Teresa and Joe Giudice’s Wedding Photo Subject of New Lawsuit

Teresa Giudice has been married to her husband Joe for 18 years and their wedding photo is currently the subject of a new lawsuit.

According to TMZ, Neal Clipper, a photographer, has filed a lawsuit against the website Wetpaint.com for a story it did titled,” Teresa Giudice May Skip Visiting Imprisoned Joe on Their Anniversary. The post included this photo below, it is the same one that appears in Clipper’s lawsuit.

Clipper says the site had no permission to run the photo, so he wants $150,000 minimum. Teresa and Joe were married on October 23, 1999.

Photo Credit: Bravo/TMZ



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  • UnrealHousewife57

    Okay, I’m confused. Don’t Teresa and Joe own that photograph? What has the photographer got to do with anything?
    IMO, he would have no standing. Oh and the internet is forever. Once it’s out there, good luck.

  • cat62

    Ridiculous..perhaps he should be sued for using their picture….what a crock of crap

  • Nancy

    This is why the courts R so back logged. Ppl like this moron shud be fined 4 frivolous law suits. He needs the publicity or he’s off his meds! Go away! I’m out. Peace!

  • Rann Dyer

    Bull crap. Wedding photos are owned by the bride and groom, because the service and any prints were purchased. This is a needless lawsuit done for the sake of the photographer trying to get FREE P.R. and advertising!

    • Supe White

      Agreed. And this is not they way to get free PR- that means he owns your photos and can do whatever he wants with them. He could do someone that’s not a celebrity like Teresa when he took this and sell to People years later when the person they photographed became a celebrity.

      In essence though, the credit listed for the photo is Bravo in the article. I don’t know. It’s an interesting case now that I think more about it. It should either be labeled as him or from the personal collection of the Guidices really which technically it is not. They did not take it themselves.

      I’m a designer, so I’m kinda torn to be honest. I don’t know. I guess it has to do with the contract the Guidices had with the photog, to single out wetpaint is a bit weird to me though. He must’ve got money from TMZ to allow them to show the photo for this or else he’d be suing them now.