Teresa & Joe Giudice Having A Baby Boy? Teresa Considering Using A Surrogate!


We know that Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa and Joe Giudice have four healthy daughters, but is a baby boy in the future for this couple? Teresa is reportedly considering having a fifth child with Joe, and they are hoping for a little boy! “Joe really wants a boy,” Teresa reveals to In Touch Weekly. “And he said we should get a surrogate to carry it!” According to the report, Teresa isn’t thrilled with the idea of getting pregnant, but would like another baby, so the idea of a surrogate might actually work for her. ”He is really pressuring her,” an insider explains. “If that’s what he wants, she may just give in.”

A surrogate may be the best option for the couple, especially since Teresa is one busy lady. With her book signings, traveling, and all her other businesses, she might not have the time to slow down for a pregnancy!

Teresa underwent in-vitro fertilization to conceive their fourth child, in 2009, and the couple now has their fourth daughter, Audriana, who is 3 years-old.

“Teresa’s happy with her family the way it is; she loves her four girls,” a friend of Teresa’s says. But that doesn’t mean she’s not hoping for more and while she is a little hesitant, she’s also showing some excitement over the possibilities of a fifth child. In fact, she’s already got a name picked out for her son – ”Franco, after my father-in-law,” she reveals.

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  • DrewHamilton

    Give me a break! The last thing this family needs is to add another child. Just to hurt one more person when the marriage finally dissolves?

  • Lilly

    Drew quit being a but hole.If they want another kid it’s there right!I’m happy for her.You can tell your against Teresa.
    Team Teresa!!!!!

  • DrewHamilton

    LMAO! It’s kind of hard not to be against Teresa. I used to like Teresa. Pre-season 3. Her actions since the Season 3 premiere have been nothing but ugly. She owns up to nothing and just brushes everything under the rug. Like her marriage. Having another baby (another mouth they can’t afford to feed) isn’t going to save the Giudice marriage. I hate when women are stupid and think adding a baby will save a marriage.

  • Deborah Brenner

    I agree with Drew. Neither of them should contribute any more to the gene pool than they already have. They are about the most ignorant people I’ve ever witnessed. And the name calling, Lily, is kind of pretty tacky.

  • Lilly

    Oh Drew that last time I checked Melissa said that she and Joey couldn’t afford baby stuff but yet they bought that manison!?!HMMMMM.Deborah sweetheart,Teresa has made alot of money for your FYI,re check your info:)
    I just can’t believe you 2 are buying in to bravo editing of the past two seasons.A holes,wow your right Deborah that is tacky!!!!!:)

  • jenw

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    apparently the majority of people don’t find it hard to be on teresa’s side

  • DrewH

    LOL at Team Teresa always bringing Melissa’s name in when she has nothing to do with it. Melissa must be doing something right. Girl always has them talking. 🙂

    And I don’t care about the poll. All that says is a lot of the visitors of this site like Teresa. She has a pretty big fanbase. Doesn’t make me think any more of her. And it certainly doesn’t change my opinion of her. I think she looks terrible, and it’s laughable when people bring editing in and use that as an excuse. One thing I’ll give Teresa, she never blames editing. Too bad her fans can’t take her lead.

  • Kate

    I would like to see Tre have a boy, I think itd make for good tv

  • Aunt Bee

    Makes no sense. How can you afford to have invitro or have a surrogate and open a restaurant after filing bankruptcy AND being investigated by the Feds about all kinds of problems re finances?????? These people are looney toons.