Teresa & Joe Giudice Surrender, Each Post $500K Bond


Teresa and Joe Giudice surrendered themselves to the feds Tuesday, and they are each free on a $500K bond. Joe was released on a bond secured by his father, Frank. Teresa was released on an unsecured bond. As part of their bail, both Teresa and Joe had to give up their passports, and are restricted to only the New Jersey and New York areas.

Joe Giudice is an Italian citizen and could face deportation if convicted. Since he is not a U.S. citizen, he is subject to drug testing. The couple is scheduled to be arraigned in federal court in New Jersey on August 14th.

“They profess their innocence,” Feinstein, their lawyer said. “A coin has two sides. There is another side here that you haven’t heard, but you’ll hear in the courtroom, and we’re going to prepare the defense accordingly.”

Teresa’s lawyer, Henry Klingeman, claims his client is “being targeted because of her celebrity” and insists “the family’s handling themselves with great dignity.” He also added that Teresa has no criminal record, and said, “We hope that she’s vindicated and spends no time in jail. But it’s a federal case and there’s always a risk of jail.”

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman would not say whether or not the Giudices were offered a plea. “The investigation went on for a pretty long time and we’re confident that we have enough evidence to convict the defendants beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said.

Photo Credit: NY Daily News
Video Credit: TMZ


18 Replies to “Teresa & Joe Giudice Surrender, Each Post $500K Bond”

  1. This video made me cry. You can tell Teresa knows they are doomed and judging by what the u.s. attorney said it’s not looking good for them. They are in my prayers.

    1. Why??? This wasn’t some bad luck that happened to them. They did this to themselves and their children. 90% of this is Joe’s doing!!

  2. They are frauds, tax cheats, and criminals! How can you feel sorry for people that treat others so horribly, cheat to get the money they have, and then spend money as if the world owes them grandeur by screwing others (the government, businesses, and individuals) out of what rightfully belongs to those you are cheating?

    1. Oh, please, Deb. Save your outrage for corporations that are destroying our country. Instead of going after those with real power our government is making examples of celebrities.

      1. You show how little you know about economics and politics with the comment you made about ‘corporations destroying our country’. But I don’t have the time nor the interest in schooling you. Suffice it to say we have a President that’s weakened our economy to the point of inevitable collapse if we don’t turn things around.

      2. So “celebrities” should have different rights to the average person and not be prosecuted for lying and cheating? And what about the average American with small businesses trying to make an honest living until they do business with this scum couple only to be ripped off by them after providing services that they weren’t paid for so Theresa and her brats can go buy more designer bags and shoes. They have ripped people off so they should pay the price just like everyone else.

  3. Now I can see why she hates Melissa. Theresa has been living a lie and Melissa has everything. Hope she and her slimy husband pay for their lies and get the maximum sentence. They both knew what they were doing and didn’t care. Finally the truth comes out – they are liars and scum.

  4. Housewivesaholic. What video did u see? I only saw 20 seconds of them coming out of the courtroom and Juicy’s mom taking a swing at a photographer. There’s more?

  5. REALLY!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me. We have poverty, crime, murder, starvation right here in our own cities and your prayers are with Teresa and Joe for defrauding the government, their community and their own family. Yes when they did this they did it to their parents, children etc etc. I think your prayers should be placed elsewhere on something that is truly a tragedy. This is just a scam.

  6. As much as my political beliefs do not agree with what’s going on, I have empathy for the situation. Noone is invincible when it comes to the government, and shame on them for not paying their taxes. Those of us that work our asses off and live in middle America take our responsibilities seriously and they shouldn’t be an exception. After reading the charges I believe they will both go to federal prison. Sad for their daughters. They should have thought about that….

  7. Melinda – You are a fool repeating comments you believe because you don’t know any better. If you look up hard facts like unemployment numbers under Bush and then Obama, housing starts, and every other indicator of “how we doin'” you will know you are talking out of your ass. And you might want to ask your nephew how he feels about the fact that under 8 years of Bush 575 troops died in Afghanistan while 1,500 of our troops have died SO FAR under 5 years of the useless, unqualified, piece of shit Obama. But then putting your faith in fools and not taking the time to actually know what is going on is far too typical. And “fuck you” is the last line of defense when you have no real facts. You’ve been duped by power hungry people that only care about gaining even more money and power and you are too stupid to even know it.

  8. DEB…. what I find hysterical is that your on a REAL HOUSEWIVES BLOG discussing Obama, Bush the economy and who is responsible for the rise and fall of American Economics. Although Joe and Teresa’s actions do have an effect on the bottom line of how our economy is failing, trying to get your beliefs to be understood on this forum is so funny. I could barely stop laughing watching the three of you go at each other and bringing our president and other political figures to a Real Housewives site. Come on, I know we are all sucked into this crap but keep the storyline where it belongs.

    1. I was right on subject! First, some rocket scientist on here brought up “corporations.. destroying our country.” Then some brain surgeon brought up politics again, ending with an “fu” to me. Then you brought up poverty, crime, murder, and starvation in our cities – which I assume are societal problems, not Giudice problems. But glad you had a laugh because I had a few myself! 🙂

  9. Deb either your not reading the blog correctly or you just put your spin on it. I never said that crime, poverty etc etc was a Giudice issue I said that the comment about our president, Bush congress etc. being brought up on a RHONJ website was hysterical. The idea so to be clear is that we have issues but bringing them to this forum is ridiculous. This is a stupid venue that we are all sucked into discussing a bunch of criminals (yes they are criminals) and no I have not convicted them yet, they have already been convicted of fraud in 2007. Teresa was released but she knows what is going on she is spending the money. If she is not asking where it is all coming from then she is dumber than dirt. Oh well. ……. I have no idea why I even responded but you all get so heated up about this stuff like it is in your own backyard. Geez mellow out. And yes the FU was uncalled for a just juvenile.

    1. Apparently the tongue in my cheek doesn’t come across here – I was laughing WITH YOU at your comment because it’s true we went far afield from the subject of that pair of apes. I was just pointing out that others brought in the political issues and I just responded to those. We’re like the uber-fans at a sporting event screaming out how we think a play should be called, and if somebody stands up and shouts something about “your mama” the subject changes, if only temporarily.

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