Teresa Giudice Will Do Limited Press For RHONJ Season 6

Teresa Giudice

According to a new report, Bravo executives are getting upset with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice because she is not doing press for the upcoming season 6 premiere on July 13th.

Teresa did not appear on TODAY this week along with her other cast mates, and a source tells RadarOnline, “She will be participating in media day on Thursday in New York City, but on a limited basis.”

“It’s very frustrating for Bravo… They tried to tell Teresa that she was contractually obligated to show but her legal crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, shut that down. Teresa’s contract is actually very loose, and doesn’t clearly dictate what media she must do,” an insider claims.

“Teresa doesn’t want to talk about the upcoming sentencing because she is afraid of doing anything that would negatively impact the proceedings,” the source said. “It’s a delicate balance, and Teresa is relying on the guidance of Wendy, much to Bravo’s dismay.”

“It’s a very difficult time for Teresa and her family, with their uncertain futures and the loss of Joe’s dad,” the source said. “She just wants to be with her girls and Joe, and not do any of this press. She will do several interviews and that is it. Bravo has to respect the process and what she is going through.”

Photo Credit: Bravo