Teresa & Joe Giudice Will Serve Jail Time, Even If A Plea Is Accepted


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice believes she will not face any jail time, according to reports, and believes her husband, Joe, will take the fall for the 39 charges of fraud and tax evasion. But an insider is telling RadarOnline, even if the Giudices are offered a plea it will include jail time for both Joe and Teresa. “Plea talks between the United States Attorney’s Office and Teresa and Joe’s lawyers haven’t formally begun yet, but prosecutors are insisting that BOTH of them do time behind bars,” the source says.

“The government has a very, very strong case against the Giudices and wants to make an example of them. The Giudices will also be facing serious, significant financial penalties,” the source continues.

“I really am trying to let things roll of my back,” Teresa wrote in her latest Bravo Blog. “I just want my family together and at peace, no matter what. Insult me, make fun of me, do what you will. I’ll keep being a ‘good little girl.’”

Photo Credit: WENN