Teresa Giudice’s Lawsuit Against Former Attorney to Proceed

Teresa Giudice makes first public appearance since leaving jail

As we previously reported, RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is suing her former bankruptcy lawyer for malpractice. The Bravo star is claiming the attorney for her 11-month prison sentence and a new report reveals that the case is set to proceed.

Giudice claimed that her former attorney, James Kridel, was guilty of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and legal malpractice in his handling of her bankruptcy case six years ago.

In the lawsuit, the Teresa’s current lawyer Carlos Cuevas accused Kridel of making “material errors” in his legal docs for Teresa’s case — not listing her job, income, and various auto and property assets, among other claims — before letting her sign them “under penalty of perjury that the documents were accurate,” RadarOnline reports.

When the lawsuit was first filed last year, Kridel fired back at the Giudice’s, saying that Teresa “went to jail because she committed crimes” — by her own admission. “She had about 2.5 hours of testimony before she went to jail where she took full responsibility for the crimes,” he said.

The case will proceed to the discovery phase, with a trial likely to take place in 18 months.

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11 Replies to “Teresa Giudice’s Lawsuit Against Former Attorney to Proceed”

  1. Isn’t it perjury to admit to the crime, and then say that it was the attorney’s fault that she was prosecuted? Or is it a case of….I went down so you should be brought down as well? I’m really confused about how this is going down right now.

  2. Who knows what will happen here, a judge has decided she has merit to her case but who knows. I’m not saying anymore.

    1. It’s ok, you can say whatever the heck you want Suze…anyone that gets nasty about it should realize that it’s JUST A DAMN BLOG for opinions:) I did wonder if that was the case because if it will go to trial, there must be enough of a case, but it doesn’t make Theresa look very good in the “taking responsibility” case.

      1. I know how I feel but I just can’t be bothered to argue my case these days, so I will just carry on and see what happens. Most people here know how I feel about Tre, the ones I care about so that’s enough! Thank you xoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Good on you Suze:) I will say one thing, Theresa should use whatever lawyer that Kim Richards uses because they must be pretty damn good to get her out of EVERYTHING!!! lol.

  3. This quote is from the judge during Teresa’s sentencing:” For a moment, I thought about probation until I read the government’s report. What you did in the financial disclosure really sticks in my craw. It’s what the court has a problem with. It shows blatant disrespect for the court. I’ve seen a lot, but I’ve never seen the confusion and work that went into these financial documents. The conduct which you piece-mealed, these financial documents, which I needed for this case were harder to decipher than any I’ve encountered.”

    If these messed up documents were the result of her lawyer’s negligence you can see why she believes she has a case. These documents are what cost her her freedom.

  4. Teresa and Joe admitted in court they lied about their assets to their bankruptcy attorney. When the government investigation regarding the 10 years they did not pay taxes did not match up to the bankruptcy paperwork from 2009, they were busted….and the Judge did not appreciate their excuses. Now, Tre is saying she didn’t “understand” what she was admitting to….because…you know…she doesn’t really understand English and all. I think we will continue with this lawsuit, and other “leaks” will mysteriously show up every six months to keep Teresa in the news and allow her to sell stories to the tabloids. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…those NJ marble McMansions aren’t free, ya know.

  5. This is the most disgusting thing she has done so far. Odds are she didn’t read a thing she signed. Always someone else’s fault. The attorney did not commit the crime

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