Teresa Giudice Will NOT Be Invited To Lauren Manzo’s Wedding


As Caroline Manzo helps plan her daughter Lauren’s wedding to Vito Scalia, a friend is telling RadarOnline that Teresa Giudice will NOT be invited the big event that is to held in 2015.

“Caroline doesn’t have a relationship with Teresa any more,” a friend reveals. “They ended things on good terms, but they were never really friends. Teresa just isn’t in their lives anymore.”

“Why would Lauren invite someone she hasn’t spoken to in over a year?” the source continued. “She and her mom have no relationship with Teresa. It isn’t rude. I mean, would you invite someone to your wedding that hasn’t spoken to you, or even congratulated you on your engagement?”

Giudice is still friends with Manzo’s estranged sister, Dina. So will Dina be invited? The insider says it could be a last minute decision. “Dina is a wild card. Ultimately, it is Lauren’s big day, and there is no room for unwanted family drama,” the source said.

“As far as the Gorgas and Wakiles being invited, they both texted and called Lauren right the night she got engaged,” the source revealed.

Photo Credit: Bravo