Teresa Giudice’s Oldest Daughter Gia Wants To Be a Lawyer


We’ve seen Teresa Giudice’s four daughters grow up on the TV screen right before our eyes. Teresa’s oldest, Gia, is already fifteen years old and that means she’s already thinking about her future. So what does Gia see in her future?

“Gia wants to be a lawyer. She wants nothing to do with the TV world anymore. I think maybe because of, to be honest with you, what happened with me. I think she doesn’t want to be around any of that,” Teresa told PEOPLE, referring to her 11-month stint at Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut. “Being in the TV world is great but it also could hurt you, and I think since she’s older she understands it the most … she just thinks being in this business [is] a blessing and it’s a curse at the same time.”

However… “[Milania is] telling me she wants to be in movies, she wants me to find her an agent,” Teresa explained. Gabriella is eyeing careers in pro soccer or modeling, but school is her first priority. “She walks an academically straight line,” Teresa explained. “With everything, she’s very OCD. Everything has to be perfect.”

And don’t forget Teresa’s youngest girl, Audriana, who Teresa says loves the spotlight. “That was her first time doing anything like that and she loved it, she was so good,” Giudice said of her daughter’s recent appearance at Fashion Week. “She likes the cameras too. And Audriana was really born in front of the cameras.”

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12 Replies to “Teresa Giudice’s Oldest Daughter Gia Wants To Be a Lawyer”

  1. I guess her singing career did not pan out…being a lawyer would be helpful the for La Famiglia…cheap legal services whenever needed

  2. Gia has turned out to be a really great kid. I thought she was so bratty and spoiled when she was little. However, she really stepped up to the plate when her Mom was away. I wish her lots of luck!

  3. Good for Gia. She has had to do a lot of growing up these last few years. I hope Tre has put away money for college.

  4. You go, Gia. Don’t take in any negative comments here, being you had NOTHING TO DO with any of it. It will teach you how ugly the public can be from behind a key board, even to you, an innocent 15 year old girl, although I am pretty sure you learned that lesson long ago. Being in the public eye might hold you in good stead as an attorney, no matter which field of law you choose to practice, honey.
    You are a lovely young lady, polite, smart and ambitious. Good luck honey, and we already know your Mom and Dad will be paying for you college.

  5. I think this is great yes we know about her parents but I feel like she learned a saw what happens when you break the law but at least she’s wants to go to college unlike some other Jersey Housewives kids

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