Teresa Giudice’s Lawyer Slams Bogus Stories, Threatens Legal Action


Teresa Giudice’s lawyer James Leonard Jr. is putting a stop to all of the false reports about client while she is away. He is also threatening legal action against “bogus stories” about Teresa that are damaging her name.

“The misinformation being published by various media outlets regarding my client and the details of her incarceration are blatantly false,” he tells E! News. “Whoever is buying these bogus stories, you’re wasting your money; whoever is reading them, you’re reading pure fiction; and whoever is selling them, legal action will be taken.”

Some of the newest reports have alleged that Teresa is going through withdrawal in prison due to an alleged prescription pill addiction. But her attorney states that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, Giudice is doing well inside of Danbury.

“The reality is that Teresa is acclimating well to her current surroundings and she is keeping to herself. She has told me repeatedly that she is doing fine and that she is appreciative of the support she has gotten from her fans,” he continues. “She asks everyone to respect her privacy and that of her family during the coming weeks and months and she looks forward to being reunited with Joe and her girls.”

Another source tells the site the real reason Teresa didn’t receive a visit from Joe and her daughters this past weekend.

“There was an issue getting [Joe] approved,” a source shared. “Because he’s a co-defendant in Teresa’s case, extra steps have to be taken to get him approved to visit her. The process is in the works but it wasn’t done in time for last weekend.”

“She’s been getting letters and hearing what’s been out there,” the source said. “What’s sad is that a few inmates have clearly been leaking stories about her.”

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15 Replies to “Teresa Giudice’s Lawyer Slams Bogus Stories, Threatens Legal Action”

  1. Theresa is totally responsible for her troubles. Her lawyer’s statement about Theresa is all part of the image Theresa portrays about herself of everything being fine. It’s hard to know what to believe. Joe and Melissa have nothing to do with Theresa’s problems. It’s interesting to see how many enablers this felon has in her fan base.

    1. Seems the lawyer wants attention using Tre. I would call that shade in my book. Does he need a client that is not behind bars to represent? Just asking?

    1. How is she paying this lawyer? Does he get 1/2 of her 12 cents a hour that she is making? It’s time to just ignore all of them, let her do her time, fail when she gets out with a meager job, and see how the real world lives. She should have gotten more time in my opinion, a few years would have shaped her up fast. I hope the inmates that are talking get some money for candy bars. Really, Tre seems to be spending lots of time e-mailing her lawyer, is this how you do time now? imo

  2. Yeah, prison is damaging to her reputation enough. If this attorney would shut up and stop making himself relevant, ppl will eventually forget about Teresa and her situation until her day of release. By keeping the discussion going ur just fueling the fire. Ppl will talk, so let them. It’ll finally stop and move on to another story.

  3. Unfortunately she will get out of prison and make millions unless people refuse to attend any function she is a guest at, buy her books or any product she endorses and make it clear to BRAVO that they will boycott their networks and any products that purchases airtime on their networks.
    I am all for felons coming out and making a living once they have be rehabilitated but let her get a real job like the majority of us.

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