Teresa Giudice Works In The Prison Laundry Department


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has been assigned to work in the laundry department of the Danbury Federal Correctional Institute in Connecticut, a new report states.

“It was definitely not her first choice,” a prison insider claims. “Teresa was unhappy when she found out the assignment because she thinks it’s disgusting work to have to do.”

“She really was hoping that they would let her work in the kitchen,” the source tells RadarOnline. “She wanted to be able to cook for everyone.”

But Teresa has to “work her way up to that job,” the source adds.

Giudice will reportedly be doing laundry for around 200 inmates, but only earning 12¢ to 40¢ per hour while incarcerated for the next 13 months.

Photo Credit: Bravo


12 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Works In The Prison Laundry Department”

  1. Yeah well, who knows if this source is telling the truth. So many stories seem to be designed to humiliate Teresa to sone degree. And I’m not a Teresa fan and yeah, prison is what she deserves, I see a pattern here.

    1. Yes Karen, I’m with you on this one. I’ll check out a few more sources on this and read which type of work she does if any. But “All Things Real Housewives” put the source name in and I am not familiar with that source. I love” The All thing Real Housewives” though!!

      1. Hey, All Things Real Housewives just reports the stories for us to comment on it- as the website should. WE make the decision to believe them or not- but I want the stories to be reported on, not filtered out unless they are super outrageous and from completely non credible sources. Many of the stories that appear here are widely reported on other websites as well. So as far as I’m concerned anyway- keep up the reporting Nikki- I for one appreciate it and will decide for myself if I will believe it or not. I thought that was the purpose of the blogs.

  2. Is this the way to keep Teresa’s name relevant with her life in prison? Perhaps a there should be a section for convicts and felons and then add Apollo to it.

  3. If this is true, how hilarious! She, who could not imagine living in a used house, reduced to washing someone else’s dirty panties. Gosh, I hope it’s true!!!

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