Teresa & Joe Giudice Indicted On Financial Fraud, Facing Up To 50 Years In Prison


Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, have been charged with several instances of financial fraud. If they are convicted, they could each serve more than 50 years in prison. “The indictment returned today alleges the Guidices lied to the bankruptcy court, to the IRS and to a number of banks,” US Attorney, Paul Fishman said. “Everyone has an obligation to tell the truth when dealing with the courts, paying their taxes and applying for loans or mortgages. That’s reality.”

Some of the charges include; conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, lying on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud. Joe is also being charged with failure to file tax returns for 2004 through 2008. On certain loan applications, Teresa and Joe allegedly made up fake jobs and salaries to get larger loans from the banks. They also allegedly used fake documents in a conspiracy to get mortgages and loans they did not deserve.

For example, Teresa claimed to be an executive assistant to get a loan for $121,500, and even allegedly submitted fake W-2 forms and fake pay stubs. Teresa also allegedly hid her income from Bravo when filing for bankruptcy in 2010.

If convicted, the punishments could be: Up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 fine for mail and wire fraud, up to 30 years in prison and $1 million fine for bank fraud, up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for bankruptcy fraud, and failure to file tax returns nets up to one year and $100,000 fine for each year.

“The privilege of living well in the United States carries certain real responsibilities, including filing tax returns when required and paying the correct amount of tax,” Shantelle P. Kitchen, Special Agent in Charge, IRS-Criminal Investigation, Newark Field Office, said. “Today’s indictment alleges the Giudices did not live up to their responsibilities by failing to file tax returns, falsifying loan applications and concealing assets in their bankruptcy petition. The reality is that this type of criminal conduct will not go undetected and individuals who engage in this type of financial fraud should know they will be held accountable.”

Teresa released a statement, saying, “Today is a most difficult day for our family. I support Joe and, as a wonderful husband and father, I know he wants only the best for our lovely daughters and me. I am committed to my family and intend to maintain our lives in the best way possible, which includes continuing my career. As a result, I am hopeful that we will resolve this matter with the Government as quickly as possible.”

Teresa’s attorney says she will plead not guilty and that “we look forward to vindicating her.”

Click here to read the official indictment.

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49 Replies to “Teresa & Joe Giudice Indicted On Financial Fraud, Facing Up To 50 Years In Prison”

    1. If Melissa is smiling over this, she must be an evil bitch. I’m wondering if that’s the reason why she tried so hard to reach out to her brother? I’m not a big fan of Theresa but I do feel sorry for her. Why is it so hard to tell the truth?

      1. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for either of them. The kids I do, and its my hope they end up with family members who will finally teach them right from wrong and start them on the path of becoming decent people.

  1. Well Tre, Looks like you need your sister-in-law, brother, Kathy, Rosie to raise your family now. Better start kissing some major ass and anything else they want you to kiss.

    1. Janie,
      Joe Giudice has a brother and sister as well. I think they are close to them, plus 2 sets of Grandparents. I am sure they would take the kids first. Hopefully, that will not be needed, and they can sort this out. Just so sad all around.

  2. Teresa says she will continue her career. As an executive assistant?? She needs to remember Melissa’s song “On Display”.

  3. I’m sure Melissa is not smiling over this. But on the other hand, it’s difficult to feel sorry for a couple that think the law is for other poor schmucks and have no shame over spending like drunken sailors while owing so many people so much money. And they are raising their children to feel entitled, as well. So here’s another generation of Giudices growing up thinking the world owes them something.

    1. You are assuming Teresa knew about this in its entirity. Best bet is she didn’t and simply trusted her husband. Just like the other legal issue Joe had with his business partner.

      1. Well, I think if Teresa pleads ignorance it would be hard to disprove. She’s about as ignorant as anyone I’ve ever seen. So are you saying that Joe Giudice is guilty this time? But his partner was the guilty one last time?

      2. In the 33 page indictment, if I’m reading it correctly, they applied for these loans from 2001-2006 jointly. Both parties must sign the application for the loan, so she would have to see that it stated that she was an executive assistant making a salary for each loan when she was unemployed. They also jointly were filing for bankruptcy. I remember seeing her on various talk shows having to discuss the bankruptcy allegations. She had business ventures that she neglected to disclose. I have a difficult time believing that she was unaware. This began in 2001. She was 29 years old, so they have spent most of their adulthood allegedly defrauding banks and the IRS. Greed makes you do terrible things….and they have been living large for a decade or more. Meanwhile, the rest of us do the right thing, pay our mortgages and our taxes and struggle to do so, but would never think of doing these things. I would be scared to death of going to prison. Teresa was on the Bravo talk show on Sunday night, and she looked terribly stressed. The gauntlet was about to fall and she knew it!

  4. Interesting that NOW jac is Teresa’s friend so no one will suspect that she called in Teresa to the government along with Melissa. I just wonder if Caroline would actually be part of that but I am hoping not. Good job to the Marco sisters and Jacqueline! They just might obliterate a family with 4 young daughters. How would they know to look at something Teresa did 13 years ago? umm Jac and Melissa are ugly beasts.

    1. Are you serious or just stupid? No one is to blame but themselves trying to be something they aren’t. The government are looking into their finances just like they do to everyone. Joe didn’t file taxes for 4 years! Someone noticed and started to investigated them simple as that.

    2. If she was dobbed on then good on the person who did it. But blaming other people is just typical Theresa fans. She does it all the time. Now she can’t claim ignorance because she was quite happy to tell all that she is a smart business woman. No getting out of this one. It just proves that she and her husband are fakes and liars and I hope she gets what she deserves. As for her kids well she should have thought about that when she was falsifying documents. The only people to blame are Theresa and her cheating husband. No sympathy for people who cheat and lie. And blaming others is just stupid – they didn’t fill out the documents she did! Now the real Theresa is revealed – fake, liar and scum.

    3. Ok, so this is Jac’s & Melissa’s fault? Really? You’re an idiot. The only 2 people to squarely put the blame is Joe & Teresa. Wow! What a moron you @allgoodstuff

    4. Jac I’m sure had nothing to do with it. Between their filing bankruptcy and failing to disclose all incomes and lie in the paperwork they basically told on themselves. You also have to turn in tax documents with it and if he disnt file that obviously peaked the interest in the court system who then would notify police and the irs. Saying that jac has all this power to get them arrested for fraud n tax evasion is laughable. Get a grip!

    5. Wow, I cant believe a Tre fan actually has the nerve to blame Melissa, Jac or anyone else for this besides Joe and Teresa Guidice!!! This is what happens when you declare bankruptcy fraudulently…your life is put under a microscope!!! They and you have no one to blame but themselves.

    6. Are u kidding ! Now we’re blaming Melissa and jaq for this? When does Teresa have accountability? Get real ppl.! No way anyone knew they lied on the applications.

    7. Juicy’s ex-partner’s attorney has already said she has supplied many of the facts that lead to this arrest. It opened the kettle of worms when they filed bankruptcy and were still shown spending like drunken sailors. On top of all that one of the charges is that Teresa didn’t claim the money she earned from Bravo! What kind of IDIOT doesn’t claim money earned in front of the whole country?!?! Do you think the only problem is that they were caught, allgoodstuff?

  5. You think someone called the feds? When you file for bankruptcy it opens up the doors to EVERY DETAIL of your life. The government is not stupid although I often wonder. When the Giudices filed for bankruptcy they go back 10 years of your finances. Why would there not be tax returns for the 5 years. That was when they were building the dream tacky house. Nothing goes unturned so no one would have to turn them in. Especially since they are a TV family and they live like rockstars they are continually under a microscope. No one did this to those little girls except their greedy parents. By the way I bet neither of them go to jail. Anyone want to take that bet>

    1. She will use her kids to get out of going to jail. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She will probably even blame Melissa for this one. Never takes responsibility for the chaos she causes.

    2. Melodie,
      Correct. With the bankruptcy, they put themselves on the radar of the IRS. Paying cash for the furniture on season one did not help either. IDK, I think the government makes an example. I predict they do jail time.

  6. Remember the big scene on Jacs porch when she was trying to get Teresa to talk about her finances. I think that was the time this whole case opened. Jac even reported Dina’s cancer charity so we all know she is capable of that much hate. Last week Joe Gorga called the building inspectors on Joe Guidice. So yes I believe they were setting Teresa up. Chris Laurita lurking in the background listening when they were on the porch. I don’t care what the haters opinions are they can go suck. I do feel they all came after Teresa wanting blood and now they are getting it.

    1. So now its everybody else’s fault? The only people to blame is Theresa and her slimy husband. If you’re going to break the law then you pay for it. There wouldn’t have been anything to report if they hadn’t broke the law. Blaming others without proof is ridiculous just like Theresa. I feel sorry for her fans because she has now proven to them what a filthy liar she is and now you guys can’t accept the truth so you blame others just like she has always done. Her fans are a little bit slow like her but I’m sure you will catch up soon.

  7. Well, well, well………………it looks like Juicy Joe isn’t even a US citizen as he was born in Italy & never became a citizen here. WoW!!! Nice job Juicy.

    1. LB I have to say that your thoughts are a bit biased. it is OK for you to give your opinion about why they will or wont or their poor girls etc etc. Those young girls might have a fighting chance in this world if they were raised by others who can teach them the value of a dollar and how a trip to the mall is a privilege not part of the daily routine. The entire family is overindulged and when that happens you see it when the kids grow up in front of a camera with parents who consistently say “that will not happen to my kid” I don’t want to pass judgement on the girls no one knows what they will grow up to be like let’s just hope they learn humility and understanding, they are going to need it.
      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and most of what people are saying is based on the fact that we have to follow the rules that are written by our government. We get angry when we see people who think they are above the law and also watching them live the way they live on the dimes of other tax payers is really unfair. So they may be angry and yes voicing their opinion but that is the way america is we have a choice and the right to speak. PS Juicy not being a citizen is no big deal. He married an american citizen. There might be a visa he came here with that shows something we don’t know about but again this will be no big deal.

  8. Come on people, no one is going to jail…NO ONE. No jail time will be served. None. Most indictments will be cleared, minus a few, and there will be ridiculous fees. That’s it. People like them get away with stuff like this, unfortunately. Yes fees and legal bills but they won’t go to jail. Period. Mark my words. It’s a darn shame though.

    1. Heather you and I are on the same page. These people (although they deserve it) will never end up in jail. By the time this actually gets to the courts (which will be years and years) then there will be delays and other issues, they will have figured out some other way to screw the government. They may end up in financial trouble unless their families have money to pay the fee’s and fines. Also they must have HUGE legal fee’s with juicy’s upcoming trial on using his brothers info to get a duplicate license. I would love to see them write checks to their lawyers and have to tell their daughters that they cannot spend money like they used to. Welcome to reality at it’s best. We all have to learn to live within our means, pay our taxes and follow the law. These people are above it all. The most they will get is a bunch of bills. Nothing will change. Anyone want that bet?

      1. Credible attorneys have speculated that one of them WILL do jail time. What was interesting to me was that one of them said that if Teresa pleads guilty it will go better for them than if Juicy does, because of his illegal status and also, I assume, because of his other indictment(s) and charges by others. Do you think she’d take the fall for him? I don’t.

  9. damn.. talkabout being convicted before trial. the writers and comments on some articles are sick

    ps. my family went through something similar (max prison could have b een 10-15 years) although it wasn’t as much money or this many charges against my family.. it was a large amount and it was high profile. not going into details but if you are the business owner and other people who work for you steal or you trust the wrong people to handle your finances you are done for.. plus a lot of prejudice due to being in certain industries that some people maybe pre judge.

    PEOPLE.. it’s a crime and they will pay for it. time out for adults.. but he did not kill anyone. lets not talkabout how evil they are. you pay the money back and you work out a deal. the person in my family ended up pleading guilty and instead of going in for 5 years max with pleading guilty he did 1 year and 1 day (look up why they give the one day..there is a reason)… Martha stewart white collar crime. if you pay the money and cooperate (most of these cases they work on are like 10 years old) and get a good judge then it works out

    I don’t want to pay for any non violent criminal to stay in prison. pay the money back, spend some time in jail that’s appropriate for the crime, do community service like maybe some free donation and construction to build schools or shelters etc…

    if you google and research you will find that America has the most unbalanced and extreme jail sentences. for example two similar crimes can put two people away for very different lengths of time depending on your judge or jury or how they feel to make an example out of you.

    jail is for murderers, child abusers.. sexual abusers… in my opinion


    ps. how could people wish for both of them to go to jail when they have four young girls? not cool.. the snarky comments by writers for these articles are not professional and they do it to draw attention and stand out from other news outlets.

    Instead of a hashtag saying we support Teresa.. because that gets twisted by into hateful people thinking we condone this. lets just show our love by starting the hashtag



    1. C’mon. We have more and more crime in this country because we punish too little and too late. Every person they cheated by bankruptcy was stolen from just as sure as if they broke into their homes. Abusing bankruptcy and tax fraud aren’t victimless crimes! There are true victims of the first and we’re all victims of the latter.

  10. You sound ignorant. How can you blame people for having an opinion about people not paying their taxes?! It’s America, and they are supposed to do what everyone else in the country does, they are no exception. I am #TeamTeresa, but I’m also an American who pays my bills. I cried watching the tmz video of them being hounded by the paps. Just because I believe they should be paying their taxes doesn’t mean I don’t support them or their family. Oh and lay off the person who wrote the blog, nothing about it is biased or rude towards Teresa in any way.. UGH

    1. was not directed towards this blogger or even anyone with a different opinion….. but im referring to articles im reading that say the ____ Teresa giudice showed up with her three chinned husband.. bla bla bla.. stuff like that… like really? be pissed but what is the hate for? they didn’t murder a little girl and get off scott free.. cough cough casey Anthony.

  11. I worked for IRS. Someone will go to jail. Wesley Snipes and Lauren Hill both went to jail for tax evasion. Hill actually paid all back taxes and filed all returns and still got jail. Her excuse was she had 4 kids and some were sick and she forgot. Didn’t matter to the court, jail!

    The difference here is rather than just forgetting to file, both Joe and Teresa forged W-2 forms and filed fake tax returns. This means they knowingly faked documents. This shows intent to defraud banks or the US govt. So even if they are convicted on half the charges, they could hope for 10 years. They are going to jail, this is not just forgetting to file.

  12. Hey LL

    You know I originally thought the same as you BUT…. I could see Joe saying to T “Im moving some money around and ya know this could give us a better deal ya know and we could take some money out ya know ….. so the loan has to go in both our names so I need you to sign the papers. I don’t need you to talk about it just go in and sign the papers. T say her husband is a great business man (huh huh) and she is dumb enough just to sign the papers and let him do what he needs to do. Remember all the questions she was asking while they were in the attorney’s office discussing the bankruptcy? She sat there and asked stupid things like when is this all going to go away. You know the girls read things… and Joe responds with ya like Im going away for 10 years. He passes the buck to get her off the subject. I do believe she is ignorant to a lot of this, but that just makes her stupid. When she signs her name on a document she is liable. Juicy just tells her its going to be fine. Does anyone else see it that way? He probably baited her with more tacky furniture or something. I don’t know this one is not in anyway making me feel sorry for teresa but I think she feels it won’t hurt her if she does not know about it. Joe is a abuser we already know that. he has got her convinced he is the best at everything. I want to hear from others how they feel about this

    1. I do think JOE came up with this stupid idea and unfortunately Teresa trusted him…she should have gotten rid of him after he humiliated her on national TV but too late now! Its not gonna be difficult for her lawyer to prove ignorance on her part.if Joe is a decent person he will tell feds this was all his doing and Teresa had no idea he falsified documents…. IF is the key word!

  13. I find this hard to believe! Why would anyone be so foolish to sabotage themselves. Teresa was doing so well with her own book deals and the show. Just doesn’t add up. I just don’t believe everything I read in the entertainment media.

    1. It’s the federal government. This is way more serious than the media blowing things out of proportion. They head back to court tomorrow for arraignment.

  14. NYCgirl56 it’s true. I had questions too but I saw on ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. These are national news stations on the west coast. This got national attention. THese people are in deep they have shown already in two incidences that they have committed fraud and now 39 counts against them.

  15. Hey did any of you listen to Juicy Joe discuss his expertise on Autism Sunday night? Well we know now who to go to when need a diagnosis. What an idiot Ignorance is bliss

    1. Yes, Melodie! Juicy is embarrassingly stupid AND ignorant! That is to anybody but Teresa who may even be just a little dumber than he is. Where did they find this pair?

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