marriage is fine and not in trouble.

“If there isn’t some bickering in a marriage, [the couple] is either not paying attention to each other or lying about it,” Terry told the site, noting that Bravo’s editing could be cause for people’s perception of his marriage. “If we spend 20 hours being happy and two minutes bickering, if the bickering is funny or interesting, that’s going in! Getting along is boring for Housewives.”

Terry and Paul will be repairing bad plastic surgery on Botched, and Terry reveals Heather will not be appearing on the show.

“You will not see Heather,” he shares. “Why would she come into our medical practice? She does show up to my office to say hi and give me a little kiss, but she never accompanies me in a clinical setting with my patients.”

But Heather “is very supportive of the show,” he insists. “She’s super organized and super smart. She has to hold all these balls in the air. Sometimes if I’m silly, she feels one of the balls may drop!”

“I have a serious job, but I’m a silly guy. I had kids when I was a little bit older, so I’m half-way between a dad and grandpa. Grandparents are silly and easy-going,” Terry, who is 55 years-old explained. “I try not to have the first thing out of my mouth be a joke when Heather is talking about certain subjects!”

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6 Replies to “Terry Dubrow: Bickering In A Marriage Is Normal”

  1. I don’t bicker with my husband often (maybe once a month or so) and I am not lying and most certainly pay attention. I believe that is what Adrienne and Paul said, too. It’s okay…everybody does it. Whatever makes them feel better about their situation.

  2. maybe it’s Bravo editing…. but they argue more than the average couple and Heather is downright nasty…… as in everything she does….. every party she goes out of her way to make someone uncomfortable in her home so imagine what she does to her family behind closed doors…bummer…

  3. Remember the time Heather was pointing out one of the other housewife’s faults (as she is wont to do? She said, “If everybody is telling you you’re dead it’s time to lay down.” Hasn’t just about every person on that show and most of us out here used the ‘condescending’ word to describe Heather? Would she please just for ONCE apply one of her self-serving truisms to HERSELF and JUST LIE DOWN!!!!

    1. Oh my god! I love this comment. I started lol literally. I couldn’t have said it any better myself… BRAVO!

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