Teresa And Joe Giudice Offend Comedy Club Waitress And Patrons


According to a new report, Teresa and Joe GIudice spent the weekend at Bananas Comedy Club. When the couple attended the venue on April 25th, witnesses tell RadarOnline the Giudice’s behavior was lewd and that the Bravo stars were $.25 short on their $200 bill.

Upon her arrival, “Teresa went up to the owner and told her that she didn’t want to be seated where people were going to bother her,” an eye-witness tells the site. The owner asked, ‘Do you want to sit in the back?’ to which the RHONJ star replied, ‘Do you know who I am!? I’m a celebrity!’”

“Once inside, Teresa sat with a menu covering her face for a little while. She didn’t even look at the waitress. Her friends ordered her cosmos for her,” the witness continued. 

“Her husband was rude,” the onlooker continued. “He ordered a drink and when the waitress set it down, he snapped at her asking, ‘Where’s my straw?’ When she returned with a straw and he just grabbed it out of her hand, with no regard for her.”

“When the check was delivered, Teresa’s friends paid it… the Giudices didn’t even go into their pocket,” said the source. “The best part is that the check was $201.25 and they gave the waitress $201.00 and told her that they didn’t have a quarter. I will mention that 18% gratuity is included. Thank God, or the waitress would have been screwed!”

The witness says the party continued at a bar next door. “For somebody that didn’t want people to bother her, she and her crew stayed at the bar and were loud. I heard her friend say, ‘Ewe, it smells, Teresa farted!’ Teresa replied, ‘No I didn’t, do you want to smell my asshole?’ It was a classless performance!” the witness says. 

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20 Replies to “Teresa And Joe Giudice Offend Comedy Club Waitress And Patrons”

  1. I don’t believe this for a second. Just someone spreading stories. Why is being a quarter short such a huge offense? It happens. I work in food service and it happens at least ten times a night for more than just a quarter. The “source” in this must be Kim G. Especially since it’s from the crappy radaronline. They have as much credibility as a Wikipedia source.

    1. I totally agree!!!! Is this even a story??? .25¢ and the tip was included? The waitress who reported this is classless, and should be fired. People go to comedy clubs to have a good time, and not to be on blast by a petty waitress.

      Should he of kissed her ass for doing her job and BRINGING A STRAW?

      1. And another thing. Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of Joe & Teresa but, I do believe the article said that a friend of the Guidice’s paid the bill. So how would Joe & Teresa be the ones that were $.25 short on the tab. Wouldn’t that make their friend paying the bill $.25 short. Give me a break RADARONLINE.

      2. The story doesn’t say that the waitress reported it. It was an “onlooker” and a “witness”. Not the waitress.

        And I believe every word of it.

  2. They probably just don’t give a f*ck anymore. They know they are most likely going to jail and are just doing whatever the hell they want.

  3. I used to really like Teresa but I don’t have the same respect for her that I used to. I don’t like when people bash on her but I can’t look at her the same because of the criminal activity. Since when are these people too good to earn an honest living? It’s such a sad situation for their daughters. And I’m hoping the twins on RHONJ are interesting because I’m not a Gorga fan and have a feeling Teresa is going to jail 🙁

    1. I live in NJ and there are many really great, talented, philanthropic, stylish and successful women who would be very interesting. These twins are far below that, just like Melissa “shore whore.” The producers of RHONJ are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find trashy women who crave fame and will fight, gossip, backstab and act histrionic all for the chance of being on TV. Any woman with a shred of dignity and true class would never want to be on this show.

  4. Who the hell came up with this story? An eyewitness sounds like Kim G or Monica. So what if Teresa wanted to sit away from everyone. Maybe she wanted to have a semi private night. Also, maybe the waitress sucked at his/her job but received a tip anyway. This was a waste of trying to make her look bad when she’s already in a bad light

      1. Don’t apologize! You’re just doing your job. I personally thought what the witness said was interesting even if it’s false. Isn’t that the point of a gossip blog?!

        Xo- love this site! Keep up the good work.

      2. You don’t need to apologize! I’ve seen worse things posted about other HW–and most of them were posted by members/posters here, not you.

    1. Allgoodstuff, this classy site owner simply reported what another website has reported — and gave that source the acknowledgment. If you are angry, you should be angry at ROL. ATRH does a great job scouring the internet for source material to bring here for discussion.

      Although I am no fan of Teresa and Joe, I do find this ROL story to be scurrilous and very mean spirited. More than likely, the truth is probably that, due to their current circumstances being in the news, they wanted a bit of privacy and are more hyperaware and distrustful of people around them. That does not necessarily translate into this type of behavior that ROL’s “source” described.

  5. I can’t believe that these comments aren’t directly from Teresa’s PR machine. This article sounds EXACTLY like Teresa and Joe! They are crude, thus the crude comments between Teresa and her friend. They have no manners and she does think she’s a huge celebrity, thus the dismissive treatment and haughty comments to the staff. And lastly, it is exactly like them to feel entitled to pay what they feel like paying, not what they owe. That’s what got them into hot water with the government and his partner and everybody they do business with.

    1. Deb

      Have you met the Giudices? Although I saw and greeted them for two seconds, I don’t know them. What baffles me is that the source says they paid for it. How do you know or that source knows their friends didn’t offer to treat them? Who cares that they wanted their own table? They are entitled to have an uninterrupted dinner. This story is ridiculous

      1. I’m not an authority on the Giudices, but I find the fairest way to judge someone is by the actions you see firsthand, and everything that article says about their character (or lack thereof) I’ve seen in other instances out of their own mouths. They are crude. They are rude. They are illiterate. They are users. They feel entitled. I don’t think anybody was arguing that the Giudices shouldn’t accept their friends picking up the check. It was that the payment was short, and they and their friends seemed to think that was acceptable.

  6. The best thing that the judge could do in sentencing the Giudices would be to prevent them from ever again performing on TV and lose her “celebrity ” status.
    Perhaps they would have to actually get a real job.

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