Teresa And Joe Giudice Will Ask Judge To Serve Prison Time Separately


As Teresa and Joe Giudice await their sentencing after pleading guilty to multiple fraud charges, TMZ has learned that the couple will be asking the judge to serve their time separately, so one parent will be with their four daughters. Teresa and Joe’s lawyer Miles Feinstein tells the site, that the couple will ask the judge to stagger their sentences (serve them consecutively rather than concurrently, for the sake of their four daughters (aged four, eight, nine, and thirteen).

Teresa plead guilty to four counts of fraud and Joe to five. Teresa is facing 21 to 27 months in prison and Joe faces up to 46 months.

Feinstein is confident the judge will accept their request. He also tells TMZ that this is the best outcome he could have hoped for, considering Teresa and Joe were originally facing up to 100+ years in prison [combined].

Photo Credit: AP


3 Replies to “Teresa And Joe Giudice Will Ask Judge To Serve Prison Time Separately”

  1. who is selling stories to tmz,about teresa and joe,are they getting paid for it,this is something i would love to know.also are they reporting this money to the irs

  2. It is a shame that all these thieves are going to get is a few months in prison. Sad state of affairs when the judicial system will give a celebrity less time only because they are celebrities! The Judges and prosecuters don’t seem to care about the children of normal everyday criminals when they are sentencing their parents. Why the hell should they care about the spoiled over indulged Giudice children!

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