Teresa Giudice Will Spend Christmas Eve With Joe and Melissa Gorga


Teresa Giudice is just days away from being released from prison as she has been serving a 15 month prison sentence in Danbury, Connecticut. Her return date is December 23rd, just right before Christmas and while the family is excited to reunite with their matriarch, sister-in-law Melissa Gorga shared with Bravo’s Daily Dish that despite past conflict, the families will celebrate Christmas Eve together.

We’re excited. “We’re gonna do [The Feast of the Seven Fishes; we’re gonna do all the fish. It should be fun. The kids are excited [for] a big Italian Christmas Eve. We’re gonna be all together on Christmas Eve, so it’s a beautiful thing.”

For the past several seasons, Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s storyline revolved around the family drama between the Giudices and the Gorga’s, but Melissa insists due to the circumstances they are working on moving forward.

“I think Christmas is just always so nice. It’s just a sweet time, especially this year it’s such a blessing that everyone can be together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So I think that love is in the air,” Melissa said. “It’s just a time to come together with family. Everyone knows that the holidays are the time when people come together.”

This will be Joe Giudice’s last Christmas with his wife and daughters before he beings is 41 month prison sentence. He will report to prison in March.

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13 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Will Spend Christmas Eve With Joe and Melissa Gorga”

  1. I agree. I dont need someone to be perfect to bless them and wish them well and I do. With all my heart I wish them all a joyous, peaceful, loving Christmas together.

  2. I hope Tre cancels at the last second and says it’s cause she didn’t get approved to visit Messy by the parole officer . Hahahahaha

    Then Tre , Joe and the Girls whip up a nice dinner home and maybe invite her Giudice in laws and over …then Whorgas would be left to talk about her .What else is new ?

    Or go and leave unexpectedly right before dinner is served .. LIKE THE WHORGAS DID . Let the Whorgas BEG her to stay while Tre tells Joey she can’t she has other plans. Her Brother and Sister in law were waiting for them . Then Tre goes home where dinner is all prepared or to her SIL’s and makes sure tells them how she couldn’t wait to get out of the Whorgas cause she felt so uncomfortable with such insincere POS and that she was over playing nice to to get shit on by them time and time again .
    That Joey needed to fall/fail (or whatever he said about her) and lose everything before she can ever forgive him .

    I also wanted to take some time to apologise if I offended anyone yesterday, I won’t let anyone attack Tre or my friends like Sally.


    1. Hopeful, yes it would be nice if she did that but I think she is too nice to do it, unlike her sleazy brother.
      I’m so pleased you have apologized, you are a good person hopeful xo
      This site is awesome, with great people even if we don’t always agree we are respectful to each other xo sorry if this is disjointed but I am tired and have taken pain killers so have trouble focusingxxx

      1. Oh no, not one of those from that rotten site? Don’t come here if you want to start trouble and bashing everyone if the don’t like the swindlers, here we can all have opinions and not be harassed for them. Please stay away and not give anyone a hard time!

      2. Hopeful, I should have checked first, hahaha, it is very early here! I have just looked and seen the real name!! Everyone is welcome here, you apologised, end of! No one should tell you where you can post. I have seen the name but not someone I ‘know’. We all like different people and should get on! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. ThIs post ^^^^^^^^^^ is a post i posted on AATRH site. It was copied and pasted here by a person using my handle I don’t post here. So you people have you’re very own FAKE Hopeful Who ..Is not me .. Good luck with that 🙂 Why would a normal person steal someones handle and copy and paste their posts? CRAZY !!!

      You people here should report the person posting as hopeful cause i doubt her/his attentions are good ..

      1. I saw this post, so the posts from hopeful here weren’t you? Shoot! I have been defending the person thinking it was you! I think I know who did this!

        1. Thanks for that Sally 🙂 I saw you go to bat for me .. But i seems like you weren’t really sure it was me. You’re right..it isn’t ..
          How long is this person posting?

          Thanks again and Merry Christmas 🙂

          1. Just a few days! Long enough for me to end up looking really stupid! Lol. I still meant what I said!!
            The first was on the 15th to a poster called sidewinder telling him to be quiet but not in those words! This was on the Bravo cameras will not film Teresa’s release.

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