Teresa & Joe Giudice Will Serve Jail Time, Even If A Plea Is Accepted


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice believes she will not face any jail time, according to reports, and believes her husband, Joe, will take the fall for the 39 charges of fraud and tax evasion. But an insider is telling RadarOnline, even if the Giudices are offered a plea it will include jail time for both Joe and Teresa. “Plea talks between the United States Attorney’s Office and Teresa and Joe’s lawyers haven’t formally begun yet, but prosecutors are insisting that BOTH of them do time behind bars,” the source says.

“The government has a very, very strong case against the Giudices and wants to make an example of them. The Giudices will also be facing serious, significant financial penalties,” the source continues.

“I really am trying to let things roll of my back,” Teresa wrote in her latest Bravo Blog. “I just want my family together and at peace, no matter what. Insult me, make fun of me, do what you will. I’ll keep being a ‘good little girl.’”

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8 Replies to “Teresa & Joe Giudice Will Serve Jail Time, Even If A Plea Is Accepted”

  1. Whoever said they’re making an example of them is pulling things out of their butt. Anyone supporting them is in La La land, not living in reality, and makes stupid statements like that.

    If they get ANY plea at all they were not made an example of. MOST people serve 20+ years for one or two mail or wire fraud charges. MOST people serve time for not paying taxes for that many years. These idiots have 39 federal counts. Any ONE of the things they’re accused of could carry many years in a federal prison. If they make an example of them you’ll never see them again.

  2. Good little girls don’t put themselves in this position to begin with. Neither Joe or Teresa are the sharpest and if they thought they could do this and no one find out!?! On top of all this they go on a television show and put their lives out there for everyone to see. Being on television has only shown how crazy they are have people wondering how they could afford the house and shopping sprees. If they both don’t have to pay anything for these things, it just sows how messed up the system is. Teresa is willing to have her beloved Joe take the fall and maybe even be deported to Italy! What a wife!!!

  3. http://www.federalwirefraud.com/sentencing-in-wiremail-fraud-cases/statutory-sentencing/
    ONE count of fraud is a max of 20 years. And that’s not all they’re accused of.

    It’s irritating that when they do get a harsh sentence idiots will say they were made an example of instead of understanding that that’s the way the law works.

    But that’s what happens when small minds follow other small minds instead of putting in a little effort to understand FACTS. Someone says something and people just follow like sheep. Either they want to believe it or they’re too lazy to think on their own.

    She says she is going to “keep being a good little girl”.
    Hello Teresa, are you there?
    Do you hear the Feds knocking?
    Teresa you are going to wake up the day they take you out of court in shackles.
    The day of your conviction when the bus comes to take you away to the Penitentary for years and years, till your old and gray.
    Maybe that still won’t be enough to wake you up????
    How about when they make you walk from the bus in your ankle shackles into the Pen and directly to booking where they strip you naked and search your body. Wake up Teresa! You are nothing but a criminal who is going to pay.
    You and Joe are not going to smile you’re way out of this and all that you have defrauded everyone including your children.
    You have robbed them from ever having a life of freedom. They will always have this in the back of their minds.
    Shame on you! Disgusting!

  5. It’s time for you to start showing a slight bit of remorse and quit acting like you have done no wrong. I know that is almost impossible since you are a sociopath, but a little would go a long way in this case.

  6. Do you think FINALLY that Teresa is going to learn there are consequences for words and actions? I’ve been wondering since season two how she can lie and manipulate and behave outrageously and get away with it. When she was out spending for all to see and we knew she was supposedly in bankruptcy, I couldn’t believe it. People have commented that it will take forever, and cite joe’s other case but these are the Feds! And it’s in their interest to take this to court quickly, since their payday comes at the end with collected revenue.

  7. Teresa will be right at home among the inmates. She can relive her gang member days. Poor Andy Cohen – his ratings and bank account will go down without the crazy lady. She needs help.

  8. Lets just hope they don’t get a stupid jury like OJ had… Rememer 2 dead and nobody punished. Celebrities get special treatment.

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