Teresa Says Joe Gorga Denies Everything That’s Wrong In His Own Life & Blames Her!


Teresa Giudice is taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about her explosive fight with her brother at the gym in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa shares that when her brother started attacking her husband’s parenting skills, he was crossing a major line with her, and she still doesn’t understand why he is so angry with her. Teresa writes that she believes Joe displaces his anger and denies the problems that are going on in his own life!

Teresa writes, “When I finally did see my brother for the first time, I went up to him right away and tried to be friendly and goof around with him like we did our whole lives. Caroline had just told me how much he wanted to work things out with me, so badly he supposedly sent Caroline to help him, so I thought it would be may be a little awkward but still nice. Baby steps. I definitely did not expect his attack. I didn’t understand any of it then, and I still don’t now. He’s my brother, and as mad as I might be at him, I would never hurt him in public like that. I don’t understand how he could even say half the things that came out of his mouth, directly to my face, in public in front of America. I get it that in the heat of the moment people who have deep feelings for each other know how to hurt each other the most, but still, there are lines you don’t cross. When Joey started talking about my husband’s parenting, that was it for me. He crossed the line and was out of line.

I think you can see that I’m not used to being talked to like that. If my husband really did talk to me like that, I would flip more than a trash can, I would flip him right out of the house! I truly do not understand how my brother can talk to me like that, and why he’s so angry with me… for what I still don’t know. I can’t imagine wanting to hurt anyone that much, especially my only brother. It’s like he’s not in his right mind or something.

One of my best friends’ dads is a psychiatrist, and she told me that everything Joey did was a defense mechanism to protect himself from his own feelings. He denies anything is wrong in his own life, displaces his anger at himself or his wife to me since he knows I won’t fight back, and projects things he is actually guilty of onto other people, like my husband. It does make sense to me, but it doesn’t hurt any less. I’m about to run out of prayers for him and me. I could use extra if you’ve got ’em.”

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11 Replies to “Teresa Says Joe Gorga Denies Everything That’s Wrong In His Own Life & Blames Her!”

  1. Theresa is the most unconscious and dumbest woman. She causes trouble wherever she is. She is like a demon. It’s time to take stock of yourself, Theresa.

    1. She is so ignorant my god is she the dumb. I don’t know why he is mad at me. Please lady go bak an watch all the season maybe just maybe it will trigger something why he is mad at you. Just like Melissa says you want to start an argument Then seconds later nothing is wrong. Get a grip lady.

  2. How can she not see what’s happening right in front of her? She didn’t like Joe bashing her husband and its the same way he feels when she constantly bashes Melissa. I don’t think T wants to take any responsibility and never will.

  3. Teresa and her gross disgusting husband are both such trash, both dumb as dirt, just basically bad people. I am repulsed everytime I have to see them on the screen.

    trash is trash and this trash is dumber than dirt… but she does win a prize for weekly butchering the english language.

    It is beyond me why anyone is a fan of this vile woman and would buy her books which are clearly completely supervised by her mother’s recipes. She’s a fraud and a thief.

    Joe and T.. pay your damn bills that are backed up, close to 10 million !

  4. The woman is delusional, she positively takes no responsibility for anything she says and does. No wonder the Gorga’s are all screwed up, from the eldest to the youngest, they ALL have mental problems. Mho

  5. Really , I would just let it Go Now , you did try , You went to him then you an him were to talk but it didn’t go the way it shoulda went on both ways , But if it was me it was so good too see you both there an not having Mel there at that time that you and your brother Joe . It’s a big Shame on both parts that you both can’t get to a place where you both are happy n it’s sad at the some time to watch it on TV , Maybe one of of these DAYS there will find you 2 together like old Times soon …….

  6. I can’t believe all the BS on here!! There are some many other house wife’s that really Need to pay there own BILLS as well not just Teresa an Joe, Look at Jacqueline an the rest of them they Stole so much money from Charity’s an the little children that has Cancer an the Mazo’s an now the Gorga’s need to sell there own home so they can pay their Bills so really!!! Do put up on here and say just Teresa an Joe cuz that’s so not true it’s all of them and Kathy is a other one , you people that talk so much an really don’t know what your talking about cuz it’s not just T and Joe it’s ALL !!!! Get it right the first time around , Thank You !!

    1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T is the only one who calls them out. Joe is a cheat and calling his wife names is disgusting. Those girls do not have good role models as far as their parents are concerned. They will all be in counseling.

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