Teresa Giudice Would Rather Die Than Melissa Get Custody Of Her Daughters


Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, are facing 50 years in federal prison on 39 counts of fraud and tax evasion. One of the most asked questions is, “What would happen to the Giudice girls if Teresa and Joe both go to jail?” An insider tells RadarOnline, “Teresa would rather die than let the kids go to Melissa.”

“Teresa has been telling people that she isn’t going to go to jail because she has four kids, and that no judge would take a mother away from her children,” the source continues.

Reports have suggested that if Teresa and Joe were to “go away” Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga and his wife, Melissa, would step up and take care of the Guidice girls. But the insider tells the site that is the last thing Teresa wants. “Teresa doesn’t even know what she would do if she has to leave her kids without a parent, but she knows she doesn’t want her family to have them,” the insider reveals. “She is terrified about what could happen to her family.”

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  1. Who wouldn’t be worried, I don’t think a judge would do that either to remove both parents from the home and she’s the bread winner for those girls i pray it goes well for her although i’m sure Melissa is loving it!

    1. The judge can’t and won’t change the law or its consequences because they have children. It’s not a matter of the “judge would do that.” Teresa and Joe did this. They broke the law. The time to consider the children was before they committed these horrible crimes. The judge didn’t do that, they did. Their job was to take care of their children and part of that includes not committing crimes. The judge’s job is to deal with people after the crimes were committed, not before.

      Teresa and Joe didn’t think about the kids; it didn’t keep them from committing federal crimes. They can’t use them now and say that suddenly they are thinking about them.

      Next time you get a ticket, try getting out of it because you have kids in the car. The police officer will likely point out that the kids are the biggest reason you shouldn’t have been speeding. See how that works? But this is a federal judge dealing with a federal crime. The law doesn’t change because you have children. It makes you more culpable, not less. And when the cop issues your ticket you can’t go to the judge and ask to pay a lesser fee because you have kids and need the money for them. It just doesn’t work this way. Part of taking care of your children is following the law. The judge will probably feel horrible for the children, but he didn’t do this to them, their parents did.

      And, Teresa can’t claim she’s the bread winner, lol. Not claiming earnings is part of what she’s claiming innocence of.

      1. I think often a judge will look at two parents being indicted and put the onus on one because there are kids. Not that I think he/she should.

    2. A Judge would definitely do it. The fact that they are parents doesn’t exclude them from criminal charges/jail. I think the best thing would be for them to have someone else step in & care for their kids — because they are anything but ideal parents. They set no boundaries, talk inappropriately in front of their kids (which is being passed down), and allow bad behavior. If they don’t want her brother to take care of the kids, there are other family members I’m sure who would be willing to take them. I think the kids would do well with someone who is a good parent, and teaches them proper behavior.

      BTW: I have no compassion for either Tre or Joe. They made their bed. A little time in jail would do them both some good. They are so arrogant.

  2. If Teresa is so afraid of what will happen to her daughters, then why did she do it? The BEST thing for their kids would be to go to her brother. They would have their hands full if they had to care for Teresa’s oldest daughter, Gia. She is a brat!!! Teresa has already kept her up to date on how much she hates Melissa. Why does she think she wouldn’t be taken from her daughters? She probably won’t, she will get the judge to buy into her antics just as Andy Cohan has. Teresa needs to have some consequence because she will never learn otherwise. She’s just not that type of person. She should not longer be able to schedule appearances until this is all settled.

  3. Maybe Teresa should have thought more about her daughters when she was breaking the law and she wouldn’t be in this situation.

  4. Melissa and Joe having them would be the best thing that ever happened to those kids. Joe really loves his nieces, and I’ve never seen Melissa be anything but kind to them. There’s a measure of calm and discipline in the Gorga house which would be lost, so I’d feel sorry for Melissa having these screeching animals, but exposure to normal behavior would be good for the girls. Both sets of grandparents are too old to have to deal with out-of-control kids.

    1. I agree and I think Melissa and Joe would be a better influence on those girls. Maybe that’s why Theresa doesn’t want them to live there because she knows that Melissa would be a better role model and everyone would see what a great mother she is compare to Theresa who parades her kids in front of the camera to make herself look good. But I think she will hand them off to Dina as she is one of the girls godmother and Theresa would rather her kids go to anyone just to spite her sister in law.

      1. how would poison joe and melissa take care of them, housewives will be shut down. messy’s recordings and her book stink, so no money coming in. plus if judge see;s that video of gino,there isn’t anyway, they would get the girls.

        1. At the end of the day their own mother is a liar, cheat and a fraud so anyone else would be better than the crappy mother they have now.

        2. Gino’s had a couple of smart mouth moments, but first of all his mother corrects him, and secondly he doesn’t hold a candle to those Giudice brats.

  5. Please… Melissa doesn’t even take care of her own kids! They would go to Joe’s sister or brother as well as they have two sets of grandparents. If Joe loved the girls so much he would be in their lives…. Not just when the cameras are rolling!

  6. Teresa has to say she wouldnt want melissa raising her kids because if the roles were reversed she knows melissa wouldnt want teresa raising her kids. Just another tactic of teresas to try & make melissa look bad, anyone that watches the show can clearly see who has the better parenting skills.

  7. I usually don’t make any comments ,but watching Ryan ,Briana’s husband was scary and look very real .I would be really worried having my daughter in that situation . It doesn’t take a genios to know he would escalate .I hope they get some help and I wish Briana the best she deserves to be happy she ia a lovely girl

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