Teresa Giudice’s Parents Are DISGUSTED By RHONJ!

After the EXPLOSIVE first part of The Real Housewive’s of New Jersey Reunion, Teresa Giudice is talking exclusively to RumorFix on how her parents reacted to the show. First, Teresa discusses her cousin, Kathy Wakile, badmouthing her parents. “It was really sad. This is family. For family to do that –  it hurts and it’s very sad. I don’t know why she said it. It’s just sad and it’s not true,” Teresa confesses.  “My mom is not a liar.”

Kathy also went on to call Teresa’s father a coward. “Really?!?” Teresa says. “I mean she adores him. They all went crazy for my dad. He’s an amazing guy. It’s just sad that she said that. My parents want nothing to do with this whole thing. They don’t even want to be on the show anymore. To them it’s disgusting. It’s not something that they want to be part of and it’s not something that I wanted to be part of.”

Despite all the drama. Teresa explains how she really misses the family bond she used to have with Melissa and Kathy. “We had a boat — a two bedroom boat –  on the water. Kathy used to be on our boat every weekend. We were really close — same thing with Melissa and my brother. We used to do Sunday dinners every Sunday together. Things started changing when I got on the show. I guess they felt like I had to put them on. I invited them to every single party I had on the show. Maybe they were feeling like I wasn’t putting them enough on the show, but it wasn’t about them. The producers  didn’t want them on the show. I was trying to get them on the show but obviously they got themselves on the show behind my back eventually. That’s when things became a little weird. They felt like I had to invite them to everything and this was my job and it’s not like I could just invite people. And they didn’t want anyone but the five housewives who were on.”

Tell Us- What do you think of Kathy’s comments about Teresa’s parents?

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5 Replies to “Teresa Giudice’s Parents Are DISGUSTED By RHONJ!”

  1. Teresa “continues” to “say” how “they”[her family,Melissa,Joe,n Kathy n Rich] got on the show-“behind her back”. If? she were “truly an Italiano w/ a sense of familia”? Then “they”,getting on the “show”,would BE of no consequence to “her”. She is the most insecure,jealous,rotten “hearted” human as a “woman”?-I’ve EVER listened “to”! Her very “voice” and repeated “lies and go AROUNDS”, Make me “ill to watch”. She is NOT entertaining, she is a money grubbing,”all for HER”,And “no one ELSE” TYPE OF A “HUMAN BEING”.She is a very, very pathetic girl, no “self-worth”, and “if”?-she had a modicum, she would NOT put “up” with a clear cut lying cheater! I truly, have no idea “what”? these “two”-Joe and Teresa, “THINK”? we “all” DO NOT “SEE”! OMG…SO TRANSPARENT,It IS so “sad”,[for their children]. Here “comes” LOTS of therapy for those babies, but “first”-they NEED “true PARENTS”!!

  2. Lisa Murelli, you sound like a very skeptical person. Is there is a reason you used quotation marks around nearly every single word in your comment? LOL.

  3. Lisa, I beg to differ. Italians are people, and people just don’t want there private business made public. As it was, Teresa had control over what she shared with the public and what she did not. Understand? I say shame on Bravo for pitting these family’s against each other so they have a better story line. Melissa and Teresa aren’t like Caroline and Jacqueline. They don’t have a great relationship.
    This isn’t about jealousy, or not wanting to share the wealth. Teresa knows her SIL well. If you recall, in season 2, Danielle Staub, made a comment about ‘foreclosure’ at the Posche fashion show directed at Teresa. Melissa fed information to Danielle to embarrass Teresa on camera. I guess she shouldn’t worry that Melissa might do that on her own now? What do you think is happening now?
    I guess what I am saying to you, Lisa, is if Melissa was a true Italian, then Teresa wouldn’t have anything to worry about. For you to use Italian in this situation makes it sound like you’re saying Italian = doormat. If Teresa were a true Italian (doormat), she would sit back and wait for Melissa to ruin her life. Italians? As in – the Mafia, as in – they will go to prison is you mess with them and their family? Immediate family coming before family by name only… Italians? The more I consider your statement, the more I wonder what the heck you’re talking about. lol

  4. I think (as always), Teresa has probably bent the truth regarding her parents. They are probably DISGUSTED with HER BEHAVIOR on the show, more than just the show itself. She likes to stir the pot, and no parent wants to see their child being such a liar & backstabber.

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