Teresa And Joe Giudice Begin Pre-Sentencing Proceedings


Teresa and Joe Giudice have officially begun their pre-sentencing proceedings, ahead of their formal July 8th court date where they will find out if they will each serve prison time.

“Joe and Teresa will be meeting with officials from the probation department and a report will be prepared for the judge to review at the July 8 sentencing hearing. The probation report will give the judge guidance as to what prison time if any Joe or Teresa will be sentenced to,” a source tells RadarOnline. “The couple will meet with officials separately. Joe is prepared to tell the probation department that he was the sole perpetrator in the crimes, and that Teresa had no knowledge.”

“In doing this, Joe is hoping that the judge will not send Teresa to prison, and instead either give her probation, or house arrest,” the source said. “A meeting with a psychiatrist is also on the books to determine their mental health status, and how they would do if placed in prison. This is always done in these cases, and the Giudices aren’t receiving any special treatment.”

Teresa could be facing 27 months in prison, while husband Joe could get 46 months and is facing deportation.

Teresa still continues to “live in denial about the prospect about Joe being deported back to Italy once he finishes his likely prison sentence. She is hopeful that their lawyers will be able to avoid this altogether, but it isn’t looking like it will happen,” the source added. “Joe is going to deal with whatever his punishment is, and if that includes being deported, he will face it. Of course, Joe would fight any attempt to be deported, but he knows his chances of being successful are slim.”

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4 Replies to “Teresa And Joe Giudice Begin Pre-Sentencing Proceedings”

  1. Whole ordeal looks shady to me….very “mob-like” influences….how on earth did that man continue to drive, let alone, not be convicted of his falsifying driver license issue, not have to pay the man he screwed over on a property dealing, have 41federal counts of fraud diminished down to 3 charges–probably won’t get the sentence deserved, nor will Teresa serve time in prison–watch she won’t get ANY jail time and he will only wind up serving about 3 months.

    1. how do you know what mob life influence is like? joe’s former business partner is no innocent victim,by any means. if you lived in jersey,you would know that.

  2. What kind of stupid artical is this, we all know that Teresa is Italian and Italian’s don’t see shrinks. It also says Joe is going to say Teresa didn’t know or do anything. Joe has proven in the past that he has no problem saying whatever is best for Joe at the time, he lies plain and simple, so who’s going to believe anything out of joes mouth. They should let Teresa keep working but they should also garnish her wages and give her enough to support her kids modestly.

  3. I’m not watching this shameless fiasco play through. These folks literally got away with it. Only 3 counts pending sentencing out of 43 counts? Yeah. Ok. If this happened to me or you, they throw away the key!

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