Teresa Giudice Walks Off Set At The RHONJ Reunion


During part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Teresa Giudice’s cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri joined the ladies on stage to answer questions from viewers and Andy Cohen. Their presence led to Teresa Giudice “taking a break” from filming the reunion and walking off the stage.

A viewer asked Teresa how she feels when she sees Rosie and Kathy these days and how their relationships are going.

“Yeah, things are fine,” Teresa said as several of her cast members looked confused.

After showing a clip of Rosie and Kathy’s time on the show this season with a scene of a conversation where Rich asked Kathy and Rosie’s mother what she thought about the Giudice’s guilty plea.

“I don’t know what to say, Rich, but when you don’t do the right thing it always catches up to you,” Teresa’s aunt said.

When the clip ended and Andy said he wanted to discuss what Teresa’s Aunt had said, Teresa got up and said, “I need a break. You guys can have this conversation without me.”

Kathy immediately explained, “That was a broad statement and there was much more to that than what we saw in this clip. What she said was, ‘If you make mistakes they catch up to you.’ She wasn’t trying to single her [Teresa] out.”

Meanwhile, Teresa takes a break in the bathroom and tells the producer that she didn’t want to partake in the conversation. She said her heart “was beating 500 again” when she heard what her aunt said and explained, “To me… family doesn’t act like that.”

Back on set, Andy asked Dina why she thought Teresa walked off the set.

“I think there are just lines that you don’t expect family to cross,” Dina said, adding that Kathy and Rosie shouldn’t have spoken about Teresa’s legal case on the show. “I think it may have been better to not speak about it at all.”

Dina spoke to Kathy, “Kathy, I think you are a beautiful person, I like you, but did you ever see me talk about her legal issues? No. Because I knew not to go there.”

An emotional Rosie says, “I want them to know that it affects my heart to see them going through anything that effects our family. They are my family.”

When Teresa finally returned to the stage, Andy asked her if she wanted to explain why she left.

“Because I’m going through a lot and I needed a break,” Teresa said. “I told my family, ‘You guys don’t talk about my legal issues [on the show].'”

Teresa continued to explain that she didn’t want the details of her case to be discussed on the show by her family. After questioning the conversation with Rosie and Kathy’s mother again, Teresa claims she walked off set because her family disrespected her by discussing the details of her case on-camera.

“I want to respect her wishes on that,” Kathy said when Andy asked for any further comments. “I want to say that regardless of the issues that we have had, we are family and we do love you. We are very sorry for what has happened.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Teresa insists. “Thank you.”

Watch the footage below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


18 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Walks Off Set At The RHONJ Reunion”

  1. Oh Teresa please. You did wrong, you go to jail. I mean, is family suppose to pretend that it never happened? Let’s all sing kumbaya and hold hands, while discussing dinnerware & curtains in your monstrosity of ugliness called “house”… so what did you do to earn all that?

    I don’t think Richie or Joe Gorga are any better… I think all these people have very, very dirty hands, including Laurita’s and Manzod… the thing is that Teresa & Joe probably got too cocky and started showing much more than they should… anyway… I am waitng for the Gorgas to be next in line for either bankrupcy or jail time.

  2. Teresa is a convicted CRIMINAL and will be serving jail time. Does she seriously think that shit won’t come up at the reunion show. Teresa is an illiterate asshole. The sooner she is in jail the better.

  3. Seriously, Teresa? You don’t want your legal issues to be discussed on the show? You realize that it’s a reality show, right? Ask yourself this: would I discuss the legal issues of others on the show? Heck, yeah, you would.

    You don’t want all of this to be public, don’t be on a reality show.

  4. I am not a Teresa fan but I feel Bravo could have left that footage out of the reunion. They only showed it to bring a reaction. Andy you want us to believe you are compassionate toward Teresa but you are just two faced to bring this up. Disgusting.

  5. I think Teresa is more upset that her aunt and cousins had their reactions to her sentencing filmed. That’s a pretty big deal and If they really cared about Teresa, I don’t think they would have filmed that. It wasn’t to show their concern, just to get camera time and maintain some shred of relevance on this show. I think Teresa left because she didn’t want to bother with calling them out on this.

    1. You may have a point Daniel but the cameras never stopped Teresa and Joe dissing ther relatives on film. What goes around comes around. And Teresa saying she never hit below the belt caused reactions on the faces of everyone on the set especially Andy & Mellisa.

      1. So true, Aunt Bee! I laughed out loud when Teresa said she never hurt anyone, and her example was Jacqueline. She pleaded guilty and got a reduced sentence, and the purpose of that plea deal was to admit she did wrong. Thus far, the only thing she’s admitted she did wrong was not read the papers. But she’s not saying that her husband duped her – so who the heck made up all that BS? The Tooth Fairy? She’s been paid the big bucks for several years to show her life. She loved it when it was to show how much money she spent, and now that we know it was EMBEZZLED, she owes us all an explanation or at least the discussion.

  6. Teresa needs to get over herself- she disrespected her family. She is a convicted criminal. Kathy’s mom was spot on. Not sure why Andy is letting her call the shots. She’s been trying to “hide” this for years.

  7. Please, kathy, mego messy only came on the show to “air the families dirty laundry”—these snakes ride on Tre’s coat-tails to hawk their own stuff and expect Tre to be ok with all the nasty things they have said about her over the past 2 seasons….. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. And as far as Tre’s aunt who happens to be Tre’s father’s sister (they have had their own feud for years), and for kathy to continually bring it up on national T.V., is a (no-no) in the Italian world (especially calling Tre’s Dad a coward). These grown children should not enter into their parents feud for camera time (I agree with Tre on this). Kathy obviously has no qualms about bringing it up on t.v. (over & over again), she gets her digs in any way she can, then turns around and says “we are family, I love them”—yea right……..

  8. Gawd, go to jail already. Watching this convicted felon all dressed up in ill-gotten gains is simply DISGUSTING imo. Her illiterate & obnoxious *zz won’t be locked up too soon for me.
    This table flipping simian is now ultra sensitive to family DARING to speak of her “trouble”.
    Wake up Tre. The Jig is up. You’re nothing more than a convicted felon. You have only yourself to blame for your greed. Leave your family alone. Soon you’ll need them when you’re locked up behind bars like the common criminal your truly are.

  9. I do question Kathy and Rosie for filming their reactions to the sentencing especially because Joe and Melissa didn’t, but Teresa has always treated Kathy like shit. I like the Wakiles. I miss them on the show actually and would like to see them come back.

    1. Me too Gina. I especially enjoyed Kathy’s children who seem well behaved and respectful.
      Tre and The troll should take a look at their parenting skills.

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